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Singed Build Guide by dbug87

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dbug87

Psh... it's just singed... wait... wtf?

dbug87 Last updated on October 6, 2011
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Singed is well known as a character that can really turn the tides of a game. The main thing to always remember that will make or break singed is that he isn't being used correctly unless you are always moving. Only when you're pinned down or when the enemy has lower health than you (and less killing capability than you) should you ever turn to face your enemy head on, and when you do so, that's what your manamune is for. Most players will assume that singed is relying on AP, and therefore won't throw much physical damage. With a manamune, and most of your AP coming from the 6% stack of two archangels, the hope is that the enemy will misjudge singed and walk straight into death.

I've gone 22/0/8 with this build, as well as many similar scores. The enemy WILL often misjudge singed with this build, which nets you a lot of kills that the enemy team DEFINITELY wasn't expecting you to get. People don't usually automatically assume that singed is throwing over 200 physical damage.

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I've seen a lot of singed builds and most of them work. The reason I choose to build him this way is because singed needs a little extra *umph* to take out those pesky carries. You gotta face the facts... the enemy isn't always going to let you run away. What I noticed with other builds is that they focus purely on AP, so when it comes down to trading paint with an enemy, singed usually gets the raw end of the deal because with a straight AP build, he lacks the life to effectively stand his ground, he lacks the damage to effectively kill the enemy unless he's able to move around and run and get that poison up in a fog, and his fling move has a bit of a cooldown that just isn't viable for prolonged face to face combat like you'd see in late game.

"Well, I just put my poison up and fling them into it. That's what you do with singed. Duh." Yeah, except for when you're facing really fast enemies that are good at getting in your face and keeping you still, like Warwick. Your running games won't do you much good. You need that little extra standoff power.

So we build for mana, because mana gives singed life. But that drops off our AP stacking capabilities, so we get archangels... archangels gives a mana bonus as well as converting mana to AP. 3% is a little low, so we get 2 of them, because it is more mana as well as more AP conversion.

The manamune converts your mana to attack damage, so now our mana is working to give us life, AP, and attack damage.

I chose sorcerers shoes for spell penetration. The last thing you need is for your poison to do absolutely nothing to the enemy. If they aren't getting magic resist, A.) They're ******ed, and B.) Get mercury instead for tenacity and magic resist.

Deathcap is just the icing on the cake. More AP = More damage, especially on your fling, which converts 100% of your AP to a damage bonus.

Guardian Angel makes singed ridiculously annoying. Firstly, with this build, if you play right, he won't die often- so the 5 minute cooldown is irrelevant. When you DO die, you just get back up and wreck the person who wrecked you, because after you're done with them, if they happened to get an edge over you, I doubt they have another 750 points worth of damage left in them before they die.

This is just my preference, Frozen heart is a high mana, high defense item, and will help to remove some of the killing power of oncoming attackers, since they can't attack as fast. Frozen heart is a great choice as well.

If you're against casters, take a force of nature.

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Skill Sequence

Get your poison and your fling up as soon as you can, you don't need your slow, really. Singed has a delayed slow, which is terrible for fleeing enemies. By the time it casts, they're already past it or on the edge of it. I really don't like singed's slow skill. Throw in points for your ult whenever it comes up.

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Summoner Spells

I personally like to use flash and ignite, ghost and ignite, or if you think you'll have some issues, use ghost and flash. If someone catches you when you have both ghost and flash... you have failed.

I use my summoner skills for evasion and catching up to the enemy usually, but with singed, the extra DoT helps when an enemy is chasing you. This build is all about making an enemy misjudge their capabilities, so if someone is following you, ignite them, throw your poison up, and run. Watch that little combo chew their lifebar up.

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Pros / Cons


    -This build does tons of damage
    -This build has tons of life
    -This build is armored
    -This build will tear through most carries

    -Terrible against mass crowd control, singed needs to be moving. He can take one or two, but if you have a stacked CC team like Morgana, Fiddle, Swain, Ashe, and Nunu... Singed is screwed.

    -Not the greatest against ranged characters. Ghost and fling helps with that.

    -A straight AP singed will beat this build, but will be vulnerable to your teammates. His poison will do more damage than yours, you'll need to catch him and beat on him to win.

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I'm terrible with runes and masteries. Suggestions appreciated.

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I'm terrible with runes and masteries. Suggestions appreciated.