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Udyr Build Guide by Scottjg5865

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Scottjg5865

Phoenix Jungle Udyr Guide- How to Play Udyr Like a Boss

Scottjg5865 Last updated on June 29, 2013
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Hey guys. This is my first guide on Mobafire, and any upvotes or criticisms are welcome! are welcome. I will try to update this guide whenever I can. I am on the North America server, currently in silver league but climbing steadily. I main Udyr, and he has been giving me steady elo. I have learned the best way to play utility Udyr from Trick2g's streams. Go check him out if you want to know how to win every game. This guide is mainly for phoenix jungle, although tiger jungle is also mentioned. Enjoy!

P.S. This guide is not finished! I will still be working on it for a while. :)

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Pros / Cons

-Very fast Jungle clear times
-Very good counterjungling
-Amazing ganks
-Best kit in the game
-Very strong damage even while being tanky
-Amazing ultimate skin

-Easy to be kited
-Due to this, blue ezreal and vayne are your worst nightmare.

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Phoenix Items

These items are very strong for phoenix stance because it allows you to deal massive damage while still being a brick wall, so to speak. This build has attack speed along with tankiness, so you can get that third proc faster. The reasoning behind using phoenix stance is for pushing lanes, and BEING TANKY WITH TONS OF DAMAGE!!

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Tiger Items

The items in tiger are built with more damage, due to the scaling off of his tiger proc. The only time you would use tiger for the jungle is when you needed higher single-target burst damage. During lane, however, tiger is more commonly used. It provides a high level of harass with only one slap. Tiger jungle utilizes the passive proc from wriggles by increasing attack speed with tiger, so the jungle can still be cleared quickly. A tiger jungle Udyr will be able to dominate the dragon and baron, due to the massive single target damage. If you learn Udyr well, you will be able to solo baron easily around level 6-7.

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Glyphs: Scaling Magic Resist
These magic resist glyphs scale into late game along with the AP carries.

Seals: Flat Armor
These seals will help you tank damage through the jungle.

Marks: Attack Speed
These marks will help you clear the jungle because it will help you get that third phoenix proc faster.

Quints: Movement Speed
These quints will help you be fast, even without any boots.

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This is one major part of this Udyr. These masteries will help you sustain more in the jungle due to life steal, help you move faster with the swiftness, help you get your mana back after blue buff goes away, and help your buffs last longer. Also, these utility masteries give you a biscut, which help you stay longer in the jungle. As a jungler, it is hard to stay up to level with the solo lanes, so the extra percentage of experience will help you out greatly. After the 21 in utility, I spent the other nine points into the defense tree, which will help with durability in the jungle.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence prioritises phoenix and turtle, but also balances clears, sustain, and ganking potential. Early clear speed is one of the most important parts of the game for junglers, because a lot can happen in the first few moments. Faster clears help you gank without worrying about losing exp and gold.

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Summoner Spells

Smite- Smite is a must for Junglers. It helps with clear speed, counterjungling, and gets you gold if you take the mastery for it. All of the people that say smite isn't needed are stupid. If you watch the pro teams, all of them use smite. Unless you are an amazing nunu, take smite. Even if you are an amazing nunu, still take smite.

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Early Game Strategy

The most important part of early game is farming. GANKING IS NOT THE HIGHEST PRIORITY!!! With enough farm, Udyr can destroy anybody. If your lanes require the jungler to do well, they are bad. Farming fast enough will open up other options for your team, such as taking a tower. The first mid tower is a very important objective, as it allows you to worry less about your mid lane. Also, if you clear fast enough, you can help your mid take the tower so they can roam and help other lanes. If you wanted to do this, an early point into tiger can help you a ton due to the attack speed buff. Taking the first mid tower early puts a lot of pressure on the map, so your team can take global objectives without much interference. One major objective this will help you take is the dragon.