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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Azir Build Guide by RubiXableZ

Praise the Sun! (Bird Thing)

Praise the Sun! (Bird Thing)

Updated on November 24, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RubiXableZ Build Guide By RubiXableZ 11,146 Views 0 Comments
11,146 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RubiXableZ Azir Build Guide By RubiXableZ Updated on November 24, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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I'm a Silver 5 scrub

Here's my
Although, I may be a pleb to whoever is reading this guide, most of what is written should accurately reflect how-to-play Azir in higher elos.
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Basic Information

Azir is a great AP control mage that excels at sieging down enemy objectives. While not as much of a chaser (unless you can pull off a nifty E->Q combo), Azir is defensive monstrosity that many low elo players do not expect. By staying at the backline of a team, any person should be scared ****less of engaging upon the front line. The only threat to Azir is flanks and people diving the backline (both very risky for the other team). Positioning is KEY to maximizing Azir's damage potential. While you may see pro-players make flashy plays by ulting the enemy team into their own, Azir excels if he draws less attention and just casually DPSes away the enemy team's health bars.
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Summoner Spells

Barrier is my favorite summoner spell to take on Azir. Although many claim Heal to be a better option, Barrier is more helpful against the bursty assassins that appear in mid-lane.

Flash is a basic summoner spell on most league champions. TAKE THIS SUMMONER ALWAYS! NO DEBATE ABOUT IT!

Now, Azir is mid-lane champion, so why would you not take Ignite? you might ask. Azir is a VERY squishy champion, and if you are in range to ignite someone as Azir, they can also ignite you. Azir probably gets on the worse end of the ignite trade, and, if played correctly, should be damaging and poking the enemy laner instead of getting up close.
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Everything is self explanatory. CDR is good on Azir, manage your mana in lane in order to do extra damage late game with Merciless, Oppressor to take advantage of your Rylai's crystal scepter in your build, and Thunderlord's Decree for more damage for your poke in lane. Taking Natural Talent instead of Vampirism is purely my preference, because it helps with the late game power of Azir. If you feel that you need some more sustain in lane, take Vampirism. Also, taking movement speed instead of Savagery is better in my opinion, because CSing as Azir is relatively easy compared to other mages with his non-projectile basic attacks and soldiers. Taking biscuits instead of extended duration of buffs is purely preference as well. However, if you do not take biscuits, it is STRONGLY recommended that you take the Vampirism mastery instead of Natural Talent for sustain in lane.
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Basic AP caster runes. The scaling CDR is for a much stronger late game in exchange for some vulnerability to AP in lane. If you need the MR to survive lane, replace a couple Armor seals with MR.
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Spell Sequence

R > Q > W > E
This is a standard Azir spell sequence. Maxing Q before W allows you to get off your Thunderlord's Decree procs off more often, as well as making you more flexible in the early game. By building Nashor's tooth first, the attack speed from Stinger should be able to sustain you until Q is maxed and you start maxing W. E is generally used as an engage or escape tool and not used very often and should NOT be used to increase DPS, thus it is maxed last.
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Pros/ Cons

-Good Poke
-Hard to engage on
-Very good all in at level 6
-Very strong DPS if able to deal damage from the backline
-Looks AWESOME in any skin or original model
-Very rewarding to good Azir players
-Scales very hard into the late game

-Tough Skill curve
-Weak laning phase
-Requires good game knowledge
-Requires good decision making and shotcalling to take the correct objectives while not getting caught out
-Very unique kit (awkward to use at first)
-Limited mobility with a pretty high cooldown on E and recently nerfed movement speed
-Requires a front line to soak up damage
-Will mostly require another carry on the team for the enemy to focus
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Do the Shurima Shuffle!

The E->Q combo is used by many to outplay and amaze people by making game changing plays. This combo is used to increase the range traveled by Azir through the use of his E, which is important, because his E has a relatively LONG cooldown. By using Q to move his soldier while he is dashing towards it, it elongates the travel distance. Use this to flee enemies in the jungle by juking in and out of the baron/dragon pit, Red buff, Blue buff, and even wolves and chicken camp. It can also be used as an engage tool buy dashing to the backline or behind the front line, then using your ultimate to CC their entire team while splitting them up or thrusting them into your beefy, tanky frontline. This is usually recommended when-
A. The enemy team is in a worse condition than your team (damaged up, CCed, slowed, etc.)
B. You have practiced this move before and are CONFIDENT about doing it (hesitation usually results in flopped plays aka your death)
C. Your team is positioned well with the tanks in front and the heavy damage dealers in the back
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Positioning on Azir is important to your success on playing him. If you are someone who randomly mashes buttons, hoping to deal damage and get a kill, you will need to practice on some other easier backline champions before you play Azir. Even clicking off of a champion and moving into the fight can mean death for you, and obviously using your E at the wrong time will definitely give you that dreaded gray screen. Azir is strong when he goes about unnoticed, dealing massive amounts of damage from the backline. If dived upon, use your ultimate to drive the danger away. Azir's ultimate is his primary form of disengage in a teamfight, so it would be wise to hold onto it, instead of trying to be Faker.
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Erm. Yeah. Leave. Hope you learned something :P
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