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Shen Build Guide by jamesaang

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jamesaang

Preseason 4 Jungle Shen Guide

jamesaang Last updated on December 3, 2013
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Hello! My name is Jamesaang and I'm bringing you into the jungle for my first guide ever! I main jungle characters, so I'm very familiar with the jungle. This guide is for Jungling Shen in the Preseason 4. I feel Shen has become a little more viable as a jungler now, as he can clear for quite some time, while still filling the role of an awesome tank late game. Please enjoy =)

I'm sorry most of it is just text and reading instead of diagrams and such, being my first guide it's pretty plain,but hey, reading everything will be worth it ;)

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Flash and Smite. Not much to say about this, it's what most jungler's take. However it isn't always bad to take Exhaust instead of Flash. If you're feeling like a boss you can level 2 gank after taking your first buff, Shadow Dash for the taunt and then Exhaust them. This will almost always get them to at least use a Flash.

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For runes...

The mix of AD and attack speed allows you to clear the jungle at a decent rate early on. Once you get the madred's, Shen can farm quite fast and for little cost as you'll barely use potions.

The flat armor will make you take less damage from jungle camps,and that's always nice.

I run flat magic resist glyphs (yes I do) because I feel it will be most helpful early on when you're ganking. Prevents you from getting bursted down by those ap casters,and by mid game you'll have items to add more mr.

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I studied the new masteries pretty hard for preseason 4. I still find 9/21/0 very good. I go down the AD side in offense, just to help a little more with the jungle clear.
The new defensive tree is kinda strong on Shen now. Perseverance regenerates 3% missing health every 5 seconds, which is always awesome for a tank and Second Wind increases health regen when under 25% health. Second Wind along side with Perseverance, Warmog's passive, Spirit Visages passive and Shen's increased health regen from Vorpal Blade, can heal a lot of health pretty damn quick.

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The new jungle items are pretty good on Shen, healing 5 health per hit leads to some great sustain in the jungle. Getting Madred's early let's you farm the jungle effectively and eventually you can just sell the Madred's to make space for your full build.

Some people right now are like "ZHONYAS ON SHEN??" Yes Zhonya's on Shen. There is no reason not to get Zhonya's. 1, it gives 120 AP which all his abilities scale off of. And on top of that, Stand United scales by 135% bonus AP, so grabbing a Zhonya's leads to some huge shields. 2, it gives armor, nuff said. 3, the untargetable active rocks. You can Shadow Dash into a whole team, take some massive amounts of damage then pop the active to wait for your cooldowns and do it all again! Really, Zhonya's is awesome and I never go without it.

Sunfire Cape and Spirit Visage are must haves on Shen. They give the defensive stats you are going to want. Plus Spirit Visage increases health regen which allows you to be a great tank in teamfights, or let you stand toe to toe with those top lane bruisers.

Wit's End is a pretty good item. It increases your damage by a bit and it steals magic resist from the enemies. It's like an offensive/defensive item, which let's you be an even bigger threat in teamfights.

Warmog's will give you a great amount of health and further increases the rate at which you regenerate missing health.

Boots are situational. Get Ninja Tabi if their ad carry is fed or they have two "auto attack reliant" champs. Get Merc Treads if they have a decent amount of cc.

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Skill Sequence

Always add a point to Stand United as soon as you can (obviously)
Max Vorpal Blade first for damage and a little added sustain to the jungle
Max Feint next for some pretty good added defense, it's a lifesaver sometimes.
Max Shadow Dash last while taking a point in it early. It's mainly just for the taunt; as it doesn't increase the duration when you level it, one point will do.

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Creeping / Jungling

Start at your blue buff and get a small leash on it. Now that the cooldown of smite has been lowered you can smite both buffs on your first clear, so go ahead and smite your blue buff, then run straight to red buff smiting that too. From here I will usually go wraiths, wolves then wight and will be level 4 by then. You can try ganking mid or bot from here, but make sure you get enough gold to get Madred's, Boots and a Cloth Armor on your first back. Shen can farm the jungle for a reeeally long time now so don't afraid to keep farming(I've gone probably 11 minutes into a game before having to back), and his clear gets much faster as soon as you get Madred's.

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In Conclusion, this build will bring Shen back to the jungle, much stronger than before (and if you didnt look at the stats for this build you absolutely should!) Shen is a very fun jungler but I feel like he is being used less and less. Give him a go and you'll agree it's time he stops being under the radar.


If you have any suggestions on how to make this guide better, or would have any tips on how to make this guide look a little spiffier, send me a message, I'm looking to update this often.

Thanks for reading~~~~~~