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Kog'Maw Build Guide by Kog Maw

AD Carry Kog'Maw: Icathian Mayhem [Season 6 - IM BACK!]

AD Carry Kog'Maw: Icathian Mayhem [Season 6 - IM BACK!]

Updated on April 3, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kog Maw Build Guide By Kog Maw 49 9 654,770 Views 62 Comments
49 9 654,770 Views 62 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kog Maw Kog'Maw Build Guide By Kog Maw Updated on April 3, 2016
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Hello guys! There was a while since I last were online and updating this build, however now im back with a new project for you all to enjoy.

I have started a channel named Green Sewer

This is my first video about basic map control!
Please check it out :)

Sorry if I'm using this place alot, but made another video feel free to come with some feedback!
However, enjoy the updated Icathian Mayhem and have a nice evening!
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Welcome everyone to ::Kog'Maw:: Icathian Mayhem S3, in this build you will learn tactics, builds, teamfights and many other: Infos, and tactics with Kog'Maw!

I have played Kog'Maw for a long time now, I actually main him on ranked! I have the skin "Jurr***ic Kog'Maw" and I really enjoy playing him! As maybe most of you guys/girls will know is that I also enjoy making builds here on Mobafire! If you enjoy reading/following this build pls press a vote up! It really helps me to reach my goal! My goal is that I want this build on 1# place here on mabafire! Thank everyone who helped me with reaching to my current place: 5# (not updated)!!!

Now enough with the intro! Let's get this started!!!
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~I~ What's new?

New season, new items!

This is the reason I use it:
The biggest differences for kog'maw is that the new former utility tree if much stronger to be one of the maxed out trees so you can get "Thunderlords Decree" that brings you extra damage that you really can utilize well since you've a very high attack speed. Kog'Maws W is different this season as well, it now doesnt really brings you alot of extra basic damage, but you want to use it so you can get the AS for your BotRK. The abilities pretty much is the same still though. Runes are the same. Some differences when it comes to the items, however pretty simmilar as you wanted to build him last season.
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~II~ Pros & Cons

+Strong poke!
+Best ADC late!
+Fun to play!
+Awesome passive!
+Better than ever at S3!

-Bad fleeing!
-Weak early-game!
-Need "special" support!
-Blow himself upp >:C
-Cute so i die o__ O


You may also ask yourself: Why start with boots? Even though Flask start is good i recommend this hardly beacuse kog'maw need to flee more than he need the substain (may sound weird but it's true!!!)

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~III~ -Lore-

NINJAH-II- When the prophet Malzahar was reborn in Icathia, he was led there by an ominous voice which thereafter anchored itself to his psyche. From within, this voice bestowed upon him terrible purpose, and though Malzahar was no longer tormented by its call, the voice did not cease its unrelenting summons. This baleful beacon's gentle flicker - now fastened to Runeterra - drew forth a putrid beast that ambled across a threshold it did not understand, widening a fissure between spaces which were never meant to meet. There amongst the haunting ruins of Icathia, Kog'Maw manifested in Valoran with unsettling curiosity. The spark which led him to Runeterra teased him still, urging him gently towards Malzahar. It also encouraged him to familiarize himself with his new environment, to the stark horror of everything he encountered on his journey.

The enchanting colors and aromas of Runeterra intoxicated Kog'Maw, and he explored the fruits of the strange world the only way he knew how: by devouring them. At first he sampled only the wild flora and fauna he happened across. As he traversed the parched Tempest Flats, however, he came upon a tribe of nomads. Seemingly unhampered by conventional rules of physics, Kog'Maw consumed every nomad and any obstacles they put in his way, amounting to many times his own mass and volume. The most composed of his victims may have had time to wonder if this was due to the caustic enzymes which stung the ground as they dripped from his gaping mouth, although such musings were abruptly concluded. When his wake of catastrophe reached the Institute of War, an enthusiastic Malzahar greeted him with an enticing prospect: taste the best Runeterra could offer…on the Fields of Justice.

"If that's just hungry, I don't want to see angry."
― Tryndamere, the Barbarian King
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~IV~ Kog'Maw.... Why?

Have you asked yourself... why kogmaw? This is how i explain it for you :)


No but he's the cutest little monster in the universe and i Luv (<3) him! Also he's the best ADC in the game (late-game), better than Vayne and greaves actually! And there's no-one that can counter him bot if he haves a Mr.LovesDudesAndThinkGemsAreTrulyOutrageus bot! ( Taric)!
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~V~ Masteries

Ferocity page:
Fury : Kog'Maw is all about the attack speed nowadays.
Feast: Just a pretty voerall strong choise, give you good health.
Vampirism : Your usual choise beacuse of the marksman sustain.
Bounty Hunter : Very good damage for one point, you're most likely to kill people.

Cunning Page:
Savagery: I usually use this instead of the bonus movement speed beacuse it's easier to push your lane, and you wont really be able to utilize the movement speed since it wont help you when in-battle kite.
Dangerous Game : Good if you get into heavier fights, you're killing people pretty fast but you have pretty low deffensive stats. Give you a nice boost.
Precision: You can also take intelligense, however the penentration granted by this one is pretty insane, Kog'Maw is later in the game a basic attack champion more than a burst caster (if you're not AP of course).
Thunderlord's Decree : I have already gone through this one a couple of times, give you great trading and good proc with you W.
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~VI~ Runes

9x Seal of Armor: Basic ****, you want the armor to be able to trade and withstand some damage from the opponent ADC (or just AD damage overall).

9x Mark of Attack Damage: Flat AD damage, do I need to say more?
9x Mark of Attack Speed: Stack good with your W, however flat AD is stronger.

9x Glyph of Magic Resist: You really need this, agains AP damage. I chosse flat beacuse these are mostly usefull early on your lane (again AP damage, like Corki or Janna).
9x Glyph of Attack Speed: You could also run attack speed, or a mix. If you're against no AP damage whatsoever. However for your basic page you want to stay with the previous alternative!

3x Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed: Attack speed... with koggies W makes nice AS.

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~VII~ Summoner spells!


-- Flash:
This spell will be really usable on Kog'Maw! You can basicly use this mostly for fleeing/chasing but it's mostly good beacuse of the positioning an ADC should have! If you for example stand in a bush with your team! Then basicly the enemy team comes and you're very close to them! then you might have to Flash away and get a good positioning so you can deal damage to your foes!

-- Ghost:
This spell is actually pretty bad on Kog'Maw but if you're on a smurf acc and are not on lv 12 yet is probably the best alternative for Flash!

-- Ignite:
Ignite is the main spell for Kog'Maw if going anywere alse than bot adc! (maybe Mid i don't know), i don't recommend usig this on bottom beacuse why would you wanna suicide instead of being able to survive and pick the kill?

-- Heal is 1 of 3 of my main secondary spell for Kog'Maw! The Reason why i choose this is beacuse partly trolling tower tankers! But mainly it's to be durable on the lane and pick upp much farm as needed as well as deffend yourself in teamfights! --

-- Barrier is a new ability who actually works pretty well in any cir***stanes! It's like a scramble of Heal and Cleanse! I pick mostly Heal but agaist champions with grievius wound abilities ( Tristana), i pick Barrier beacuse it doesn't matter if you have that effect on you Barrier's shield will probably absord it! --

-- This summoner-spell is my recommended pick with Kog'Maw in almost any situation! Why i pick this spell is beacuse LiLStormcloak forced me to :( NO! But this is the summoner-spell that actually makes it able to flee with Kog'Maw! --

Champions spells, NOT! to pick:

Revive: This doesnt exist anymore... does it?
Smite: We're no jungler are we... right?
Exhaust: Double of these isn't needed on a lane, however not completely useless...
Clarity: Kog'Maw has no strong mana problems (is this a thing?)!

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~VIII~ Abilities!

SHOWINFO ABUT Icathian Surprise! The glorius spell of terrorism and trolling peoples with your tru damage! This is what will seperate the vet's and the noobs! If they run away and try to survive when this activates... They are noobs!
Spoiler: Click to view

SHOW INFO ABUT Caustic Spittle! The ability that will make Kog'Maw spit in someones face and then lower their armor!
Spoiler: Click to view

SHOW INFO ABUT Bio-Arcane Barrage! The ability that will make Kog'Maw<3 rule the friggin map! (g0d-d4mn was censured lol) (like always if you follow this build)
Spoiler: Click to view

SHOW INFO ABUT Void Ooze! The ability that will make you puke the opponent in the face!... well more they whole body! This is the game that makes LoL 18+!!! (really it's not)
Spoiler: Click to view

SHOW INFO ABUT Living Artillery! long range OP-AP ability that will... well... bomd the opponents in puke/spit!... And if you play ap you will spit nukes and puke rainbows! (puke/spit mysterius solved!!!)
Spoiler: Click to view

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~IX~ Items!

Main Items And Explenation:

Runaan's Hurricane is a new season 3 item that's my item of choise in the opening! Before there was two choises to start with! The first option was to start AD with a B.F. Sword, that offered you really strong mid-game power but early game, you were like a blinded Master Yi with AD build... The other option was to start with a Zeal and that way get both early and late game damage with your Phantom Dancer.
Now to the classic ad-carry item! I can't actually not say an adc i wouldn't recommend that for! It will give you the really strong AD damage and will add an passive for your critical hits so they will deal 250% of your Ad insted of 200%! This one can be bought first if you really just focus on mid/early game and have maybe use early AD runes! This is a Must-Have for Kog'Maw and have always been!
This item is for the awesome attack speed an crit. chance! In the past season it could replace the shoes very-late game beacuse of the attack speed, I think it still can and actually that you should make it if you need to be an extreme carry! But if you need more movement speed for positioning and fleeing/chasing stay with the boots!!! This is either your first or third item in the order!
I think everyone know the effect (passive) of this item! Gives you a second life bro! This is really a good item for the standard ad-carry build! I just want to say noobs doesnt buy this for ad-carries! That's really ****py! Buy Guardian Angel when you have all the needed carry items ready!
This is a item that really gives you the last boost for Kog'Maw that will make him super-anti-tanky, buy this item, just buy it! Really gives you like 200hp every shot to your own life with the passive and life-steal! I think Kog'Maw is the only champion i also recommend it for! (carries), On your preferance, you can buy a Bloodthirster insted of it!
OK! Now one guy really pisses me off when I say this item is in the build! Now I add an whole little chapter for it! For you! This is the item you want if opponent spam armor! (Or just buy it "beacuse"), This will give you a ****load of armor penentration and attack damage! If you feel scared of the 5k-hp Rammus or the trolling smurf with double Guardian Angels buy this! (insted of your boots) Or intead of the life-steal if you just carry the game apart and no-one have a chance against the GLORIUS Kog'Maw! (if you use this build!)
OK! To be quite honest, these are two of the strongest items in the current Kog'Maw meta. I prefer statikk shiv beacuse it grants you some AOE (great for pushing). However if I feel like playing a more "assassin" type ADC the rapid fire cannon is the way to go. Generally both these item grants a nice burst basic after making some movements or attacking. Both grants good movement speed, attack speed, and crit as well.
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~X~ Thank to:

Riot Games

All the pictures is "backgrounds" from the internet and then photoshoped in photoshop by myself!
If you're kind and like i will be happy and hope this build will help you to glory ;)

STARRING: LiLStormkloak ;I really liked your build, and when you told me you wasn't going to be so active on it i got sad and made this build! This build is partly inspired by his build but this will be uppdated ofter and R.I.P "Spitin in your face the whole day" ~Kogmaw build
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~XII~ Hall of fame!

I dont have many pictures out right now, pls send pictures in if you used the bild and won or something like that :) /KOG
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Uppdate Board

  • Created the build!
  • Opened this build!

  • Fixed misspells

    Big re-formation:
  • Misspells
  • BB -koding
  • Photo

  • Made big 2013 uppdate!
    • Items NEW
    • Seperations NEW
    • Anti-Troll.Vote NEW
    • GLORIUS KOGMAW!!!!<3<3<3<3<3<3

    • Uppdated item "optionals"

  • Made a hige update on all places
  • Added new items, new runes, masteries etc.
  • Added a channel link!
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