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Urgot Build Guide by NagrobeKSVK

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NagrobeKSVK


NagrobeKSVK Last updated on March 27, 2018
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Pre-season URGOD

Urgot Build

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Summon Aery
Summon Aery
LoL Rune: The Ultimate Hat
The Ultimate Hat
LoL Rune: Transcendence
LoL Rune: Scorch

LoL Path: Inspiration
LoL Rune: Magical Footwear
Magical Footwear
LoL Rune: Cosmic Insight
Cosmic Insight

+12 Attack Damage or +20 Ability Power, Adaptive

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Top Lane
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Win 52%
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Ability Sequence

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Threats to Urgot with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Fiora You can out-sustain her in every way(until late game),Try to bait out W with your AA cancel(it looks like ult) just poke her out of lane.
Riven You can cancel her 3rd Q mid-air. Keep distance while she have her combo, after she use Qs try to out-poke her.
Tryndamere You can poke him out of lane. Be careful after 6. Kite his ult with your slows and keep R for snipe/execute.
Quinn You can cancel her abilities. Max Q for max pressure and ward often.
Yorick Your W helps you with clearing his Q passive ghouls. You can get extra gold by just laning versus him.
Xin Zhao He can't all in you or you would just turn the fight around. Poke him with your Q and if he uses E on you, fight back with your EWQ combo.
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Skins preview

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Hello, my name Peter and I am a Urgot in high ranks(S7 - D2,P2,P3 accounts). NagrobekSVK is my platinum smurf where I will be playing Urgot only to show you guys you can get Diamond soloQ with this build.
This is my first big guide so I would appreciate any and all feedback that you guys may provide.
Urgot is really generic champion with a lot of potential, and he is by far the most fun - because of his 32,7s ultimate Fear Beyond Death.

I tested this build for whole pre-season and those two runepaths below are the best ones for current Urgot

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There are two paths:

Alternative rune path:


Aery will pretty well combo with Q,W and passive, also helps you execute your opponents with Fear Beyond Death

I am testing these builds in Platinum V+ elo.
If I find better way of rune paths I will update this post.
Keep updated.

Tested in tournaments against Diamond II-IV elo. Aery is activated every time you use your Q, W, E, R, or aa so you get a free extra damage by just having Aery(around 2-4k dmg per game). I use The Ultimate Hat just for the R CDR but if you poke a lot like me, Manaflow allows you to get more poke and stay on lane way longer than in normal scenarios.

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Summoner Spells

FLASH: Because urgot is an immobile champion, he needs escape summoner spells like flash. It helps you get out of sticky situations and help you combo with Disdain.
TELEPORT:Good for toplane role. Helps you get into lane faster and let you have more pressure top so enemy jungler needs to waste time toplane.
IGNITE:Just in case you play as a midlane urgot, otherwise you never go ignite.

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Item build

The Black Cleaver - Urgot's core item, you'll want to build it in most of your games. The 20% cdr allows you to reach 45% cdr cap with ease and the movement speed boosts per auto makes it a lot easier to reach mobile carries. The 400 HP boost makes urgot even more durable. The % TOTAL armour reduction makes his passive do more damage and it is easier to win lane and helps AD champions on your team deal even more damage. Normally you'll build Phage (You get free boosts so you don't have to worry about those). Try buying Phage after first back if possible.

Frozen Mallet - It is your secondary(after The Black Cleaver buy. If you have bad match-up upgrade your boosts to Ninja Tabi/ Mercury's Treads first! You can delay this buy but if enemies are squishy you should consider buying this item.

Maw of Malmortius - Strong item on Urgot when up against team comps with alot of AP champions or a fed AP champion. The Maw passive, lifeline, gives you the opportunity to retaliate or run as it can absorb most of the initial burst of an AP champion thus helping you to survive against magic damage burst that would've killed you otherwise. I mostly prefer Spirit Visage due it's HP but MAW is great alternative for Spirit visage.

Spirit Visage - I prefer this item over Maw of Malmortius because it gives you extra HP for better teamfights. It lets you get 45% CDR. Alternative for if enemy has more AD champions is Righteous Glory because they have almost same base stats and the CDR is on both items 10%.

Thornmail/Randuin's omen - Both are solid choice if enemy has fed Marksman or AD team comp. Randuin's Omen offers more HP but Thornmail gives more Armor and has better passive.

Boots choice


Ninja tabi > Mercury's Treads
Ninja tabis are really good boost against burst champions like Riven or Pantheon and are great when enemy does have AD toplane and jungle. Over-all these are main boosts for urgot.

Mercury's Treads > Ninja tabi
There are games when you are being caught out by CC and you haven't taken Cleanse( Teleport and Ghost are better than Cleanse). You can use your E before the enemy stuns you so the animation still goes off and you move forward while stunned. These boost are good against AP team comps and AP or CC toplaners like Ornn. Grab these boots instead of Ninja Tabi for the tenacity and magic resist.

Death's dance - This item is pretty bad if you are a tank. Yes, it offers you more sustain but at higher price. The passive bleed is true damage so you are bleeding without your stacked armor. Better item for this purpose is Adaptive Helm.

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Ranked Play

Try to farm up and rush Black Cleaver(core item).
Well-farmed Urgot is a nightmare for opponent. Aery allows you to poke more in lane.
Don't forget to ward up river at 4 min and in periodic intervals.
Stay next to toplane bushes, in case of gank. Try to use your Q W poke as your advantage.
Thanks to runes you scale a bit better to late game but I would try to end in early late-game or mid-game.

Blue is this runepath and orange is average press the attack runepath per division.

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Ability Explanation

Echoing Flames (Passive): This Passive is what makes Urgot so strong. It scales with your Level and your AD.
at level 18 you make 8% of the targets health with one shotgun as physical damage.
6 Legs = 48% Health damage + Armorshred from The Black Cleaver(core item)

Corrosive Charge (Q): Corrosive Charge is your one and only poke tool in lane and the first Ability you want to max, since it is your only tool to harass your opponent really and also to slow them.
The Base damage is low at the beginning but putting points in this ability is very worth, the damage you get later from it, is quite nice to have.

Purge (W): So before we start talking about this ability, Purge IS NOT YOUR MAIN DAMAGE TOOL, IT IS USED AS AN UTILITY TOOL. You need at least 3 items to be damage tool. It allows you to soak some damage while being proactive. Main focus while using this ability is getting your passive ready to do damage.
When having frozen mallet it's hits slows.

Disdain (E): Disdain is an dash-grab ability. It is like singed E with charge.
You need to get cast time right to get a hit, higher ranks will try to dodge it.
Main focus on this ability is to cancel/dodge certain skillshots, abilities.
While riven charges her 3rd Q, you can E to cancel it mid air and combo it with W,Q.

Fear Beyond Death (R): Basically long skillshot that allows you to execute targets under 25% max HP.
There isn't much to say about the Ult, it executes the enemy if he goes below 25% and the Harpoon is impaled. You got few seconds depend on rank of your ultimate to cast it again and execute marked target. It allows you to destroy carries. Try to combo it with your Q slow or W slow from frozen mallet.
If you managed to execute player, you get rewarded by fear that is useful in fights.
> > >
I like to max out Corrosive Charge because it is our main damage and poke. Then Purge as it allows you to get into teamfights as frontline, later in game is more useful as Corrosive Charge but until 2nd item it is weak. Disdain is your gap closer and you can combo it with Fear Beyond Death.

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Champion summary


+ Ranged
+ Great Waveclear
+ % Health Damage
+ Good Shield
+ Can focus himself and stick on one target(carries)
+ Execute provides good teamfights
+ Low cooldown on ultimate(32.7s at level 16)
+ Has great execution power
+ Pretty strong poke early.
+ Passive does huge amount of damage later on.
+ Shreds tanks relatively easy
+ You can carry the game
+ You can cancel or deny CC with your E
+ Strong mid-game

- Easy to gank(ward a lot)
- Long Cooldowns early (early game, mid and late game are good)
- E is predictable
- Ultimate is a skillshot
- Low Mobility(That is why you build boots)
- Ult in higher ranks is predictable/dodgable and easy to miss

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Try to use your Corrosive Charge to slow the enemy, use Disdain to knock enemy up. While E animation goes on you can cast your ultimate Fear Beyond Death behind you (where the enemy will land after Disdain) so when the animation of the E goes off, your animation of Fear Beyond Death starts and because the enemy is stunned, he can't dodge it. Also, quick reminder is that you can use Purge while you use Corrosive Charge to block any in-coming damage.
This combo counters champions such as Vladimir, Riven, Darius but it is weak if enemy jungler is in your lane because you use your Disdain as gap-closer and you have no way of running after it.
> >

Use Corrosive Charge to mark enemy(because your Purge primary shoots target marked by your spells - QER). Use Purge to proc your passive Echoing Flames and walk around target to get maximum of the damage from Echoing Flames.
You can use Fear Beyond Death to also mark targets but I suggest Q- Corrosive Charge because they might flash away. Then you can use Fear Beyond Death as finisher.
> > >

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Tips and tricks


Urgot’s ranged auto-attacks and Echoing Flames gives him significant poke against melee top laners, but are on a long cooldown early game. Without any built-in sustain, that poke is his only way of winning attrition wars.


Urgot’s legs don’t rotate when he turns, so you’ll have to maneuver around your opponents to make the most of Echoing Flames. Disdain helps Urgot take advantage of those trickshot back shotgun legs and make the most of his damage, while Purge helps him proc his passive multiple times in rapid succession (but slow Urgot’s movement). Position carefully to take advantage of all six legs.


Fear Beyond Death can be used to initiate for your team, but it’s best used to finish off a damaged foe. Slippery targets who might otherwise escape at low health can’t get away from Urgot’s meat grinder once they’re hooked!


Champions like Dr. Mundo, Vladimir, Zac can be executed after they use their abilities that uses HP! When Mundo uses ultimate, his HP drops because his ultimate uses % of his current HP to start the HP regen. Use reactive on ultimate to get that sweet execute on them when they go 1HP under 25%. Same goes for Vladimir's W or Zac's EWQ! Use these interactions to your advantage.


Urgot’s ultimate can be canceled with GP's W - Remove Scurvy. What you want to do as a Urgot is to not reactivate it even if he is under 25% HP until he fruits and try to burst him under 25% under and then reactivate it for sweet pirate execute!


Urgot’s E - Disdain got pretty funny interactions with some champions
Take advantage on interaction with Riven's Q, Vi's Q, Hecarim's E or Rengar's R! You can cancel the damage and ruin their combos!

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When to pick Urgot
x You have 1 or more AP allies
x Enemy toplaner is a burst champion
x When you want to end in mid-game

When not to pick Urgot
x You have full AD team
x Enemy toplaner is your hard counter
x You are tilted

After the game starts
x Help jungler(If he starts topside start W)
x Play aggressive but always have a ward
x Rotate if your team needs you

How to end a game
x Split-push so your team can get objectives
x Pick someone with your ultimate
x Have TP ready to help your team