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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HeinekenCoC

Prolaf, the Hard-hitting Tank

HeinekenCoC Last updated on June 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a build that I have recently found much success with. It is the perfect blend of Armor, Magic Resist, Damage, and Survivability. I guarantee it will work for you if you follow what I say.

-Good Farmer
-Strong Jungler
-Great Survivability
-Good Damage
-Passive makes him dangerous when low.

-Weak early game
-Easily harrassed by Ranged Carries.
-Cannot carry a team.

Champion Abilities:

Berzerker Rage
This makes Olaf extra deadly when he is low. It will always give you that extra little amount of damage that you need in order to win 1v1s.

Your bread and butter. Your main ability. This will allow you to be a capable farmer and to slow that pesky low-health Teemo that is just within reach. Max this ability as soon as possible and you wont regret it. The 24-40% slow is no joke either.

Vicious Strikes
This ability coupled with your passive makes you a killing machine. If the game goes long enough to finish this build you will have over 300 damage while this ability is up. Incredibly useful in any 1v1 and even deadlier in teamfights.

Reckless Swing
Your finishing move. You don't know just how many times this will provide you with just enough damage to turn a fight in your favor.

Can you say unstoppable? This ability absorbs a decent amount of damage and basically makes you immune to all disables. Will get you out of a ton of ganks and allow you to chase down that 1 hp Ashe.


4 x :
6.8% additional attack-speed, extremely necessary early game.

5 x :
4.5 damage may sound like little, but it is invaluable in a 1v1.

5 x :
26 hp is a decent boost, and it makes you a bit tankier early.

4 x :
+5.6 armor reduces physical damage by 2-3%. Valuable against Melee and Ranged DPS champions.

4 x Greater Glyph of Replenishment:
+1.2 mana per 5 seconds allows you to regain mana a bit more quickly. Olaf, believe it or not, is quite the mana ***** if one is to harass the enemy in any meaningful way.

5 x :
+56 mana will allow you to use an extra undertow. Extremely valuable early.

2 x Greater Quintessence of Vigor
Staying power in lane!



I emphasize Armor, HP, and Mana/HP regeneration. Allows you to stay in lane longer.

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Early game

Early game you want to get and go to the top or bottom lane. Olaf's early game isn't really strong, but if you're paired with a champion like Ashe or Tryndamere you may rack up a handful of kills and assists.

Your main farming tool is your Undertow, but if your enemies are low you can also last-hit minions with auto-attack. By level 6 you should have enough gold to buy yourself a however if the enemy is DPS heavy you can also go Bezerker's Greaves.

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Mid-Game is where Olaf is at his best. After level 6 you should move from lane to lane, helping in ganks against enemy champions. Use your to slow your enemies and then activate , follow through with and finish your opponent off with auto-attacks (You can also use Ragnarok if your enemy is packing a punch).

If you find yourself in a gank activate and use or or both to escape.

By the time you have you should be able to go head to head with any champion. It gives you a decent amount of Armor and Critical Strike, and it's passive converts 2% of your HP to attack Damage. It IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ITEM IN THIS BUILD. It is the item that will allow you to pack a hell of a punch while also being able to take one as well.

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Late Game

By Late game your core build should be set, it should look something like this.


From then on the item build is completely customizable. If the enemy team is DPS heavy you should sell your Wriggle's and buy a (for lifesteal), , and . If the enemy team is AP Heavy you should go and . If the enemy team is balanced sell the Wriggle's Lantern and follow the item purchase path I specified.

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In Teamfights you will often be playing the role as tank.

You want to activate and hit the enemy team with . If the undertow hits several of them, jump on their carry and hit him with . Make sure you head towards your axe (Since if you pick it up it reduces CD by 6 seconds) and use again to reslow the carry. Wait for your to come off CD and finish the carry off. You should be a bit low now so activate your ultimate and head for their tank, re-activating and hitting him with and . Your lifesteal from Wriggle's should be keeping you from dying.

If the Teamfight is not going in your favor or you are low, use to get out and activate .

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If you are jungling your build should be a bit different.

As is standard with any jungling build, you should replace with and get and HP potion instead of a . Kill the Golems first, then move to the Wraiths and the big one, and then get the Red and Blue Buffs. Rinse and repeat.

I don't really jungle that often with Olaf, because I find that Laning is more rewarding (Although I do jungle Mid to Late Game, stealing the other team's buffs and killing dragon whenever I can).

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All in all, Olaf is a really strong Champion if used correctly. He packs a powerful punch and is a pretty decent tank. This guide optimizes his potential and allows him to be effective in teamfights.

Please +1 this if it helped you!

And if you have any problems with this guide post them below so I can see where I can improve this guide.