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Udyr Build Guide by BananaClip

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BananaClip

Phoenix jungle udyr for rank

BananaClip Last updated on December 20, 2011
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Udyr is able to start Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion. if u feel unsafe starting with boots go Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion but i feel i get alot of kills from being able to move fast.

or if the enemy team has alot of auto attackers.

take one of these if wards are stopping you from ganking ,being able to counter jungle and you know what your doing.

sight ward every time you go back you should be buying AT LEAST 2 sight ward

this will give udyr all the early game dmg he needs.

this really helps in mid game team fights

Get this before the Aegis of the Legion if the enemy team is more magic dmg.

if the enemy team is more AD dmg u should be getting this and an early Heart of Gold before the Wit's End.

If the enemy team does not have a heavy ad team skip the Randuin's Omen. (or build it after the Force of Nature)

if the enemy team is more AP dmg.

You may choose to get Force of Nature and randuins's omen which is fine if there team is fairly balanced. I would choose the Randuin's Omen first if you dont know what one to get first.

If the game is somehow still going on sell the Spirit Visage and get a Trinity Force for more damage.

However, if your team has a heavy ad team, don't get the Trinity Force but get a Zeke's Harbinger. You may want to considering buying this earlier after you get one of the main defensive items. Randuin's Omen or Force of Nature

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fast jungler
good jungle farmer
good jungle sustain
Tanky and deals heavy damage
Fast Dragon and baron
can push waves fast
Great at catching anyone who over extends
Currently One of the fastest clearing time in the jungle.

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why no wriggles?

Udyrs relays on Attack speed. Getting a Wriggle's Lantern Only helps if your going udyr. His already gives him enough life steal to waste money on buying a .

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start off at wolves->Blue->wraiths->wolves->Red->mini->heal
For early levels in the jungle, u want to open with then switch to as soon as you can, then back to when the cooldowns are finished, then back to as soon as u can. Repeat.

credits go to stonewall008 on the jungle route.

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This spell is extremely powerful towards groups of aoe champions and even single targets when you get the third attack proc. Often when fighting, you'll stay in this form until the cooldown is a couple seconds off and then you'll swap to turtle stance and instantly turn back to this form to deal maximal damage. This spell makes it easy to clear waves and small camps extremely fast while having decent single target damage and is most of the reason phoenix Udyr is so strong due to it's high base damage and passive benefits which allows him to build tank and still do tons of damage.

Mainly just for the early levels to have high sustain in the jungle. If your getting focused down in team fights for sure use this whenever you can.

Not much to explain its straight forward. Use when your ganking a lane. in team fights if your team is really strong and doesnt need more damage staying in bear stance and just slapping everyone in the face stunning them for 1 second can be the difference maker in a team fight.

The only thing tiger stance help here is taking down baron faster,dragon faster,and towers.

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Baron-7 minute respawn

Dragon-6 minute respawn

Red/blue- 5 minute respawn