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Fiora Build Guide by Holabulu

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Holabulu

Prepare to die... At Once! Fiora's Build!

Holabulu Last updated on August 11, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 24

Honor Guard

Defense: 6

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Hi everyone, this is my 1st guide here on mobafire, and I'll give my personal opinion about a good build for Fiora, one of my favourite champions.
Well I used to solo top with Fiora, but where I play her the most is actually as AD Carry, yea I know its kinda wierd since she isnt ranged, but yea, I play Fiora as AD Carry, and here are some of my main reasons:
- Awesome burst damage, can easily rush into a ranged ad carry and tear lots of his HP down;
- You can parry some ranged attacks using your parry skill;
- And Fiora is actually a good farmer;

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Pros / Cons

Fiora is a well balanced champion, here are her pros and cons:


- Awesome Burst Damage;
- Good Early Game if played well;
- Not so hard to play;
- Pretty Hot!! :p


- Low HP at End game;
- A bit squishy;
- Doesnt have a good escaping mechanism;

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About the runes I use:
9 x Greater Seal of Armor
9 x Greater Glyph of Attack Speed
4 x Greater Mark of Desolation
5 x Greater Mark of Attack Damage
3 x Greater Quintessence of Desolation

I believe these are the best runes Fiora as AD carry, cause you can have a mix of defense using these Greater Seal of Armor, some initially good attack speed rate with these Greater Glyph of Attack Speed and a good mix of damage + armor penetration with these: Greater Mark of Desolation, Greater Mark of Attack Damage and Greater Quintessence of Desolation.

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Well about the masteries:
I believe the combination: 24 Offense, 6 Defense is a good one for Fiora.
Offense points based in physical attack, critical strike, life steal, more damage dealt, basically all related to physical attack.
In Defense tab, the last 6 points, I would put in Magic Resist improvement, as well as Armor improvement.

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Like I posted up, my build for fiora is kinda simple, I advice starting with Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potion, cause this way you have more armor and it is good cause you'll probably face a ranged AD carry that as some 'advantage' against you, so you buy some armor and some pots for recovery, it gives you a good early game.
Since Fiora can farm good, when you manage to recall just buy Ninja Tabi for movement speed increase and some more amor, and if you have 450 gold left, buy Vampiric Scepter, this will be good cause it gives you 10% Life Steal and along side with Fiora's passive Duelist you can recover good ammounts of health with your basic attacks.
The next key item you'll need is Infinity Edge and for that you should start by buying B. F. Sword and Pickaxe, this will give high ammount of damage and when you finish Infinity Edge you will have more crit strike chance and crit strike damage which is awesome with Fiora.
Now that you should have between 220-260 Attack damage, with Parry's passive, you should start working on some attack speed, so when you can buy Zeal so you can later complete Phantom Dancer. And that's it, you don't need more attack speed, cause you also have Fiora's E skill, Burst of Speed.
From now on you can choose which item you'll do first, I'd advice doing Last Whisper, cause you can have some more Attack Damage and you'll get some good Armor Penetration which makes it easier to kill your enemies.
To make you even more powerful and harder to kill, you should finish your The Bloodthirster so you can have 20% Life Steal and 100 more Attack Damage when full stacked.
By now you should have around 340-370 Attack Damage, 20% Life Steal and around 2.0 Attack Speed Rate with your E skill Burst of Speed, so now all you need is some HP and a way to make your enemies move slow, so I believe the best thing for you is Frozen Mallet, which gives you some awesome 700 HP, making Fiora even more hard to kill, giving you as well 20 more Attack Damage and slowing your enemies everytime they're hit.
Well if you see that the game is going hard and your team relies on you, instead of buying Frozen Mallet just go for the second The Bloodthirster or the second Infinity Edge. You become incredibly strong, being able to 3/4 hit any enemy champion (all but tanks, of course :p).

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Skill Sequence

Here are Fiora's Skills:

Duelist - Passive;
Lunge - Q skill;
Riposte - W skill;
Burst of Speed - E skill;
Blade Waltz - R skill (Ultimate)

I advice starting with Riposte at level 1, you'll have no attacking abaility but it increases your Attack Damage by 15 permanently and you can reflect some basic attack from your enemies. Riposte should be the first skill to be maxed, so upgrade it to 5 as fast as you can, cause it will give you 35 perma Attack Damage when maxed. At levels 2 and 3 you should upgrade your Lunge and Burst of Speed so you have all your skills, and now you have an attacking ability and a speed buff, but keep them like that until you max your Riposte skill. At level 6 get your ultimate Blade Waltz of course, awesome ultimate! And upgrade it at 11 and 16. When you finish maxing Riposte go for Burst of Speed, it should be the next one to be maxed out, and then finish with Lunge.

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Summoner Spells

Since Fiora can regen HP easily due to her passive Duelist and Vampiric Scepter I believe the best summoner spells for Fiora are:

Flash; makes your escaping ways easier;

Ignite; good for early game and always helpful when an enemy runs with low health;

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Team Work

A bit about team work:
Fiora has high burst damage, and one of her main weapons is Blade Waltz, her ultimate, which deals high damage to random champions (up to 5) and makes Fiora untargetable.
So when going for a team fight, I advice you stay behind your partners and wait for the perfect engage, then I suggest you focus the enemy team AD carry, use your Lunge on it, activate your Riposte in order to reflect any basic attack and when he has around 50% health left, just use your Blade Waltz. Notice that the 1st and the last hits will be on the same target, so use your ultimate wisely, with this combo you should get a kill over the enemy team's ad carry and deal some good damage to other enemy champions near.

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Fiora is a pretty good farmer cause of her damage output, pretty easy to last hit minions and once you get some decent Attack Damage, you can use your Burst of Speed skill to farm even faster.

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Solo TOP! Here are some tips;

Well since this post is more related to AD carry function, I won't really explain with lots of detail how I use to play Fiora as solo top, so here's a brief:

RUNES: Well I think you can keep the same ones for AD carry:
9 x Greater Seal of Armor
9 x Greater Glyph of Attack Speed
4 x Greater Mark of Desolation
5 x Greater Mark of Attack Damage
3 x Greater Quintessence of Desolation

MASTERIES: These can be the same as well (check at the top of the page);

SUMMONER SPELLS: For solo top theres a little change:

Flash; Keep this one, makes your escaping ways easier;

Teleport; since you're soloing a lane you should get there fast;

SKILL SEQUENCE: You can adopt the same one as AD carry;

ITEMS: Here are some differences:
- Start with Cloth Armor as well and 5 Health Potion;
- Go for Ninja Tabi and Vampiric Scepter whenever you can;
- Then Wriggle's Lantern is good to have cause of more AD, life steal and a free ward, which helps since you're gonna be ganked sometimes;
- Get a Giant's Belt for more HP and a B. F. Sword for some more good AD;
- Finish Frozen Mallet as fast as possible; when you're done with it, go for Infinity Edge;
- Now, if you're team needs you more tanky, go for Warmog's Armor or if you see that you can go a bit more DPS, just get a Phantom Dancer;
- And for last item you can get Last Whisper for DPS build or Atma's Impaler which gives you crit strike, armor and an awesome passive that will work with your 3000 HP.
- Then if you go DPS build, and you're fed, replace Wriggle's Lantern with The Bloodthirster, for some more reliable Life steal and more Attack damage;

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And that's it, here is my 'perfect' build/guide for Fiora, I use it all the time and it works perfectly. I'll see if I can upload a video of my early game with Fiora to make it easier to understand some things about her gameplay and skill sequence.
Hope you like the guide!
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Thanks :D