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Twisted Fate General Guide by Madd_Dogg

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Madd_Dogg

Pick a Guide - APC Twisted Fate

Madd_Dogg Last updated on April 20, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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WORK IN PROGRESS!!! ADC Guide is coming!!!

Welcome to my Twisted Fate APC. I've been playing Twisted Fate as my main champion for about 6 months now and never got defeated by other TF's I've played against, so rest assured this is a good guide.

Who am I?

I'm MaddDogg from the EUNE server. I play in teams with my friends in real life and I'm the captain of the team. I main Jungle and Top but I can actually play every role very well. I've been playing Twisted Fate since January 2013 as one of my Top 3 champions along with Kha'Zix and Malphite. That means one month less than the total time I spent on this game.

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First of all, and most important, are the the Marks of Magic Penetration. They have great value throughout the whole game since they help you hit the enemy with full potential of your abilities.

Second most important are the Quintessences of Ability Power. Combined with the 7 AP from the masteries and the Amplifying Tome at the start of the game, you get a total of 41 AP in the first minute right after your start, giving you a huge advantage against the other mid laner.

Third, Seals of Scaling Health. They give you 200+ HP when you are level 18 which is a big bonus and allows you to deal more damage to chasing enemies and not die immediately by them. They make TF a lot less squishier.

Lastly, Glyphs of Scaling Ability Power. They give you 25 AP in the late game which is not really a big advantage but still allows you to do more damage. You might as well switch them for Glyphs or Ability Power.

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Masteries follow the "Standard 21 AP Masteries" champion tree. Summoner's Wrath for the bonus AP & AD it gives you.

Then, in the Utility Tree you take Summoner's Insight for the cooldown reduction of Flash which is needed for TF's strategy which I will explain later.

Mana Regeneration, Mana per Level and Summoner Spell Cooldown, again, for the Flash.

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First, you have to rush Malady. Why? Because with Stacked Deck you need to hit fast to use it as much as possible. But that's not all. Even if a little, it gives you AP with a passive to lower the enemy's Magic Resist with each hit, making your Wild Cards deal a lot of damage.

Second, buy Sorcerer's Shoes. No need to explain why I guess.

Thirst, buy as soon as you can Lich Bane, starting from Sheen. Magic Penetration + Attack Speed and Passive from Malady + AP Damage from Lich Bane deal massive damage. Use it on turrets as much as possible when hitting them with Pick A Card's Blue Card for max damage.

Following would ,of course, be Rabadon's Deathcap for reasons that you should already know.

Next is Zhonya's Hourglass. 120 AP + 50 Armor + That Active make it perfect for TF. A lot of damage, defense and untouchable for 2.5 seconds when things are really bad. Do NOT forget to activate this! Ever!

For a final item, Liandry's Torment would be perfect. AP + 500 Health to help you fight longer and of course not die + 15 Magic Penetration and a Burning Damage for whoever is as lucky as to escape you.


You SHOULD consider changing builds depending on the type of game you are. The above-mentioned items are for a game where you are fed. In a hard game you should:

1.) Buy Rod of Ages before Lich Bane.
2.) Buy Rabadon's Deathcap before Lich Bane.
3.) Buy Banshee's Veil instead of Liandry's Torment.
4.) Buy LOTS and LOTS of Sight Ward against a good jungle.

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Use Wild Cards then immediately Blue Card to keep your mana always at maximum. Use the Red Card to take some minions when the enemy is near them. That way you can at least get minions while poking.

When the minion wave is coming, stand right in front of them and use Wild Cards to hit as much as you can (Usually all of them).

Always remember to use the Blue Card right after every ability you use or every time you spend mana.

This is mostly useful in early game while in lane. In late game just use the Red Card on a wave of minions and them use Wild Cards to kill them.

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Be really careful of tanky mid laners or champions who have taunts and stuns.

Champions like Diana are extremly good against Twisted Fate since, even if they take huge amounts of damage, will still be alive and chase behind you.

Diana and Ahri are are the best TF counters. Diana can ult you twice and not let you escape even if she turret dives. Ahri can taunt you and use the rest of her skills to kill you. She can turret dive if her ultimate is up.

What do do against a counter in lane? Wait for the jungle... always wait for the jungle. As soon as he comes to gank, stun the enemy with the Yellow Card and start spamming skills. There is nothing much that you can do. Try not to feed.

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When you first start the game, use Pick A Card's Red Card and then Blue Card until you get to level 2. If you have the chance, hit the enemy with it. It will hit the minions and help you farm while doing more damage to the enemy.

When you reach level 2 and upgrade Wild Cards, you can farm with those instead of Red Card. Remember to use Blue Card after every use of Wild Cards so you can always have 100% mana.

When you get Stacked Deck, keep poking the enemy with Wild Cards until he has at least half HP, select the Yellow Card then Flash, Stun, Use Wild Cards and [Ignite]] really fast. If you do this successfully and the enemy doesn't have a healing skill, he'll most likely die. If you have your ultimate with this, you can chase him down really easy and keep stunning him.

BACKDOOR a lot! Look at which is the most vulnerable lane and start hitting turrets or inhibitors with Lich Bane and Blue Card, which don't work on inhibitors by the way. If you spent more than 5 seconds hitting it, use Destiny to watch where your enemies are. If they are near, use Gate to go away. If not, keep pushing.
If you go away and still have decent HP, Gate to another lane and push there too.


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