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Garen Build Guide by ElimiNative

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ElimiNative

Please Don't Spin To Win - Garen Guide

ElimiNative Last updated on April 4, 2013
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If you ever seen someone play Garen...

Your probably like SPIN2WINWINWIN!
But that isn't true! Well... um... half of it isn't.
This guide will teach you how to build Garen, and how to use him as an effective champion in team fights, so hope you enjoy and look great in battle!
Remember to leave a like and be a good steward to DEMACIAAA!!!

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Okay, so items. You want to build tanky, if you are going solo-top, which calls for a Giant's Belt !
After you get this beast-like weapon, you will gain lots of health, but are not done quite so soon.
Aha! This Sunfire Cape looks purrr-fect! (Go Nidalee!)
But before you do this, you want have even MOAR health!
But also, you need to guard your team mates for you have no honor if you do not.
Therefore, you decide to build a Aegis of the Legion !
You finish up your sunfire's cape and the ADC does a minions amount of damage against you.
Now, you finish the job with your full boots, and a Warmog's Armor ,
for you will not look good in battle without armor of course!
Now that you are extremely tanky and fed, go SPIN2WIN!

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Unique Skills

If you want to harass the enemies if they are ranged like Teemo, you might want to keep your garden safe and not inhabited by these filthy shrooms!
You decide to camp inside a brush and stalk your prey.
If you succeed at doing this, you may ambush and SPIN2WIN!
*Warning - Shrooms not recommended for eating afterwards*