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Sona Build Guide by phwildapsona

Middle PHWildAPSona's Guide to AP Sona MID

By phwildapsona | Updated on September 3, 2018
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  • LoL Champion: Sona
  • LoL Champion: Sona
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PHWildAPSona's Guide to AP Sona MID

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Guide Top About the Author

Hey, im PHWildApsona, this is my past ign in PH Server because I was inspired by AWildAPsona a Famous sona mid player/streamer in NA, and I've been playing Sona in midlane since season 7 that brought me to Diamond 5 tier last season and currently sitting at Platinum 2 (solo) and Plat 5 in Flex Your text to link here... . I made this guide to share my knowledge and experience of AP Sona Mid with you. This build came about because as AWildApsona , who was the person who inspire me to try Sona in midlane, gave me the right and optimized build, which ended up being a mix of his Sona build, my personal preference and mutual dominance in Roaming. I was very excited for this as this is my first time to share my tips, but this guide, and all of my experience would not have existed, if it wasn't for him (AwildAPSONA) getting me into world of MidLane, or introducing me to becoming a Sona Mid Enthusiast.

This is my
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Some Random Stuff ^_^

Electrecute Combo
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Team Work/Roam Dominance

Sorry for my Grammar :D

The importance of teamwork in ranked play is very essential if you want to win because sona is a kind of champ who can turn down the tides if you use her kits right in every clash. Just wait for the right moment to initiate your flash + ss + aa(Passive)combo to a squishy target and don't forget to time your poke as you can survive a duel and obtain a must objectives like baron or taking a inhibitor/turret.

After you build your boots, enough ms items and sheen you must roam the both side of the map to add pressure on every lane, make sure to gank the winnable lane so we can snowball further, giving each sides enough gold and exp after a successful gank as sona is very efficient in terms of item build, she doesn't need a lot of cs unlike any hyper carry because of her OP Ap Scaling and Burst Potential. I like Sona in midlane because I can easily convert a kill in just a simple roam, just look every second in the mini map and take advantage of every mistake of your opponent, that's why buying and using a control ward is very important because you can extend the area of your team's vision gaining an edge if a enemy jungler decides to invade, now it's time for the Assassin Sona to do her job as she can kite a melee opponent very well, don't forget to ping your jungler and teammates to initiate a play.

Also as she is a originally a hyper carry support you can heal a chunk of health in mid to late game to your teammates every time in clash giving your team enough durability in times of teamfight! :D Later on after you reach your peak with the item build of Rabaddon , BOM, Lich Bane , you easily delete squishy targets specially if your enemies don't have enough Majic Resistance in their build thats why void staff is essential item after you build rabaddon.
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Pros / Cons


+ Easy to use and no need to cs a lot because of her kit and item optimization
+ The classic AOE Ulti.
+ Massive advantage in terms of utility and Roaming.
+ You can easily 1 hit a squishy target with your passive+q combo.


- So damn squishy, without proper item and position you can be eradicated in every teamfight.
- Very useless if you are behind in level
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