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Sion Build Guide by Kog Maw



Updated on February 15, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kog Maw Build Guide By Kog Maw 20,498 Views 4 Comments
20,498 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kog Maw Sion Build Guide By Kog Maw Updated on February 15, 2014
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(You can jump though the text if you dont want the intro and just want to jump to the build)


As everyone knows, Sion have always been a champion that's underplayed and the few times he's picked, it's usually by low-elo (or low-div. as it is S4/S3) that play him as a Fiora and only uses his basics for damage, his stun is used for immobilising targets and his shield isnt used at all, I want to change that, I want more people to discover the power in AP-Sion, even though there are many build around here that is AP-based, there arent any good builds that is made for people in different divisions and is uppdated recently, I want to change that fact to. I hope with this little speach that you enjoy reading my guide to Sion and if you feel for it, leave a comment with tips and changes you would like to be added to this build!

Sion's unique playstyle

With Sion your goal in the mid-lane is to keep the lane, push it, and gank, of course it's good to win your lane, but to win your team's lanes is just as important, keep in mind that Sion isnt a lane-bully such as Rumble and Swain, and he isnt the bursty, ranged assassin as Ahri and Fizz, he's somewere in the middle, but what makes him very different from all the other bursters is that he doesnt has any mobility in the form och leaps and jumps, the only movement he can rely on is his ability to focus and avoid ganks with fast- and unpredictable escapes were he uses his base movement speed and his abilities. Even though this can be very effective, he isnt that good when ganked by an opponent, that's why the best solution is to stay uppdated of the map's movement and predict when the jungler is going to gank, also to ward at the right places and dont pick fights were you risk to be burned, losing HP is bad enough but if you stay to long in the flame you will fast become coal and die, this can lead to your mid being pushed, you can lose turrets, lose vision, lose the game, that's why Sion is such a hard champion nad why you need to learn the special play-style! Im sorry for the "WALL OF TEXT" and I will get better soon don't worry.



Item Sequence

Health Potion 50
Explenation: Doran's Ring will exept health and ability power a passive that will give you mana for every minion you kill, it's very usable when you push your lane, but even though that youäll have to recall sometimes when you have pushed to hard, I also like to play Crystalline Flask for the extra sustain.

Item Sequence

Sheen 700
Mobility Boots 1000
Explenation: Some poeple doesnt want to play Mobility Boots as a non-option item, but you should get it for Sion beacuse of one simple reason, you're not a lane bully, you wont get fed on lane, you NEED to gank other lanes and help you team. You will need a good team though, or this will be the scenario [] (got a little sexist joke here now I can die happy :3 )

Item Sequence

Lich Bane 3100
Rabadon's Deathcap 3600
Explenation: Well this is a very good build you can get when you get some gold later on, Deathfire Grasp is good for it's activate so you can maximise your burst, Lich Bane is also good beacuse you probably will be able to use at least one basic on lane, that's enough to activate lich bane at least once, Rabadon's Deathcap is good for the same reason.

Item Sequence

Athene's Unholy Grail 2250
Guardian Angel 3200
Banshee's Veil 3100
Explenation: These are good deffensive items, you mostly have use for your deffensive items between your bursts when you're inside the fight, Zhonya's Hourglass is an very important item and if you can use it properly you can rely on this item as your deffensive item only.

Item Sequence

Void Staff 3000
Explenation: It doesnt matter wich one you take but Vaid Staff is good when people stack ALOT of magic resist, then the percentage will be better, but Abyssal Mask is better when either you opponents only have a small ammount of magic resist or if there is a fed ap-carry on the opponents team, then the magic resist will be put to good use.

Item Sequence

Mejai's Soulstealer 1600
Rylai's Crystal Scepter 2600
Explenation: Mejai's Soulstealer: You wont have any use for this, dont waste your money on it when you wont get any good effect with it exept ap, don get it.
Liandry's Torment: You doesnt have any persisten damage, dont try to change that, you're a bursty champion, this item is also bad when ganking beacuse people will escape you if you have no burst damage.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter: This item is to expensive when you dont need it, the hp wont help you beacuse you will need deffensive stats mostly and even if you can place its passive on people with your shield it will only ruin your burst and you have a stun for cc, learn to use it or dont play Sion ^^'


Explenation: There isnt much to say about the page, the deal is that you will need the penentration and abliity power in the offensive page for your burst and you should rely more on the utility page than the deffensive page, if you play right you can stun, and then burn down their hp when they're not ready, and with ap no burster can burst you down if you play right with your shield.



Phase Rush

Explenation: You want to choose a runepage with armor seals beacuse you will need it to deffend yourself early game, the ad mid laners and the junglers will give you a really hard time if you dont have any protection, also seals suck in everything else (litteally).
Flat ability power will help you burst up alot, usually I play a page with flat magic resist but if you want to play it properly go flat ap.
I recommend to either go movement speed quints, flat ap or a mix, depends on how much you will gank and what build you will play.


I'd be pleased if you could write your reasons why you vote upp/down, it really helps develoaping this build and this build is under construction a while, I will soon add more info, videos etc. and dont hesitate to some with examples that can improve the build!

Thank you very much! /Develoaper/creator of the build Kog Maw

Special thanks to:
MOBAFIRE for a great system and webbsite
RIOT GAMES for a great game
M4NSLAY3R on YOUTUBE for the video
PHOTOBUCKET for a nice webbsite were I can store my photos

Epilogue table:
  • 2013-01-07: Build created!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kog Maw
Kog Maw Sion Guide
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