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Poppy Build Guide by Vinsa

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vinsa

Poppy, the incredible yordle

Vinsa Last updated on November 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is my first guide here on Mobafire.
I made this guide since I could´nt find any Poppy guides that could bring her to it´s ''Godmode.'' I have played her 139 ranked games and my win ratio is something around 80%+.
She became my main right after I got lvl 30. I went in to ranked way to early and I dropped fast down to 800 elo. At this time Poppy was weekly so I got her by random. I fell in love with her. She could do everything! She was dealing a huge amount of Physical and Magical Damage and still could tank like a god. Her passive, it´s so good so it´s hard for me to talk about it. She could burst down anyone and she also have a 1.5 sec stun! I could talk about how great she is in hours but lets keep going with this build!

Im sorry for my bad English, im from the cold Sweden with polarbears... :O

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Greater Quintessence of Desolation Greater Mark of Desolation
Armor Penetration, gives everything an AD will ever need. It gives you a great start in earlygame and will in lategame it still give a lot of help. Take that in Quintessences and Marks.

Greater Seal of Attack Speed
Attack Speed, gives you a nice boost to your AS, Poppys basic AS is quite low so this will help her! Take that in Seals.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
Cooldown Reduction is really good to poppy because her Ultimates Cooldown is very long (it´s good for her other spells aswell) so it will be great for her. Take this in Glyphs.

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Yes, I took these masteries.
On purpose.
And I have no plans to change it.
Just because I can.
I've been called a idiot, but after some tries, this is the one that has helped me most. I´m going full offence and some points in armor and magic resist too. You can see my choises at the top of the build.
Before calling me an idiot, try them first.

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Poppy is very item and level depending and i´m going to tell you why this items will help you most.

I grab Doran's Shield in the beginning so you can stay in lane longer and play more agressive.

Sheen the most important item for Poppy. It gives you a great burst to your Q spell (Devastating Blow) and its gives you a good mana pool + AP!

You can uppgrade it later in to Trinity Force for a great slow, movmentspeed, it´s a Sheen but stronger (+ hp, mana, dmg, ap, attackspeed and crittchance).

Then you will need more movement speed, great for chasing escaping and juking. This makes Poppy even more scary. That´s why I get Phantom Dancer. You get this item to increase your critchance too, wich is good for your Infinity Edge that you will get soon.

Then when you have your Phantom you should get a regular lifesteal ( Vampiric Scepter). You need this so you can survive in fights, heal up your self after fights and a lot more useful things. You can buy this item right after Zeal and finish your Phantom Dancer afterwards.
Then you get your Infinity Edge so you can deal a real lot of dmg and make your critchance and crit dmg higher!

Then we come to this sadly nearly non-used item, the Quicksilver Sash. I love this item, you can now escape this annoying Malzahar or Amumu etc. and you will be called a cheater! This items makes Poppy insane in the brain and when ever you feel focused, just do your Quicksilver Sash, do your ulti on their support/tank and feel free to own! But this item can be replaced with a Force of Nature. A personal matter.

Then we need to upgrade your lifesteal to something good, I recommend The Bloodthirster for its dmg and huge lifesteal. But this item can be replaced with Hextech Gunblade!

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Valiant Fighter

Awesome passive, especially for those those massive damage single target spells like Sion's stun, Veigar's ulti, Karthus' ulti etc. This will make you really though and also giving you a great opportunity when fighting champions. So when you are at quite low health, every single spell (almost) will be 50% lower. This means that chamepons will sometimes underestimate you wich will give you a nice chance to kill them!

Heroic Charge

So at level 1 you should always take a point in Heroic charge. You won’t need to upgrade it any more than one point because the stun won’t get any longer and the cd won’t change. You should often try to pull your enemy in to a wall, that’s how they get stunned. You could also use it on units so you can get away easier or to close the gap between you and a enemy.

Devastating Blow
It's what makes Poppy one of the most frustrating carries to play against, and possibly the best carry in the game. With this build, your devastating blows will be hitting for over 1k damage. Trinity force works perfectly with this item, making your damage huge. Also, the cooldown is around 3 seconds! This skill makes Poppy's DPS just plain ridiculous.

Paragon of Demacia
This spell will give you a great dmg and armor boost which will replace your need for dmg an armor items midgame. And you can activate it too so you will get a nice MS buff! This is like a mini Ghost. Use this spell to get in and out of battles. ''Run Poppy RUN!'' Jenny <3

Diplomatic Immunity
Always upgrade your ultimate when you can. You use it on one target, and you deal extra damage to the target without taking ANY damage from ANYTHING else in the entire game. This includes turrets and other champions! This is really good for early towerdives. Be careful though; once the target is killed your shield goes away, leaving you very vulnerable. So if you are towerdiveing a champion near their tower, remember to have flash ready so tower wont hit you. A great idea for a 5's team fight is to use Diplomatic Immunity on their support or tank so no one can harm you!

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Summoner Spells

Flash so flash.. This is one off the best summoner spells at league of legends, you can escape big ganks, you can chase people and easy, but the best, the flash hit stun with Poppy. That means that you flash in to a better place so you can stun.

Exhaust This is a great anti carry spell, so if you are against a feeded trynda, use it on him. But this spell has another use for Poppy. If you see a team fight is coming towards mid, your job is to kill so many of them before you die. But you have your ultimate, so pop your ultimate on their team’s weakest target (support or tank) and no one in their team are able to deal damage to you. But when the other team doesn’t have a supporter or you are at lane and 2 people come to gank you? That's where exhaust comes in. Do your exhaust at the same target that you did your ulti on, and Whips, you are now immortal!

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This build isnt finnished yet but please give me a comment how you feel about this build before you wote it down.
Good luck and have fun, The Gnomes will be pleased! <3