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Lee Sin Build Guide by Kog Maw

AD Offtank Lee Sin: Falcon Punch [Thresh Patch]

AD Offtank Lee Sin: Falcon Punch [Thresh Patch]

Updated on February 17, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kog Maw Build Guide By Kog Maw 5 3 24,992 Views 22 Comments
5 3 24,992 Views 22 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kog Maw Lee Sin Build Guide By Kog Maw Updated on February 17, 2013
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I'm srry i haven't uppdated this build on a while! I haven't got any time with the school and the develoapment on my Kog'Maw build! Anyway thank you very much for chekcing this build out and i will make an uppdate soon guys!!! :D
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I will soon realease a beutifull build for Kog'Maw called:

If you want to check it out STAY UPPDATED and send me a PM i can send you a PM when it's released!
NOTE: This build will also be the best build so far with the most time spent and most life lost T__T

(If kog'maw gets cuter he will kill meh!!! >:C)
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Season 3 uppdates?

This was actually created in seasonn 3 but i will still talk abut osme changes in season 3! The biggest change for everyon was probably the shop full with changed, removed and new items! i have included some of these new items as well not incuded some of the late who doesnt exist!

This build have been tested and develoaped by myself and some of my/other games can you see in the last chaper called "hall of fame"! If you might use this biuld and get gppd stats pls send an comment or an Pm to me iwth an picture :) Then you will go on in the credits :)
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~I~ Intro

Hello everyone and wellcome to my solotop guide to Lee Sin!!!

A little info abut myself:

Hello! Im a LoL player from sweden! I have played Lee Sin for a LONG while, since the start of S2 actually! I really loves him mostly beacuse he's the funniest and the most flexible champ!
He can jump to wards, teemo mushroms, allied champions and even enemies. this doesnt just makes him the most flexible champ but this in combination with his HP and Dmg with an Trinity Force makes him my favorite champ of my choise, i play him mostly jungle but i actally prefer playing him solotop, but that spot is mostly used by other players so i mostly play jungle in ranked!

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~II~ Music?

Mind listening to some music bro/sis? Check out this! may not the the music for everyone but it's good music ;)

If you on the other hand want the playlist i used for making this build look here:

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~III~ Pros & Cons

+Good fighter!
+Strong early-game!
+Strong ganks!
+Can support ur team!
+Fun to play!
-Depending on team
-Hard to learn
-Often taken
-Often banned
-That's all :)

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~IV~ Masteries

~Deffensive Mastery tree~

Summoner's Resolve
--- This basicly one of the spell that give you the most job for one mastery point!
This will make your Smite grant you 10 golds when you use it and gives you a nice little bonus for your barrier ;)

Durability + Veteran's Scars
--- This will give you some extra HP you will need early-game and for substain in jungle! Basicly a "Must-Have" in my lee sin build! Some guys says this isn't useable and they're wrong! ^^ -

--- Gives you some nice armor when jungling and that is pretty important in the new jungle! This spell is off corse also good beacuse of deffending agaist all AD dmg! -

Tenacious + Relentless
--- REALLY strong! I mean 15% reduced duration on CC? Thats actually pretty OP for being masteries! 15% reduced speed-slow? That's also very good for just 2 mastery points and this is one of the masteries that will give you ALOT more fleeing-and-chasing potential! -

--- This is one of these almost "fantastic" abilities that offers you 3% more health! How awesome isn't that? -

--- A really great mastery in teamfights! 5 armor / Magic resist is more than you might think! and for 1 skill-point it's totally worth it! -

Honor Guard
--- This ability will offer you 3% less damage taken... YES PLS!!! Yeah this is good :) (if you ask yourself that and maybe think its a troll-mastery) -

--- 5% less damage taken from turrets is actually a very good mastery who's a really good option if you have an 9-21 mastery page -

Reinforced Armor
--- Think Lee Sin with an badass reinforced armor... YES THANKS! but still it's good mastery worth to spend a point in ;) -

~Offensive Mastery tree~

--- 4% attack speed isn't really something that Lee Sin is "addicted" to but still a mastery that's required for Deadliness ! -

--- 12 ad on level 18? It's pretty good! Lee Sin is a AD-champ!.... for everyone that haven't recognised that!... x) -

Weapon Expertise
--- Even if Lee Sin doesn't uses any weapons... he probably get this awesome bonus for 8% armor penetration! really helps him early-game! (agains the 200 armor rammus) -
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~V~ Ability Sequence

Here what order you should max your abilities:

> > >

But when jungling Tempest / Cripple should be picked and maxed first!



Explenation: When you use one of your abilities your next two basics within 3 second will gain 40% attack speed and restore 15 energy each!

This is pretty important to know when you are fighting! The order you should use when fighting is: "Ability">Basics>"Ability">Basics and so on, when jungling this is exacly what you are going to do with you Tempest / Cripple in the start! What you will do is that you will basicly first use TEMPEST then two basics, then you will land Cripple to get the max ammount of damage and energy loss!


What this does is that you first will shoot away an blue ball (sonic wave),when it either hits an champion, an neutral monter or an minion it will reveal them for a short while, when you activates it again you (resonationg strike) will leap to your target dealing damage!

This ability should be choosed and maxed for high damage and able to gank very good ability, the only con with this is that it might require alot of training before able to master it.


This ability also have a very high usage when fleeing or even jumping ito and fight, it will also give you a shiled and give you some life steal for a short duration, what this basicly does is that you can shield and friendly champion or creep and leap to them and shield both the target and Lee Sin himself!

Is you ise the ability again you will get some life-steal and spell-vamp for a short duration!

I use this for more durability in the jungle and should be your second maxing ability werever you are!


What this ability does first (tempest) when you use it it will reveal all enemy and neutral targets in an area and revealing them!

When you use it again (cripple) the market targets will be slowed for a short duration!
If you jungle this is always your first choise if your not invading/being invaded!


what this basicly does lee sin will kick away an enemy champion, they will take alot of damage and will be kicked back!, if the target hits any other champion or minion they will also take damage and be kicked upp in the air!


Some of the best combos are here:

The Higest damage combo:
-I-> -I-> -II-> > -II-

F***ng around with your lane opponent!

> back to an friendly minion or ward!

Funny thing:

Buy an Sightstone early game and enjoy your opponents faces when you are jumping over every wall on the map with your Safeguard / Iron Will :)
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~VI~ Summoner Spells

Good Options 1st spell:

This spell will offer
you good ganking oportunities
and help you for anything wi-
th mobility to do!

This will give you eve-
rything you need when laning,
everything from chasing to
fleeing! My recommended pick!

I only choose this for
some extreme cases when jungling!
Not very much use!

Good Options 2nd spell:


This is a very good choise
in all places, i chooose this
as my main beacuse it's available
on Summoner's Rift!


This is what you always
should choose when going
jungle! you really need
it for stealing and


Actually a very good pick
for Lee Sin when going


Not main but a good
choise when playing agaist
some champions, or if
you'll have to carry the game!
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~VII~ Items


Early game you either buy:

Doran's Shield
If you play agaist a hard-ad or a counter for Lee Sin the best option is to go and Doran's Shield for playing very deffensive and play more tank than damager!

Doran's Blade
If you want early-damage and substain go for double Doran's Blade and then go for boots!

Basic start:
Boots- health potsx3
You buy Boots and 3 health pots for some extra speed and if you get low hp you can just go to your turret and use your health pots to renegate upp your HP!

Mid-Game Items:
First go always for an early Phage for hp and damage!
After you have your Phage i recommend you to go for either and Atma's Impaler and then Mercury's Treads and then a Trinity Force, if you don't to go that order build like this: Mercury's Treads> Trinity Force> Atma's Impaler, for more substain and health build an early Frozen Mallet insted of the Trinity Force, i recommend Trinity Force for "tons of damage" :)

Late-Game Items:
Warmog's Armor - Black Cleaver - ravenou Hydra
And then buy your enchantment captain or enchantment homeguard, if you're against hard-ap team buy an Guardian Angel instead of an Warmog's Armor and a Maw of Malmortius instead of the Ravenous Hydra.

Build samples:

Basic carrying-offtank-build:

More tanky build:

Carrying Role:


Team Supportive:
zeke's herald

Troll build ADC:
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~VIII~ Runes


Press the Attack
Lethal Tempo
Phase Rush

This is the main runes for Lee Sin, here below i will tell you why i choose this runes:


Phase Rush

For Seals i choose Greater Seal of Armor, why? well Lee Sin is really an early-game champion, if you have early-game defense then that will make him strongest in the game early? right? yes, that's how it is, this will basicly make him to the champ that killa everyone and is the master of early-ganks!


Phase Rush

For Marks i choose nine of the greater mark of armor penentration, i choose this runes beacuse sometimes Black Cleaver or Last Whisper isn't enough agaist an "RAMMUS ARMOR IS OVER NINE-THOUSAAANDDD", so i choose this for some early-game armor penetration that's good for both farming, killing champions as well as clearing upp creeps in the woods!


Phase Rush

The Glyphs must be the easiest rune for Lee Sin! first! He's only weak point in the game is the AP-Carrys! (If you dont count with: "a wild trundle appears")
So i choosed the glyphs for the time in the game when they are strongest, early game... srry meant late! So i chosed the Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist!


Fleet Footwork

Use FLAT-AD quintessences! The optional quintesses is: Now is one of these creepy part when you have to get out there and test it YOUSELF!!!
You're probably like "O _______o" but if you really want the perfect quintessence get ur a** out there and test it urself :) (I recommend the recommended though...)
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~IX~ Why lee sin?

Maybe you ever have sked yourself... "Why Lee Sin then?" i'll tell you!
  • FUN
  • COOL
  • ...BYE!
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~X~ BYEE (Extras)

Beacuse you were so cool and awesome reading this build i will learn you some swedish!
Heres some common words you'll get!
    Hello - Hi
    Hej Då - Good Bye
    Jag heter - My name is
    Lönnmördare - Assassin
    Häftig - Cool
    jag är från... - I'm from...
    Slyna! - Wh*re
    Jävlar! - F*ck!


    Ä - Like an "A" ans "E" "EA"
    Å - Like an "Aw" with short "w"
    Ö - Like and ghast "ohhh" equal to "ööö"

Like i said im from sweden and i play Lee Sin! hope you enjoyed this!!!
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~XI~ Credits!

Credits to: Pic uploading site!
IceCreamy (BB-coding tut.)

Programs i have used:
Photoshop (pic editing)
Google Chromd (web browser)

Kog'Maw = CUTE<33333

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If you like my build and get good stats with it pls send in a pic for "HALL OF FAME", so far the place isn't very big :)
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  • Added "Uppdating"
  • Added "Hall Of Fame" (coming soon)

  • Added pic for "hall of fame" :)
  • Fixed Misspells.

  • Added pic for "HALL OF FAME"

  • Added more advanced info for masteries
  • Added new layout and edited masteries
  • Fixed misspells and bb-coding!
  • Fixed the intro with new pic
  • Fixed more in the intro with description
  • Fixed new chapter
  • Prepares for creating "short cut" to all champter with new layout!
  • Adds "comercial" for Kog'Maw build

  • Prepping page for changing layout
  • Checking for misspells!
  • Checking for uppdates!

  • Srry for low uppdating!
  • Added a chapter for srry D:
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