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Diana Build Guide by Boomvis

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Boomvis

Power of the moon - Diana full AP carry

Boomvis Last updated on December 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hallo and welcome to all who read this guide.
This is my first guide and it will take some editing before it looks like something good.
Also my english isn't that great so keep that in mind while you read this. If you have any tips on making this guide reaching the top, don't hesitate to tell me.

The reason for me making this guide is because i haven't really seen a build like mine before and i wanted to start with a champion i know through and through.
Diana is a very strong AP carry, maybe not as bursty as say... Brand... but this one can still take quite a hit before going down. Unllike Syndra who has a massive power potential but you can almost kill her by sneezing. (don't get me wrong... i still love Syndra :P )

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Pros / Cons

Pros Cons

Versatile Mana can be a problem if you don't play her right
Great AP carry Difficult to get out of hairy situations if you don't know how
No tank but can take a good hit Ranged champs can be irritating early game
No useless ability's
Natural shielding ability
Great mobility

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The runes are something of a personal thing.
If you really wanna jungle than your gonna need some magic resist and armor. But if your gonna be mid lane and do some jungling after you dominated the hell out of that lane than armor and magic resist arn't a must anymore.
I think a lot of people can agree with me on that magic penetration marks are something you really want on AP carry Diana. This allows for some good dmg in early but also in late game.

Scaling Ability Power Seals. When jungling these can be exchanged for armor but if not then i like to have these. Together with another scaling ability power they can give you that boost in dmg to make sure that other midlaner knows who's boss, and late game they will still contribute on a notable level.

With Quint you do go for flat Ability power cause these are gonna make most of the difference in early game.

When both you and the other midlaner are poking each other and your the first one the get your ulti then this will make sure that any attempt will be worth it.

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As you can see in the masteries there is not that much difference from your daily AP carry.
What i do have other than some is fury instead of havoc. That 2% extra dmg can be nice.... but i think i prefer 2% more AS. WHY?? well diana maybe a "spellcaster" but her melee still have a huge roll and that hit you can do more will do more dmg then 2% extra dmg.

--if you have a basic attack that does 100 and you have havoc, you'll do 102... but if you can have that little more speed that it could be a second swing where once you could only do one, inflicting 200 dmg--

that point i have left (usually 3 in havoc now 2 in fury) i use for spellsword. Once you get to late game and you have a big fat pile of ability power and a lich bane... then you'll have a powerfull swing and can use that to crush your enemy.

The other nine points can be spend on armor, and when your jungling this will be good. But i like it in support. If you spend it on meditation and expanded mind then you won't need (or atleast i don't) any Mana regen runes.
From mid game i often go for a blue buff and/or red buff if i can steal it in witch case Runic affinity is usefull.

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As you can see my item choice is somewhat different again from others. I only show the first 3 health potions i buy, but i often try to keep 3 potions with me. Also once money comes in a little faster with kills and assists i buy wards to make sure i don't get ganked.

I buy some boots and some potions to start and rush of to my spot. After that i start working on Rylai'sIt give Health witch will help you survive and some sweet AP our big friend and it's effect can be really usefull to slow those pesky champs that manage to escape so that you can gain on them and BAM! hit them with a Lunar Rush, we'll get to that.

With rylai's done its time to finish your boots. A lot of people swear by mercury boots, but i have tried and tried and i keep getting better results with that extra magic pen i get from sorc boots. in late game with a build like this, if i get stunned then its shield up, flash and kiss your kill goodbye, or you and up dead because there 4 players on top of you. mMore on this in a later chapter.

The next item you can chose. Lich bane is usually my first pick. It gives mana, movement speed increase witch is nice and a nice 80 AP, but the effect is amazing. It will make your "basic attacks" do some real dmg. When champs try to get away and you would use moonfall to give them that one last jab... this item makes sure that jab counts for something.

Alternatively if you keep getting attacked by some big AD champs then Iceborn gauntlet will be nice. It doesn't give movement speed or mana, but it still gives some AP, a really nice CD reduction and 60 armor witch can help you fend off those AD champs.

It's not as strong as it used to be o(-.-)o But it's still my fav AP item...i think... yea :P
120 AP and an extra 25% increase in AP also! WHATS NOT TO LIKE

Now we have another choice to make. If your comfortable in money you can first buy Alacrity enchant for your boots. If you have trouble escaping or you need that extra speed boost to catch that runner then a speed boost is nice. i recommend you to get this as it WILL help.

As a fifth item you can either go for another Rabadon witch will seriously increase your AP and will make sure other players will fear you. even with a quick poke from crescent strike you can still do that much dmg that the one getting the dmg will be like "holy ****! i'm not gonna fight that!"
You can also go for Zhonya's hourglass. It has 100 AP, it has ARMOR witch you will be getting it for and it has an AWESOME effect. when you are running with only 11 hp and you see Ezreal using his ulti for instance... you just press that button and *zap* ---- *unzap* and your still alive! :P
or when your in the middle of a team fight and you see that you need to stay alive just long enough for others to waste there spells so that you can kill them off easy while there on there CD.
or maybe Karthus is using his ulti, then this can also safe your life.

Sometimes when you have a really long game and every player is really strong... than a simple health potion just won't do anymore. It's time to replace it. I can go for Zhonya's, i can go for another rabadon to have extreemly sick AP or for a Void staff that will give me a nice magic pen. But i usually go for something that gives health or a really good health regen to compensate for the health pots i'm missing. Warmog's armor is a nice one in this case. It gives 1000 health and with a total health of maybe 3500 (or something) it will have really good health regen.

You could also go for Deathgrip... the last item is usually a bit of a situational item and depends on personal taste.

Depending on your playstyle these items will make sure you don't get into serious mana problems. Just don't spam you skills early game. With the option 1 items you can end with a total AP of 622. thats enought to kick the ---- out of a lot of champs. All but the tankiest champs will crumble before you.

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Flash and Ignite
My fav spells to use with diana. to be honest i don't use any other spells then these.
Flash has a ton of usefull ways to be used. Getting in or especially out of battles. closing a gap, escaping you name it. Ignite is great for finishing a champ of, reducing there healing ability and at the same time give you a small AP boost if you have the masteries. its also usefull late game when you might be able to take on 2 other champs at once. get that one champ low enough to finish off with ignite and switch concentration on that other on.

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Skill Sequence

On this chapter i can write a lot about her skills, the sequence and how best to use those skills and write about strategies and tactics that apply to Diana.

If you want me to write about this than vote for this guide.
Simply because it would be to bad if i put all my time in this guide and no one would read it.

If you read all i have so far than thank you for reading, i hope my guide has been of use to you.
Leave a comment and a tip on how i can do better.

cya o(^^)o