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Taric Build Guide by TheBoerner

Pink Taric by TheBörner - Support AP Offtank

Pink Taric by TheBörner - Support AP Offtank

Updated on July 16, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheBoerner Build Guide By TheBoerner 3 5 5,710 Views 9 Comments
3 5 5,710 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TheBoerner Taric Build Guide By TheBoerner Updated on July 16, 2013
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This is the official pink Taric guide. It will help you to rule the botlane with you´re adc. In this guide I will show you how you can play Taric as Support-Tank with a good damage output and the best thing: All youre items are pink. First I invent this guide for troll, but after playing some games, I consider: This **** works !!! So this revolutionary build has been formed.
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Runes and masteries

For the masteries I choose 0/0/30, because you get a higher movement speed, so you dont need boots. Additional to that you get Cooldown-Reduction, Gold per 10 and the two special items. The bicuit give you a little bit sustain, especially the mana is important. With the "60 second"-Ward you can stay 60 seconds longer at your lane, because you dont have to go back and buy new wards.
For my runes I pick instant AP Seals and Quints, AP per level Glyphs and magic penetration marks. I think, this is a good mix of early game damage (seals, quints and marks) and late game damage (glyphs). I didnt think it´s necessary to get some tanky runes, because in my opinion the passive of Taric´s W is perfectly good.
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Spells and skills

The Spells and Skills aren´t really revolutionary. Your first summonerspells is flash, because you can use it too escape from your enemies, but you can also use it as an engage- or killsafe-tool.
In additional to that you take exhaust to slow the enemie adc or antagonize an escape. So all in all you pick the standard support spells.

At the beginning of the game you will skill your E, because with that you´ve got some really hard CC. CC is really important at start, because you can save First Blood, if somebody facechecks a bush or some. Also CC can be used to save somebody´s ***, so the enemies wont score the first blood.
After that its optional, which ability you skill second. You had to decide if Q or W. Usally i skill the Q, because mostly your adc isnt full life anymore and you can keep him alife, but if ure adc is nearly full life and your opponents dont have any good poke ability u can also go with W.
After you complete your three skill selection you should max your W, because it gives more armor and damage. Especially the armor is a big advantage against the other adc. After that you should max your Q for Sustain. This skill is also very helpful at tower dives: You can tank the tower and heal yourself.
At the end you obviosly max your E.
Of cause you Skill your Ult at Lvl 6,11 and 16.
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Item build

Now finally we talk about the really revolutionary about this Guide: The Items. You start with rejuvenation bead, a faerie charm and two wards. The rejuvenation bead and the faerie charm gives you some sustain and you can easily build a philospher stone. If you buy two wards you´ve got a ward time of 7 Minutes. This is enough time to let the adc farm till his first backport. I just place one ward in the lil bush to ward. If you get pushed in your tower you dont need to place wards and if the enemy jungler is hecarim you had to place the wards at drake, because he´s too fast. If you got evelynn you are nearly ****ed, because you had to buy vision wards at beginning and your wardtime decreases to 3 minutes.
The first 20 minutes are the hardest, because you had to rush to your rod of ages. If you dont purchase him till that goal it will be a hard game. So you had to get much gold in this time, but you aren´t allowed to farm botlane. So you had to buy gold items, these are philosopher stone and kage´s lucky pick. With that items you get 9 extra gold per 10. I usally get my first backport if I have 1255 gold, so I can buy both gp10-Items and two wards, but if you consider, that you´re behind you should go back earlier and go straight for philosopher. But just if you get these two Items you wont get enough gold for rod of ages at 20:00. You have to get two or three assists and you can farm teh golems or wolves, but make sure, that the jungler is at the other site of the map, so they will respawn if he goes to them.
After your rod, it´s really easy, just follow the core items: First buy the randuins for tankiness, after that you upgrade your kage´s to the twinsahdows. If you´ve done that you will have nearly 3,2k life, 200 Armor and 100 Magic Resistance.
After that you can buy some damage, so go for a deathfire grasp and a morellonomicon. Both of them give´s you ability power and cooldown reduction, so you can better support your team. After you purchase the deathfire you can kill most of the adc´s with one combo, so dont be shy to go in a 1o1. At the end of your build you will sell your philosopher stone and get an abyssal scepter which gives you more ability power and more magic resistance. Most important: DONT FORGET TO BUY SOME WARDS. A support without wards is ****, because you can´t protect your team very well.
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Optional items

If you´ve got a adc, who waste´s mana, like ezreal or jayce, i´s good to buy a mana manipulator. Just ask your adc before if it´s really nessescary too get this. If you should buy this i would port me back, if I get enough money for philosophers stone and mana manipulator.
If you rule the early game you can purchase a mejai´s soulstealer. But if you want to buy this you should get really easy kills, if you dont and get one soulstealer, you could ruin your game, so be careful with that.
Boots in the optional items ?! Yes, because i dont really need them with taric, but if you want to have more movement speed or if you need homeguard to defend buy the ionian boots, because they give you more cooldown reduction. But dont buy any boots before you got your rod of ages. If you buy boots, you shouldn´t buy the abyssal scepter.
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Pros and cons

    very tanky
    good damage output
    much cooldown reduction
    fabulous pink item build

    hard early game
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Of cause this guide is inspired by the armor of the fifth age taric, so it´s more fabulous to play with this.
League of Legends Build Guide Author TheBoerner
TheBoerner Taric Guide
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Pink Taric by TheBörner - Support AP Offtank

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