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Fiora Build Guide by dbug87

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dbug87

Jungle Fiora - You've Already Lost.

dbug87 Last updated on March 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

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Utility: 9

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Fiora the French Fencer

Absolutely a blast to play.

My brother purchased her and went to bed so I got on his account and screwed around The internet went down, so I didn't get to finish the game. But Here's my jungle Fiora build!

Hope you like it!

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The General In's and Out's of This Fiora

I watched her played both AD and with attack speed, and both just seemed to be lacking. Fiora has plenty of attack speed, you you should be utilizing things which synergize with a high number of attacks within a short time frame. Two things came to mind... The easiest way to get good, scaling, early damage on an AD champ is with critical chance. However, then there's the chance of you shutting down because of armor, like with gangplank. That's why I threw the bloodrazor in- it works well on champs with insane attack speed potential.

So I went with this final build to maximize her damage output steadily throughout the game.

Item Sequence

Boots of Swiftness

Infinity Edge

Phantom Dancer

Trinity Force

Madred's Bloodrazor

The Avarice Blade duo helps you get that gold together for the double B. F. Swords faster, and gives you a really nice early crit chance which also helps your jungling and your ganks, since double damage is incredibly hard to deal with for anyone early in the game. Mixed with her burst of speed, it's insanity.

I don't turn my madred's razor into Wriggle's Lantern because I save it for Madred's Bloodrazor later on. The trinity force makes the gap closer on Lunge into a potential subsequent heavy hit.

I didn't make the Sheen and went right from Zeal and Phage into Trinity Force because I felt she needed the higher crit chance and life boost more than the damage boost, since she's already working with The Bloodthirster which is a high damage boosting item. The early The Bloodthirster mixed with her passive makes her amazing in early skirmishes as well as hacking down towers.

I move from The Bloodthirster directly into another B.F. Sword because The Bloodthirster mixed with my Avarice Blade duo and stacking with my passive should give me all the power I need for a LOT of early kills, so I'm not to worried about gold being a problem. Infinity Edge gives me a huge crit damage boost and lots more crit chance AND a hefty damage boost.

Phantom Dancer gives me more crit and more move and attack speed. The move speed from this and Boots of Swiftness make it impossible for enemies to get away, especially if the slow procs from my Phage or later Trinity Force.

I take madred's bloodrazor to make sure I don't get shut down by any tank who has stacked armor against me and round up my build.

For runes, I take the following:


Greater Quintessence of Critical Damage

Greater Glyph of Critical Damage

Greater Seal of Critical Damage

Greater Mark of Lethality

Or for those who prefer chance to damage increase, take these.


Greater Seal of Critical Chance

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Glyph of Critical Chance

Greater Quintessence of Critical Chance

I absolutely prefer critical damage to critical chance.

Critical chance means you get more critical strikes per rounds of attacks. Critical damage means the critical strikes you DO get are going to be worth more. So in a gank situation, where it's GET IN, do whatever damage you can as quick as you can, GET OUT... would you rather be worrying about getting lots of hits in so you can crit a bunch with crit chance, or would you rather the critical strike or two you DO get actually count for something? This is also why I got Infinity Edge before Phantom Dancer.

When I run in a lane, and maybe things go south, and I can only get two hits on an enemy... if one of them is a critical strike... I want it to STING.

I also chose to route my offensive mastery tree to Lethality rather than grab Havoc .

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Two Avarice Blades?

Yes. I know the gold is a unique passive. I know that for a bit more, one of them can be a cloak of agility which becomes phantom dancer. I know all this.

I prefer to build a second Avarice blade because her early game is so crucial that every second counts. Avarice blade is 750, Cloak of Agility is 830. That's a whole camp worth of extra farming, maybe even more. So that's probably a good 15-25 seconds.

You can make the second one a cloak of agility if you like, I'm not gonna stop you and yes, it makes sense. I like the second Avarice blade for my own reasons. If you want to buy the cloak, nobody is gonna tattle on you.

Thanks giantzombie for the alternate item.

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Her Mad Skills

Allows her to regen life while dueling, stacks on champs, flat on monsters.

Gap Closer, deals damage, can be cast twice

Cancels auto attack damage, deals magic damage to enemy.
Passively boosts her damage.
spacespace Burst of Speed
Increases move speed if you attack, increases attack speed

Blade Waltz
A lot like Alpha Strike but more powerful.

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Pros and Cons

You can't have your cake and eat it, too.

This build is not without its weaknesses, but also has enough strength to lift the Golden Gate Bridge.

-She has a very fast clear time in the jungle,
usually under 4 minutes.
-Her ganks are insanity
-Very good at backdooring towers
-Strong damage throughout game
-Amazing Passive/Ult for counterjungling,
the enemy jungler will not win in a duel.
-Huge gap closer
-Very squishy when built to be so damaging
-Absolutely no CC whatsoever
-Very high cooldowns
-Bad early game = Fail
-Banned often
-Played often
-Probably will be hotfixed or nerfed soon
-Obviously OP, and that makes me feel like a douche.
-No wriggles means you have to buy more wards

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Your Jungle Route/When and how to Gank

Your jungle Map

At the end of every slain camp, type in "finished x camp" in chat. It's time stamped now, and it will help you know when they'll respawn.

Your route is essentially Wolves with someone waiting at blue for you to finish so they can leash. Ask closest lane to your blue watch the river for invasions. Have the lane closest to red buff watch your red buff.

Finish wolves, and by the time you have, blue buff should just be spawning, or at least hasn't been spawned for more than 6 seconds. Kill blue for level 2, run to wraith camp and kill them. Head to mini golems to pick up level 3. Kill red buff, run back to wraiths and kill wraiths once more. Head to wolves, kill, for level 4 and head back. Pick up madred's razor.

This time go wraiths, check bottom lane. If they're pushed and the enemy team is the same level as you or lower, go for a gank. I'll explain how in a second. If not, go straight to wolves. From there, look at top lane, see if top lane can be ganked. If not, go right to mid lane and push the lane out and send your middle back if they need it.

Watch the lane until they return and farm while you're there. When mid returns, go right to mini golems and just watch your respawn timers and kill whatever is up until a gank presents itself. Go counterjungle whenever you have nothing to do.

Steal enemy buffs, keep track of the enemy jungler, watch for MIAs and call them if the lanes aren't. Ward at the red dots as often as possible.

Respawn Times/worth:

Wolf Camp
Respawn: 1 Minute
Worth@Initial Spawn
Big Wolf: 114xp, 38g
Small Wolf x2: 15xp, 8g
Total: 144xp, 54g
Worth@~30 Minutes
Big Wolf: 160xp, 45g
Small Wolfx2: 21xp, 10g

Wraith Camp
Respawn: 50 Seconds
Worth@Initial Spawn
Blue Wraith: 72xp, 33g
Red Wraithx3: 22xp, 4g
Total: 138xp, 45g
Worth@~30 Minutes
Blue Wraith: 113xp, 43g
Red Wraithx3: 25xp, 5g

Golem Camp
Respawn: 1 Minute
Worth@Initial Spawn
Big Golem: 93xp, 32g
Small Golem: 50xp, 23g
Total: 143xp, 55g
Worth@~30 Minutes
Big Golem: 124xp, 36g
Small Golem: 75xp, 36g

Blue Buff
Respawn: 5 Minutes
Worth@Initial Spawn
Blue Golem 221xp, 66g
Small Lizardx2: 40xp, 5g
Total: 301xp, 76g
Worth@~30 Minutes
Blue Golem: 307xp, 77g
Small Lizardx2: 55xp, 7g

Red Buff
Respawn: 5 Minutes
Worth@Initial Spawn
Red Lizard: 221xp, 66g
Small Lizardx2: 40xp, 5g
Total: 301xp, 76g
Worth@~30 Minutes
Red Lizard: 310xp, 78g
Small Lizardx2: 55xp, 7g

How to gank

Pre Level 6:

You need your partner to know what is going on. be VERY communicative. I've found the best method is the "3, 2, 1, go!" method. Make sure you specify "Ganking on 'go'" so they don't act as soon as you say "1". You need them to hit the enemy with whatever they can to slow them down, because YOU have no capacity to do so.

From that point, lung to the closest minion to them, and then directly at them, activating Riposte on the way in just in case they try and hit you with an attack on the way in or after you get there. Activate Burst of Speed so you can get on their tail, and attack the hell out of them to keep your speed up and stay sticky.

Alternatively, if you've REALLY got the drop on an enemy and you can actually come out very much in their way of escape (which is ideal), Lunge at them once to hit them, activate Burst of Speed and attack as much as you can within a few seconds, activate Lunge again to hit them and close any distance, continue auto attacking to keep your speed up and stay sticky.

Level 6+:

Same as before, except now we're going to ult them. Your prime ganks at this point are single targets. Targets which won't split up the damage form your ult. Simply Lunge in, activate Blade Waltz, and use Burst of Speed right before the last time that it hits- you don't want to waste almost a full second of Burst of Speed on your ultimate, do you?

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Important tips:

-This build sports no cooldown reduction. Try very hard to keep control of your blue buff AND theirs. If you don't think you can do that, get rid of Madred's Bloodrazor and instead get a yomuu's ghostblade in between The Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge. Be sure you use the active.

-Never use Burst of Speed and then your ultimate. You just wasted 1/3 of the buff.

-Try and make sure your team knows that CC will be helpful in all lanes. A lane where the laner has no CC will make that lane VERY difficult for Fiora to gank.

-Be careful of champions like Sion who can shrug off Riposte with a shield. In these cases, you'll want to level Lunge before Riposte because Riposte will do you no good in terms of damage. It is still good for defense though, and therefore you should still try and balance leveling riposte and lunge.

-Fiora has no means to disengage with. Do not get yourself into a fight you can't handle.

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Laning Fiora

She's definitely a Solo Top champion if she isn't jungling.

The build is different too, so are the runes and masteries. So I created a second build, if you'd like to go to the top and switch it over real quick.

I figured I'd include this because not everyone jungles.

So, I chose to take the same Avarice Blade based start, the build is still based on critical chance, but now we have some sustain and cooldown reduction added in since we need to be IN LANE with someone rather than jumping out and bursting.

I brought wards, too. At about 3 minutes and 30 seconds, they should be finishing up their jungle. Ward your bush at that time, or don't complain about ganks. Put the second ward down when the first one poofs.

You need to learn to master Riposte because it's gonna save you a LOT of trouble from harassing, especially with characters with heavy hits like Nasus or Nautilus. I've found that it's possible to time it so you have Riposte up every 12 seconds to counter Staggering Blow from Nautilus, which shuts his big *** down.

The ghostblade is great because it essentially sustains your burst of speed. Activate burst of speed, and as soon as it's about to wear off, activaye youmuu's, and watch the enemy cry. Once that wears off, activate Randuin's Omen, and watch them rage quit.

Other than that, pretty straightforward. Cooldown reduction, critical, and sustain. What more could you want?

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Summoner Spells

I take this because she has no disengagement. When laning, I don't take it because I should be able to out-lane them with the early sustain and damage output as well as parrying ability from Riposte.

An obvious choice for any jungler. I don't care what the new jungle is like or how badass you are. It is generally agreed upon, for good reason, that if you claim you "don't need smite to jungle", you might as well put a neon "noob" sign on your forehead. You need it for objective control and to boost clear times. End of story.

The only CC she can really get, and that's why I take it to lane. I make sure I grab the mastery for it to lower their armor, too. It makes for much easier duels when I'm leeching, they're not, and they're doing a lot less damage than me thanks to exhaust, and I'm penetrating their armor. I'd call this one an unfair advantage on Fiora.

Yeah, you can get early kills with it, and that's awesome. What I really like about ignite though is using it on champs like Sion or Olaf who can leech, and rendering that leech next to useless. That, paired with exhaust to nerf their damage, usually makes sure that even the best duelers cant touch me. I feel the pair makes her into the duelist she's supposed to be. Throw in a health potion at the start of the duel and win it.

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Obviously to JhoiJhoi, I wouldn't know how to even make a guide without her.

And to riot... for breaking the chain of released tanks and AP. I was getting sick of seeing tanks and AP. Bout time we had another bruiser/duelist/jungle phenom.

giantzombie for suggesting cloak of agility as an alternate for the second avarice blade