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Riven Build Guide by TheBunney

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheBunney

Preseason 4.21 [Riven Top/Mid Guide]

TheBunney Last updated on December 26, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys, this is my first guide ever based on my own experience, and some Boxbox riven builds, tips, tricks. My in-game name is Fiendish Ghoul currently g2, going up the ladder. I've made this guide after playing over 150 games with Riven which is still not perfect ( or not even close yet ) but I've played with Riven enough to know what's best for her.

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Skill Sequence

Here's a quick guide by JKSAD
Just saying for the AA canceling there's another way of doing it without clicking back as it is harder for beginners, I suggest using this method A >> Q >> A >> Q >> A >> Q yeah, of course you have to click quick but it's easier for some people.

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How I usually play Riven TOP

Welp, most of the cases i'm up against my counter obviously... But just because they picked your counter doesn't mean that you're gonna lose lane. It's all about how much dmg you can do and how careful you are in doing so. If you know your just gonna farm get cloth 5 pots, wait for first gank then back. And try to get brut on first back ( you can just ask for the kill )
if not just build 2 dorans some pots/wards or 1 dorans 1 boots pots/wards. If you go according the runes I gave you you'll have enough dmg to poke and not receive as much dmg as you should've. Top lane riven is more like a '' Hey i'm splitting come get me '' But little that they know (if fed enough)(depends on how good you are also) you can 1v2. That's really good when your alone top and their 4 mid. Just get as much people you can get top and let your team push the others. You could do that or be a play maker... As in place well your tps kill the other lanes. A bit like mid just push tower then gank mid or their jungler NOT BOT UNLESS YOU HAVE TP. As top riven you can shutdown their jungler at lv 2 when you hit lv 2 you go right away to his red and just wait. Go in the bush behind the red buff towards their base and just wait there. And time well when your gonna in don't flash get your Q,W first and keep your flash till he uses his if he does. Then BAM a kill. Ez right? so yeah that's a bit how I play riven. If I go ignite riven though i'll fight with their top laner even if he is my counter '' not recommended if not experienced in animation cancelling '' and instead of fighting all the time like me you could wait for a gank just know that you're A LOT stronger then you think you are. Just because he outdamages a bit it doesn't matter, if he has tp keep poking him then go for one full combo ignite = death. EZ.

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How I usually play RIVEN MID

Well I like to get dorans/pot start because usually the one who gets the first kill dominates the lane, but then again... I'm not THAT cocky I get like a defensive/damage type item depending on who i'm laning against like... against mid laners { ap } i'd go for Hexdrinker, but if it's an AD mid, i'll just counter him with more dmg.


The best defense is a lot of offense.

He prolly didn't say it like that lol >..>

Back to the topic.
If i'm losing lane I just clear minions AND ROAM. ROAM like crazy! I'd gank for other lanes more then the jungler... Unless their mid-laner keeps pushing your lane. Calmy ask for a gank, once he backs or dies. GANK MORE. lol. If you follow this method propely you'll get back on your feet pretty quickly.

When I play mid I usually am more team-fighter type. I will assists in teamfights. So farm farm, kill kill, and help in teamfights and you can almost insta kill their carries.

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Early game

You can go;
-Dorans blade and 1 pot/yellow trinket
-Long sword and 3 pots/yellow trinket
-Cloth armour and 5 pots/yellow trinket

Dorans blade and a pot start is a bit more risky, but it's really effective since it gives hp, life steal, and ad... but it's more risky because well... you have only 1 pot. If you go in you wanna make shure you make the most damage possible without getting to low ESPECIALLY against your counters like Garen, Darius, or even anyone who has a silence, stun, fear. because they will kill you the next time you go in.
/// A bit further into the game (first back)
If you get FB (first blood) Instead of going long sword I like going Double Dorans as it'll give me 140 health, 6% life steal, 14 ad. So you can stay in lane longer.

Long sword and 3 pots, it's my favourite start as it's not as risky as dorans start, and you get 2 more pots which can let you stay in lane wayyyyyyyyy longer. At your first combo with your Qs early game you can allow yourself to take some damage as at like 2 will be the deciding factor as shown by Best Riven Na in this video: Skip to 1:05
/// A bit further into the game
Just rush Brut as show in my build up there ^^

Cloth armour 5 pots, is just a SUPER safe start usually against your counters. Just keep it for late game like if you need it for Randuins or Ga, etc.

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Deciding on how your gonna build -MID/LATE GAME

Now that is important, let's say your winning lane, everything is going fine, nobody is bothering you/ganking you. Now STOP THINKING LIKE THAT, why? Because your not gonna stay top all game, KEEP CLICKING TAB and see how the game is going, is the adc fed? Is the mid-laner fed? You already have money advantage, now don't be greedy and build all your items [AD Item] Just get a tiamat, Brut, your CDR boots, and look at who's fed. O the mid laner is fed and has a lot of cc let's build a banshee's, hey look the adc has 10 kills. Rush randuins... gotta keep thinking that top lane is not the only thing you have to think of.

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Teleport or Ignite? It really depends really I usually like going TP because you can give pressure on the map, as well as just port back to lane when you died from a gank,etc.
-note that TP is more used on TOP LANERS, I have tried using TP for mid it doesn't work as good, ''not as efficient'' as you can just roam around.
Teleport/Ignite also depends on your matchup like... let's say you play against a counter like Garen or darius or anything else. I rather go TP because either way I know i'll lose lane or rather i'll have to play defensivly. But then again let's say your duoing with your jungler or mid laner and you know he's gonna gank for you you can go ignite to KS - Kill secure.
Ignite is more like '' I want a secure win top '' If you opt for ignite it's more for laning phase. Ex: Your matchup puts you on a 50/50 chance of winning lane, if you add your ignite it'll give you an extra 15%. And if you put TP you'll be put in a 35/65 situation.

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For the runes I've put up was to max out the 40% Cdr in exchange of some AD.
People are probably gonna complain saying that boxbox or best riven na has 5% cdr on their builds. Well, I don't blame them I prefer having 5% more cdr then having a bit more Ad.
Why? It's easy, because most of the time my build ends up without 40% cdr. They probably play more wise as their build always max out with 40% cdr. But I almost never buy defensive items that gives cdr.

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There is my guide to victory with RIVEN if you want me to add more stuff leave a comment or msg me.

P.S I will be adding more stuff when I can because everyday we can learn something new about our champion.~