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Draven Build Guide by JEFFY40HANDS

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JEFFY40HANDS

Playing Draven IS The Right Way (Short Guide)

JEFFY40HANDS Last updated on October 16, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction (Because no one will read it)

This is going to be a rather "short and to the point" build/guide to Draven. It will give you the information you need to know with very little beyond giving you an understanding as to why I feel THIS build/guide is probably the most effective way to play Draven. This is not meant to make you a better player by improving your skill, it is to make you a better player (potentially) by giving you the information needed to play Draven effectively.

I will consider this guide always a "work in progress", if there are things you don't see that you think I should add, LEAVE ME A COMMENT with a reason as to why you want to see something extra.

I am not all that amazing with coding, so if this build doesn't "look" all that good to you, I insist you still read it. If you don't want to, then at the least don't downvote because I didn't go all rainbows and sparkles with it. Leave a comment and express WHAT/WHY you think I need to improve.

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High sustained/burst damage
Good mobility ( Blood Rush)
Fun mechanics ( Spinning Axe)
Works with most aggressive style supports

No built in blink
More micro managing than other champs ( Spinning Axe)
Damage falls off slightly towards end game.
Vulnerable to CC

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Rune Build

There are many different rune sets you can utilize. THESE ones are the ones I use on Draven because I feel they are most effective for my play style.

Greater Mark of Desolation: I take these to make my Spinning Axes more effective early. As a champion with an AD modifier ( Spinning Axe), the priority is more about using that steroid to deal the damage while using armor pen to improve that damage by cutting through enemy armor values.

Greater Seal of Armor: I take these ti improve my laning phase by decreasing the effectiveness of my lane opponent's auto attacks/abilities against me. This armor also reduces incoming minion damage which means I am punished less for consistently harassing my enemy, (Minions aggro to players who auto attack their team).

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: Primarily used to reduce whatever damage an enemy support may throw at you.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation: I use these for added damage and to make whatever AD I pick up that much stronger.

All in all these are the runes I feel award the most potential to Draven to win his lane. I do not feel this set up works with everyone but it does for Draven. We are here to talk about Draven aren't we?

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Additional Rune Options


Greater Mark of Attack Damage- The current ideology behind rune builds for ADCs is simple ArP if you're a heavy AD scaling carry (Like Draven/Graves) AD to assist in last hits. AD makes last hits a bit easier early on when you don't have the items yet to one shot creeps. In a nutshell if you want easier last hits then flat AD helps. If you're looking to dominate trades ArP is more beneficial. As well ArP scales better late game.


Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage- The reasoning for AD quints is similar to AD Marks. To give you an easier time last hitting.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed- I recommend these if you're just starting to learn Draven. They make catching Spinning Axes easier and help make up for the initial lack of microing you might have from not playing Draven.

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Mastery Build


Some of you might be going "wtf dude why not get 21/9/0 like everyone else?" Because I don't think the additional 1% Life steal and 6% "finisher" damage is worth the additional defensive bonuses.

This mastery page is meant to afford the player a better time trading on an aggressive AD like Draven. Basically this set up lets you be aggressive more consistently while putting a majority of initially "even" trades in your favor. This set up SHOULD give you an edge in the laning phase. I'm not saying this set up is a "free" win, but against most other bot laners (support or AD) this will give you a bit more durability for trading in lane.

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Flash: Good utility in terms of escape or chasing. Good mobility to get over walls. 100% needed on Draven, an ADC without a blink.

Ignite: Meant to help win the lane, coupled with Wicked Blades it can secure a kill. Also prevents heals from being as effective.

Alternative Summoners:
Cleanse: Useful in removing CC. I would recommend against heavy CC team comps.

Exhaust: Current meta dictates the support take Exhaust, but I still find it as a potential choice in case you REALLY want to shut down a burst AD like Ezreal/ Graves/ Corki.

Ghost: Not a popular option, but if you're just learning Draven it could be a useful option. At least for your first few games.

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Item Build

This item build focuses on giving you a heavy AD advantage which will allow you to utilize Spinning Axe more. It then flows in to a bit more "contemporary" meta build by acquiring a Guardian Angel and or Last Whisper.

Here is an easy to understand breakdown:
Starting Items: Boots of Speed Health Potionx3

Doing Well (Lane Phase/Early Game)
-Get The Bloodthirster as soon as possible. It affords you a good deal of damage AND lifesteal which makes your trades very strong allowing you to hopefully keep whatever advantage you've started building.

Doing Poorly (Lane Phase/Early Game)
-Get The Bloodthirster as soon as possible. The damage and lifesteal means that you shouldn't lose your trades as hard as you were. The additional damage and sustain may in fact let you turn your lane around to win it. IF you can't see yourself getting a BT before the end of lane phase than double Doran's Blade with a Zeal and possible a Vampiric Scepter is what you should aim for.

Doing Well (Team Fight/Objective Control/Mid Game)
-Get your Phantom Dancer as soon as you can. Due to Draven's passive Wicked Blades crit chance is incredibly strong. BUT there isn't a need to stack it too high, this is due to the fact that Draven has Spinning Axe to activate his passive essentially whenever he wants.
-During mid game you also need to decide WHICH route to take. You either build into Phantom Dancer and start working towards Last Whisper or Guardian Angel. IF the enemy team has already started building heavy armor AND you feel confident enough that your front line can keep the enemy from getting to you, then I recommend getting your Last Whisper so you can cut through that armor. IF you're doing well but getting focused in fights getting your Guardian Angel will probably be more beneficial over the Last Whisper. At this point you should have Berserker's Greaves, The Bloodthirster, Phantom Dancer (or at least Zeal), and either Guardian Angel OR Last Whisper

Doing Poorly (Team Fight/Objective Control/Mid Game)
-Focus on building an Infinite Edge as soon as possible. The item works well on Draven but isn't as useful as The Bloodthirster as a first. IE is meant to help you get a bit more damage output through crit during the mid game. It can potentially turn your poor early/mid game into a less sour one. At this stage IF you're not doing well you'll aim to have Bezerker's Greaves, The Bloodthirster, and Infinity Edge (or at least 2 of the 3 components). The idea here is to get as prepared for late game as possible. With those 4 items you'll be in a good spot. THIS MEANS you have to farm, and try to aid in objective control. Be around for team fights but don't expect to really pick up many kills.

Doing Well (Baron Fights/Tower Sieges/Inhibitor Kills/Late Game):
-At this point you're doing well, you deal a good amount of damage, have some solid sustain, and are helping your team win fights. NOW what do you build? The other team is getting tankier and recognized you as a threat. They're trying to shut you down as quickly as they can. IF this is the situation you're in (or something similar), then you need some durability or some armor pen to cut down their tanky people faster. Already built Guardian Angel? Well then you've got the amount of survivability you can afford, time for more damage. IF you got Guardian Angel, then get a Last Whisper. If you got Last Whisper get Guardian Angel.

Doing Poorly (Baron Fights/Tower Sieges/Inhibitor Kills/Late Game):
If you're doing poorly and you've been following my advice then you've most likely have your late game item build or are close to it. At this point you now need some survivability. To get this survivability what do you build? THAT'S RIGHT Guardian Angel. Now all you can really do is try to play as best you can and stay alive so you can keep doing damage. Once your Guardian Angel is finished focus on getting Last Whisper.

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Item Alternatives

There are some situations where it may actually be better to build a different item. At most I recommend these as alternatives:

- The Brutalizer. Though the final "evolution" of this item is sub par, the early game damage, armor penetration, and CDR is actually a good bargain. This is if you're really looking to snowball your lane.

- Quicksilver Sash. The only item capable of breaking supressions. I'd suggest getting this item if the enemy team has Skarner, Warwick. or Malzahar. This will prevent the enemy from locking you down for an easy focus kill. It's also a decent pick up if the enemy is utilizing things like Morgana's Dark Binding.

- Mercury's Treads. As a late game sell, this item MAY be a useful replacement to Berserker's Greaves due to the tenacity.

- Ninja Tabi. Picking up these might help stunt whatever snowball your enemy laners may have gotten due to your, or your team's misplays. A jungler gank that got turned around or a poor level 1 for example. This pick up is extremely situational.

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Skill Set/Skill Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Wicked Blades: I consider this to be an incredibly strong passive. The additional damage on crit is actually quite a lot and very useful in conjunction with Ignite in securing those last tick kills.

Spinning Axe: In short this skill is an attack damage modifier. It makes Draven's sustained harass very strong, and his burst capability potent as well. I max this first in order to keep my damage competitive. Keep in mind that the axe mechanic LEADS you, this means WHERE you look (the direction) is where the axe will go. Use this to help you CS and or keep yourself safe in fights.

Blood Rush: A nice bit of mobility, some great additional attack speed, it makes Draven's ability to "all in" or chase someone very effective. The fact that it resets every time you catch a Spinning Axe means you can keep up with running opponents even after they flash. I max this second as it serves my play style better of keeping on enemies until they are dead.

Stand Aside a very interesting skill, utilize it to knock people away or interrupt them from channeled casts. If you're looking to kill someone this skill (when landed properly) adds to whatever CC chain that was started to keep your target pinned down. I max this last as the damage it deals is negligible and the slow while useful is dwarfed by red buff. I consider it as a utility skill not additional damage.

Whirling Death a very fun ultimate. It's great for finishing off low health enemies, or even helping in initiating a fight. Keep in mind this skill begins to return after the first enemy champion it hits. I take this at 6/11/16.

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Basics for Laning

With this mastery build we re trying to boost our trading power. Draven has naturally high damage output with Spinning Axe. The things to keep in mind while laning are as follows:

-Try to keep Spinning Axe up as often as possible
-Try to harass the enemy every available moment which you deem safe. Example: They come in for a caster minion kill and you're able to step in and attack.
- Stand Aside is a decent followup mechanic to a friendly supports CC. However it's also your only real defensive skill because if timed/aimed properly it can interrupt something like a Maokai's Twisted Advance.
-Try never to pick into Blitzcrank or Leona (or other similarly aggressive supports). Draven's main downfall is how susceptible he is to CC. Unlike Graves, Ezreal, or Corki who all have "blinks" Draven lacks their level of mobility. IF you ever find yourself laning against the aforementioned supports, I recommend you focus heavily on farming and defensive play.

Guide Top


So here it is, the end of a very short and probably not all that ascetically pleasing guide. I like to try and keep guides short and simple so you, the reader may actually come across useful information.

This guide isn't meant for players who are just learning LoL. It is meant for people who are summoner level 30 and have an idea of what they are doing. I try to provide my perspective of Draven and why I feel the way I build and or play is effective.

Draven isn't for everyone, he's an underrated AD right now but I hope this build/guide might change some minds. At the very least it might get me laid.

Up vote or Down vote, make sure to leave a comment. Something meaningful so I can actually improve this guide.