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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Udyr Build Guide by GamingGaodzilla

Jungle Patented Udyr Guide Preseason 9

Jungle Patented Udyr Guide Preseason 9

Updated on December 6, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author GamingGaodzilla Build Guide By GamingGaodzilla 16 1 25,731 Views 0 Comments
16 1 25,731 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author GamingGaodzilla Udyr Build Guide By GamingGaodzilla Updated on December 6, 2018
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Runes: Press The Attack

1 2 3 4
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Jungle Role
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Jungle Role Ranked #52 in
Jungle Role
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Champion Build Guide

Patented Udyr Guide Preseason 9

By GamingGaodzilla
It's me, GGaodzilla. Formerly a mastery 6 Udyr player, I have ascended into godhood and became a mastery 7 Udyr. I've also risen from my former home in silver 5, and have now been promoted to a nice fancy house in gold 2.
: ^)
Udyr has 4 abilities, although you'll only be using 3 of them for this build.

Udyr's passive is basically just telling you to spam your abilities. For every time you use an ability within a 5 second window, Udyr will gain 10% attack speed and 5 movement speed, capping at 3 stacks.

Udyr's Q is an attack speed steroid that did more damage than when my dad left the family. Udyr's basic attacks now turn into a 3 hit passive, resetting to 1 after a 3rd auto. At 3 stacks, Udyr's next basic attack is a Tiger Strike, which deals bonus physical damage over 2 seconds as well as instantly dealing any remaining damage from any previous Tiger Strikes.

Udyr's W is a shield that gives HP after the 3rd auto, resetting back to 1 after 3 autos. The shield scales with AP, but is still pretty potent without building any. Udyr's healing from Turtle scales with his max HP, so it's a very clutch ability.

Udyr's E is the only stance that doesn't have a 3 hit passive. Instead, it'll speed you up and lets you ignore unit collision. Every auto in Bear Stance will stun the unit hit, but there is a 5 second cooldown between stuns, meaning you want to swap to Udyr's Q or W in the meantime.

Udyr's R is useless and you should feel bad for using it.
(It's a Sunfire Cape passive, and on the 3rd auto, you'll do a cone of magic damage.)
uhh you right click and kill them

Udyr is a very strong duelist at all points in the game, as having very strong abilities on a short cooldown is always a good sign of a good duelist. Udyr is also extremely mobile, and although he doesn't have a true gap closer like a dash/blink/leap, having that much movement speed from his passive and E means he can catch up to most champions.

Udyr also has a very strong splitpush. Pairing him up with Tiamat and Trinity Force allow him to shred turrets, and with a potential Sterak's Gage and a ZZ'Rot Portal, you'll open the gates faster than my father running towards the belt to beat me.

He also has a really good clear and can often counterjungle relatively easily. A good strat is to go from red buff straight into the enemy jungler's blue buff. With a Mountain Drake, Warrior enchant, Triforce, and a defensive item, Udyr can actually solo baron pretty quickly.
With all these unique strengths, Udyr is forced into having some very apparent weaknesses, such as:

*Getting kited
*Being mana dependant early
*Absolute garbage as a tower defender
*3 years 8 months since Udyr's last skin
*Riot has literally abandoned him wtf
Items & Builds
As long as the build isn't entirely garbage, Udyr can basically build anything and do well. Although you can do this, you probably shouldn't. There are a few key items to build on Udyr.

Good Offensive Items
*Warrior Enchant - Scales Tiger Q DoT to massive amounts
*Trinity Force - Getting abilities on cooldowns that low is just begging to get Triforce.
*Sterak's Gage - Udyr actually has a pretty high base AD. Super useful!
*Wit's End - Really cheap attack speed with some pretty good effects too.
*Guinsoo's Rageblade - With how Udyr's abilities work, his Tiger DoT, Turtle Healing, and cough Phoenix magic damage cone cough come up every 2 autos instead of 3.
*Maw Of Malmortius - Basically a Sterak's for AP damage.

Good Defensive Items
*Thornmail - Thornmail allows Udyr to become an even stronger duelist by slowing down attack speed, and you know, lets him tank better.
*ZZ' Rot Portal - Basically a Trick2G fanboy's dream. Open Da Gatez
*Spirit Visage - Actually kinda stupid how much you heal with this and W
*Literally everything else - Situational items to build, although they can all shine on Udyr except for a certain few cough Zhonya's on AD Udyr cough
Basic Jungling Stuff
Ideal pathing for Udyr would be one of the two:
Red Buff -> Blue -> Scuttle -> Gromp -> Wolves
Red Buff -> Enemy Blue -> Scuttle -> Gank -> Your Blue (If it hasn't been stolen yet) -> Rest of Blue side camps.

Udyr is a pretty good champion for early ganks, as not a lot of champions can outrun you while in E. Just make sure to conserve mana early if you don't have blue, as it's very depressing to have to play Udyr with low mana.
I'm hardstuck so don't actually follow this up to heart, but I think this is a pretty basic understanding of what to do as Udyr x)
League of Legends Build Guide Author GamingGaodzilla
GamingGaodzilla Udyr Guide
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Patented Udyr Guide Preseason 9

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