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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kog Maw

Preseason: How to jungle

Kog Maw Last updated on November 10, 2014
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************+ Hello guys! First, I'm back, I havent done any guides on a long time and I'm sorry for that, however here I'm, preseason is upon us and I will show... (tell) you how to jungle, I know you're saying "Hey, you're Kog'Maw how can you know how to jungle"? And then I will tell you: "F*ck you I'm big and black", no but really I have played around 1000 jungle games with around 62% win ratio (sources: none, since I dont want to tell people im just gold).

>>Sorry guys for this wall of text, now lets do this!!!<<.

There are various changes to the jungle now, the following is here:
  • New jungle items
  • New jungle-items that affects smite
  • Remade buffs in the jungle
  • Baron/Dragon changes
  • A new camp

This is the basic changes that will most affect the jungle, I will go through all these points so prepare for some text! If you want to read more about the jungle and also about what Rito wants to do with the jungle you can read > this < for a deeper look into this.

But a fast conclution before we conclude this conclution of the new jungle of 2015. The jungle requires a new playstyle, however it doesnt seem that the timers has changed (so far) so it shouldnt be all different, but the camps will be stronger and grant more gold + EXP, and it will require a different approach to the jungle.

I will start with the fastest sh*t, the new camp.

The new "camp" will be a little Crab staying in the river-zone, the **** will try to run away, but since we are narccistic sadists we will run and kill the poor lad (he's pretty look-alike kog'maw btw), a little intro first, when you smite a camp monster "something will happend" by the way (this is for all buffs not just the poor crab) and when you smite this guy vision (like the blue trinket) will appear and show baron + dragon, for a little while, this little guy will not fight back and is very weak, so when you're scared opponents are taking baron you should chase this crab, his name is "Scuttle Crab" (as it seems now at least).

The new items will contain as "base" the Hunter's Machete as usual, though the "evelved" forms will be a little different, and they also added an effect on the Smite, the different machetes will be the following:
Note: Text has been ripped off 8*****imp's patch breakdown!!-
  • Stalker's Blade - After slaying 3 large monsters, your Smite can target enemy champions, dealing true damage and slowing their Movement Speed by 50% for 2 seconds
  • Skirmisher’s Saber - Upgrades Smite to Challenging Smite, which can be cast on enemy champions, revealing them for a long duration and causing your next 3 attacks to deal bonus true damage, but not causing true damage itself.
  • Poacher’s Knife - Upgrades Smite to Quick Smite, which has decreased cooldown and further decreased the cooldown if you kill a large monster with it, and grants bonus gold when killing a monster in the enemy’s jungle.
  • Ranger’s Trailblazer: Upgrades Smite to Desolating Smite, which deals 50% damage to monsters near the target and also stun them for 1.5 seconds.

And well, an enchantment can be added to these items wich is:
  • Warrior: +45 AD. +8% Life Steal
  • Slayer: +40 AS. -10% Cooldown, activate that gives +6 AS, and 25+ M-DMG on 4 basics.
  • Juggernaut: +450 HP, -10% CD, +5 Movement Speed.
  • Magus: +80 AP, -10% CD.

Overall: These items wont be that expensive so I recommend you rushing them fast, after boots (depending on what champion you play).-

Warrior: Probably used for AD based junglers obviosly, should be used by you on Twitch, Tryndamere and champs like Fiora and if you want to play full AD Lee Sin or Shyvana.

Slayer: This is kind of an odd item, that just grants AS and CD, though I think this is perfect for Twitch, Shaco and Master Yi, mostly beacuse htey require attack speed (as) and that they are strong in short bursts with basics, though this could also be good for utility champion like Nautilus and Maokai since you have higher AS, and can then apply the jungle-item-per-basic-damage since you get faster AS.

Juggernaut: Use this for champions you want tanky, you can use this for pretty much any jungler, Lee, Mao you name it, think of this item like Spirit of the Ancient golem, mostly for utility champions but also very good if you want to play champion a little tankier than usual like for Shyvana. Though best for the typical utility champion like Nautilus, Maokai and amummu.

Magus: Not much to be said about this item, AP item, with other words for Fiddlesticks or maybe Fizz in the jungle. You can also play for the utility jungler if you want some burst!

NOW GUYS! I hope that introduction was enough for this day and I will add much, much more tomorrow, but right now the clock is 23:18 and I want to watch the new Walking Dead episode! Though i hace decided to release this build so that you have a base for your pre--season-game-all-night-rampage. C'ya tomorrow niggas!


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