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Tryndamere Build Guide by boomysmashed

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author boomysmashed

PVE funtimes. Tryndamere, the swirling devastation

boomysmashed Last updated on July 11, 2012
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Hey guys. This is my first build on moba and as you can see it's a PVE build ( custom games, VS AI ) it probably could be used in PVP but it's not what i'm aiming for and unless you are facing total noobs it's not optimal neither. PLS rate it with the PVE point of view in mind :)

Also pls note that I wrote this with a specific mindset, providing good conditions for any players starting this game looking for a first champ to buy and a way to own with it.

It's my attempt at providing a relaxing pure-breed slaughter of brainless automated champions. I'm not a big fan of LoL PVP system mainly because of the matching system and also because if you don't have any of your friends on and get matched with noobs, you're bound to loose and that is no fun :/

So, assuming your taste for PVP is very much like mine ( FPS ftw ), and assuming ( i do that a lot, not the best habit i hear..) that you simply love this games for the fun it provides, PLS give a try to trynda with this build, results are bound to show up :)

If you are still fairly new to this game here's a small round-up of the terms you might not know about yet.

Top, mid, bot refers to the 3 lane available in summoner's rift, the main map in league of legends. Top for top ( obviously ) mid for middle ( usually solo'ed in a 1 v 1 champ manner ) and bot ( bottom )which is the lower lane.

Ganks = out numbering 1 or 2 isolated ennemies to secure a kill

Jungling = roaming in the jungle part of the maps for precious buff and neutral monster kills.

A well built team will pretty mcuh goes like this --) 1 good soloer top lane, standard 1 v 1 mid lane ( usually AP/AD carry ) 1 jungler who can also assist any lane ( especially top lane early on ) and 2 players bot. a good PVP team USUALLY consist of 1 AP carry ( ability power champ who will massively dmg ennemies later on ), 1 AD carry ( Attack damage ), 1 tank, 1 jungler, 1 support ( gives CC, heals, mana regen, shields etc ).
For EZ bots games this does not matter however.

Also, and i must press-on this point, PLEASE do the tutorials to their full-extent. They may feel childish but they are needed if you never played this game and want to get a good feel of how it works.

With this said, let's get started

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Pros / Cons

CONS - Squishy since you have no armor
- Poor offensive skillset, hard in the early stages.
- Prone to ganks

PROS - A real hurricane mid/late game with sh*tloads of mov. speed and att. power
- Good sustain in line even w/o potions
- Prone to ganks

First things first, you noticed I wrote prone to ganks in both spot. Now you must be telling yourself '' that guy is ******ed he doesn't know **** he can't even do proper PROS/CONS ohmygod GTFO NOOB '' .......WOW CALM DOWN i'll explain ! If you are not already aware of this then you should know that Tryndamere power somewhat lies in the fact that he has a very unique ultimate Undying Rage

5 Sec immortality, no matter the amount of damage you would receive.
Now that's fkn great ! That is why being proned to ganks is a PROS imo, pull those AI ! Make them CRAVE for your flesh ! Make them chase you force them to make mistakes and when the end is near.... BOOM can't touch me :D's a beautiful thing and when used properly it transform enemy ganks into a massive slaughter from your teammates against those idiots.

Ofc you are still proned to CC likes stuns fear or immobolize but that is one thing my guide cannot help you with and it's called gaming experience. You need to learn what skills your opponents can use, the range they posses, and also be able to see an incoming gank or potentially mortals situation and AVOID THEM.

You should normally go on the top lane but if you are backed with a strong ranged carry or support bot lane is very viable too and i personally prefer it for closeness to dragon and lizard. Bot was generally meant for ranged champions but in a recent patch their line-up and item set has been changed so this is no longer a factor to consider.


That's probably the biggest basic you'll need to be succesful in LoL no matter what kinda game you play for a bunch of reasons i shouldn't need to explain. Everyone says it, it's your main focus, the biggest objective. Once you have that in mind it just become so much easier. I typically beginned this game by dying regurlarly 10-15 times. Now anything over 2 death is un-usual and is insta-screaming-in-rage situation ^^. Those are my gamers instinct though as i have been brain-washed by the no-death rule of games like COD, dark souls, D2, LOL etc so pls do not get angered by a few death as it usually screws up your whole game.

So basically, every single time you tower dived for a kill and then got owned ( with or w/o getting a kill beforehand ), got ganked or simply made a mistake like standing on the enemy spawnpoint or trying to own baron at lvl 8, this skill just saved your sorry 4$$ and that is the key element to building up your Sword of the Occult which is, AI-wise, my favorite item by far.

We shall review this a little further down so for now this is what you are, trynda the immortal barbarian king of swirling destruction ^^

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust is a must here mates, Ignite could replace it if you want to jungle too but Exhaust is more fitting because it improves your chance at surviving a fight that would have been otherwise deadly where ignite is pretty much only good for killing strike which you will achieve by lvl on ur own anyways. End game my Ignite just stands there doing nothing so yeah, Exhaust.

The 2nd spell is really a matter of preference. Heal is the most viable option as it provides early sustain which you need since we are not defense oriented. Flash is also a very good option but spinning slash goes through most walls ( or i could say both goes through walls so TADA ). Teleport is always nice for those early ganks but has a long cooldown and limited use once you reach 500+ mov. speed. Combine Heal + Bloodlust after using Undying Rage and you'll be able to escape safely and comeback to an empty lane without recalling.

Once again tho, your call.

p.s : my current summoner spells set-up for pretty much any champions is Exhaust + Teleport but in the case of Tryndamere, Heal is mroe useful

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Skill Sequence

This is really just a pointer, a general idea. I even delayed my ultimate for the last levels in the past since it only adds more fury and smaller cooldown without touching the 5 second effect and it worked just as good if not better.

All-in-all mine or a PVP sequence will work out, do it the way you like you'll find what work best for yourself. Flexibility is a key too.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Greater mark of desolation, Greater Seal of Attack Speed, Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction Plain and simple.

I know that att. speeds on seal ain't the best but it is what works the most in those EZ bot game.
You could switch the seals for Greater seal of defense Greater seal of regeneration but if you developped any kind of evading skills this shouldn't matter at all and since trynda's relying on basic attacks a lot you want to put points where it matters a.k.a att. speed.

This is also because i couldn't quite find a nice att. speed item fitting my build, suiting my need and that wouldn't be somehow wasted partially ( 2 phantom dancer is useless if you buy Infinity Edge however you could take IE off and get 2 Phantom Dancer for more att.speed and mov. speed, will test it out to see which is the most devastating in the near future but IE is kinda of a must on him )

I know some ppl value flat dmg runes over armor pen. but in my case, i never really buy armor reduction items for trynda and i feel like the dmg rune is wasted since you end up with well over 400 att. dmg.
This is the part where i basically disagree with most ppl, i don't like flat i'd rather taking the scaling ones altho flat find it's use mostly in PVP or because you are somehow low on IP but in a PVE cleaning game, leave flat behinds.

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pretty self-explanatory. I don't take the health boost because 130 bonus health is meaningless at lvl 18 and the bonus is simply too low early on which is why i go for health regen and more defense, it helps early on and even if less significative later it's still useful to some extent.

feel free to build that part like you want however just don't skip the att. speed bonus, armor pen bonus as these are key points.
When i initially wrote this is had selected deadliness and lethality but once again, small values in a whirlpool of late-game insane amounts of dmg.

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So basically start building your Sword of the Occult and the reason why you pick Long Sword first instead of boots is because you want to have SOTO( Sword of the Occult) as soon as possible
1) it take some time to build the 20 stacks and 2) it leave you some room in case you screw up and die.

i buy 1 Health Potion and usually with someone good by my side i can recall once i have enough money for Sword of the Occult (954g). You could also push a bit more and wait until you have 1.35k at which point you shall recall and comeback with Boots of Speed on top of it.

Boots now, why Boots of Mobility and not berserker greave ? From my own personal experience, the time you save by running around much faster allow you for more key-kills and assist and is also a much stronger escape mecanism. It also allow you to make it to the action much faster if teleport is on CD ( or if you didn't select it at all ) Other than that, no boots are needed. Maybe in PVP you'd use boots of tenacity or w/e but this is not needed here at all.
However pls note that once you have an almost full build and Sword of the Occult is max-stacked selling Boots of Mobility and buying berserker greave instead is a very good option to consider.

Phantom Dancer, it's a key item it's absolute pwnage it's a MUST !! with full fury you have 65% critical chance at that point and your attack power should be near or over 200 pts which gives you massive early crits.

at some point i used as mentionned earlier 2 Phantom Dancer but i switched one for Infinity Edge and realised it's much MUCH more effective in almost every case BUT if you value att. speed and mov. speed over crit. damage then use 2 phantom for a whooping 95% crit at max fury and a elite mov.speed which is useful for multi-lane control. ( moving between top and mid or mid-bot easily without risking tower destruction or loosing too much exp)

The last item I strongly recommend is The Bloodthirster. I always use at least one on my physical champions since it's among the highest dmg item once built ( 100 att ) and 20% life steal at 400+ att. dmg is just plainly awesome.

Also, let's face it, building those stack is easy as hell some jungling a couple of minions and you are all set. If you have your 6 slot filled and went for 2 Phantom Dancer then sell these boots and buy 2 blood thirster. You can literally jump in between 5 enemies alone and bust them all up ( aim at the biggest DD's first since they are usually also squishy ) i succesfuly solo'ed Baron with Phantom Dancer The Black Cleaver maxed Sword of the Occult 2 The Bloodthirster and Infinity Edge.

The last 2 items are really down to personal preference. You want as much dmg as you can get so infinty edge is a must in my opinion but as stated earlier you could switch it for some att. speed or whatever but 2 Phantom Dancer vs 1 P.D + IE is 95% crit with 200% dmg VS 90% crit 250% dmg.....your call.

I put The Black Cleaver in there for a simple reason, it's the only item combining all attributes from any other items you could put there. You could use Last Whisper for the 40% pen. but you don't get that att. speed bonus and less att. power.
You could buy some att. speed gear but you loose att. power and armor pen ( reduction but hey less armor = more pwn ). Basically The Black Cleaver just got everything you need, boost ur att. power your attack speed and weakens your enemies to shrimps :D

There is a couple of other items which would be viable but they are just not good enough like Frozen Mallet ( not enough dmg 700 health vs one more The Bloodthirster is weak and my build aims at being faster than opponents anyways )or Trinity Force ( exceed 100% crit, 30 AP is trash ) .

One BIG alternative to The Black Cleaver is buying Guinsoo's Rageblade ( before completing The Bloodthirster ) because you get some att. power a nice att. speed bonus after 8 hits and a nice amount of AP which could seem to be wasted but actually increase your heal and your spinning slash dmg and that is a very nice thing ! Not good in very late game tho change it back for something that hits more :)

if you are to try this way of playing tryndamere, then pls do not screw up the item order. you can play around a bit with which parts you wanna buy first and could get Infinity Edge later while completing blood thrister earlier but other than that, Sword of the Occult MUST be done first followed by Boots of Mobility then at least Zeal or a full Phantom Dancer.

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I have recently watched the invitational match between team riot and team international and picked up very very good farming tips from there.
Basically stick to killing minions as long as not bots aim you.
You can do this easier by focusing on minions furthest away from them.

Take note that this only really works at beginner and up until they get their ultimate and iniate ganks. At intermed. They'll want to make you retreat taking damage in the process from your own minions so pull back and comeback in for a strike.
Rinse and repeat. If you have played a bit more you already know this refers to as '' zoning '' which is controlling a lane by forcing opponents out of creeps kills.

OFC you can always jungle here in there but be careful not trying to take on the golem or lizard too soon.

Trynda has very good sustain as said earlier due to is short cooldown heal. However it is not very strong and sometimes it's just not worth loosing all that fury. Ofc if you are on a 0 fury state and need hp, spam that heal and run havok.

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I will be very short with this section, you can switch ignite for smite ( fit your masteries accordingly ) and be somehow potent for jungling due to self heal and useful ultimate, but that is not your main purpose.

It can be done tho so i'm putting this here, sometimes i do it and have loads of fun ( smite can be used on tanks minions for a strong lane domination early on )but once you have phantom and sword with at least 10 stack+ hopefully, you can jungle quite easily due to trynda passive crit bonus.

Also, altho not such a good idea, you could always use your ignite on a golem or lizard but since it has a rather long cooldown i don't recommend it unless you we're about to recall and have to gay all the way back to top or bot lane. It remains a better alternative than smite on the long run.

For the creep kills well there is a tutorial to this game explaining last-hit kills, it's the basis of farming and right for that reason i shouldn't have to explain how it works.

You need the red buff and should be able to claim it easily between lvl 8-10. You can also use the golem buff for further CDR but if there is a mana hungry champ be kind and leave it to them.

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Team Work

You will find trynda to be working quite well solo if you have a minimum of LoL experience, but completly devastating with the right support by your side.
Team up with Lux, Sona or even some squishy but powerful AP champs like Veigar and you WILL be a force to be reckoned with especially agaisnt any physical champions due to mocking shout. Jump in the fight, grab the aggro, draw enemies to a tower or to a gank spot, use undying rage and let your friends reap the kills while getting to safety. This is a safe way to build your Sword of the Occult early on while keeping the enemy team from being fed.

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How to play Tryndamere

this is a section i'm putting here for future video references i'll add once i figured what i should use to record my games.

If you know any good programs for this pls post it in the comment section

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My build as a DD'er

this build is built for one single purpose, chasing and destroying any left alone enemy, and late game if you did your job well and built at least 1 The Bloodthirster, take down the whole enemy team.

I didn't get pentakill yet in co-op vs AI with trynda but triple kills are common thing and some quadra kils every now and then.
The other thing that it gives you is MASSIVE mov. speed so that you can help any friends in need or rush on one of your towers that have been left behind.

over 450+ att, 500+ mov speed, 90% crit chance with 250% dmg crit and 20-40% lifesteal on top of that is a no brainer you will experience it for yourself ^^

Pls be aware that the stats reflected on moba stat sheet DOES NOT take stacks and such into account ! i will try to provide a video of full match soon enough so that you can grasp the full stats of my build

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I know how heavy PVP players shun EZ games, i have seen PLENTY of players saying '' this is easy doesn't matter if you don't do well it's not hard to be good blablabla ''
Well guess what ? many of those players suck balls, can't do ****, will constantly blame others for KS and **** when ultimately, they have simply been boasting so much that you can't pass over how noobish they are.

If you don't intend on PVP'ing at all then at the very least try doing the following : no death-game,10 kills+, 100 minions kills by the 16 mins mark, 20 stack by the 20 mins mark etc.... those are little basics that will greatly improve your over gameplay and are also basic reference points to know if u can pwn easy bots or not.
If you achieve all of this in pretty much every game then it's time to go intermediaire and prepare for a whole different lvl of gameplay.

If you never tried it, know that at intermediaire a fed bot team will crush you right under the 25-35 mins mark. They can be way stronger than a random 5-man team ( player controlled ) and sometimes the smallest mistakes can lead to your doom. Some defeats inflicted in the small numbers of PVP games i played felt much more fair and evenly-matched than what those fkn bots can inflict if not played against properly. And believe me when i said ealier that this game holds a strong no-death rules. You will experience it there.

I wanna put one last tip here that msot people will already have picked up but some might not have yet. In the early games enemy champions you hit will run away. Not far. Not for long. But you gotta use it ! DO NOT CHASE THEM. 2-3 hit until they run then immediatly get minions kills. this is kinda like ranged poking and is actually your strongest weapon vs brainless foe early up ! Use it well

So, this took quite some time but i tried to make it easy for everyone to see where to start, and where to go.

Like i said, this is my first guide, hopefully a good one. I'm opened to all suggestion, any corrections or ideas that would be worth being added will be gladly accepted. I wil try to improve this guide whenever updates comes up and hopefully this can be your ultimate pve ressource for massive AI trashing.

My build is fast and powerful and with it, you should have no trouble killing AI and most likly being the top killer/DD'er of your game !

Spin that sh*t and make a mess !!!

Thanks to Jhoihoi for posting useful coding guide. I have not mastered it, quite evidently, but it helped me improve my guide a lot !