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Quinn General Guide by Murderer123

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Murderer123

Quinn (Demacia's Wings)

Murderer123 Last updated on September 7, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Let's meet Quinn

Hello guys . I bought Quinn nowadays and my main being her. :D

First of all Quinn is swift AD Carry . Has a tactics. If you are not good at tactics think about to take a Quinn once and once again try to play Quinn on free or someone then if you are like it take her.

Quinn has a short range (525)
Quinn is fast of AD Carries (335)
Quinn has a big attack speed (0,668)
Quinn has a normal attack damage (51)
Quinn has a best mana regen on all AD Carries (6.3 on 5 seconds)

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How about her skills?

Quinn is out of Meta nowadays but someone is playing. :)

Quinn has a swift skills and she is also good at 1v1. I wanna talk about her skills.

First of all , I am gonna start with her passiveBarrier

Barrier gives better damage against the Valor's marked enemy , But Valor can mark anybody and if you want from Valor to mark what you want hit the enemy and Valor will mark him. Barrier will lost if you'll not gonna hit him 3 seconds. When Valor marks somebody Barrier into the cooldown (4.5 seconds). Valor has a chance to mark %70 to champions and %30 the minions but of course who is nearby to Quinn , Valor marks him. :)

Now let's talk about his Q Blinding Assault

Quinn throws Valor . (? :)) And Valor gives 70/110/150/190/230 (+%65 Bonus AD) physical damage and blinds them for 1.5 seconds what the Valor strikes. In the early game , when you have a lot of minions and if you want to take a farm quickly use that skill and take many farms :) Blinding Assault has a short cooldown so you can use it whenever you want but its cost is 60/65/70/75/80 Mana so be careful. When You are using Valor you will do the Blinding Assault in your 250 range area. Same damage same cost same impact.

Her W Heightened Senses

Will illuminate the 2100 range for 3 seconds. I prefer to you . Use that when you feel you are in danger. Because it has 50/45/40/35/30 second cooldown. When you wanna destroy the turret then try but when you are solo in lane hit that turret 4-5 times and use the Heightened Senses when no one is coming then you are safe.
When You are Valor nothing changes.

And My best skill Vault

Quinn dashes to an enemy, dealing 40/70/100/130/160 (+20% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage and slowing the target's Movement Speed by 50% (this effect diminishes over 2 seconds).Upon reaching the target, she leaps off the target, briefly interrupting it, and lands near her maximum Attack Range from the target. Valor will immediately mark this enemy as Vulnerable.
As Valor: Performs the same attack but does not mark or leap off the target.

(I am so lazy. I pasted :) )

I prefer use that Vault after the use Barrier. I mean if enemy trying to poke you Valor will mark it , then hit to marked one and use Vault because Vaulted one will marked. Then hit it again annndd SO MUCH DAMAGE.
When you are Valor use it to catch him :)

And her ult Tag Team

Actually this ult is the mixed ult of Master Yi's ult , Sivir's ult , Nidalee's ult and Riven's ult . Sivir gives Movement Speed but when you are in fight it reducing. Master Yi gains Movement and Attack Speed . From Nidalee's view Nidalee into the cougar. Quinn into the bird :) from Riven's,Riven gains Attack damage and Attack Range. In the 20 seconds she gives damages the based on enemy's missing health. So Quinn gains Movement Speed and reducing when you are into the fight gains attack speed into the melee fighter in 20 seconds gives a damage based on enemy's missing health :) Use it when you are wanna catch the enemy And remember Tag Team's Attack Speed comes for Hightened Senses. And Be careful has a 140 second cooldown if you fail it will be bad for you. You can use that to escape but it can be up your ping so be careful.

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Pros / Cons

Pros :
- Swift
- Good mana regen
- Has a Blinding and Warding Skill

Cons :

- Short Attack Range
- Unbalanced
- Open Target
- Has a low Health

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Ashe : 3/10

Quinn is very diffucult match to Ashe in lane. Even she has much range by 50 than you. You can catch with your Vault in range because Vault's range is 750. She can miss Enchanted Crystal Arrow when you use your Vault to escape. Play aggresive until the level 6.

Caitlyn : 8/10

Caitlyn has a better range than you by 125. And she can escape from your Vault with his E.
You can't escape from her Ace in the Hole. Try to be passive and try to poke her several times.

Corki :4/10

Corki can counter you at the time but Corki is not good until the level 6. Until the Level 6
Quinn vs Corki Quinn has advantage at 4/5 . After the level 6 Corki vs Quinn Corki has advantage at 2/5 .

Draven : 3/10

Quinn is good against to Draven. Because Draven's all the part is with his Spinning Axe. And Quinn has a blinding skill , so you can counter with your Blinding Assault his Spinning Axe and Blood Rush. Tag Team can help you to escape with his ult. Play passive and don't let the lane ganked.

Ezreal : 7/10

Ezreal can run away from your Blinding Assault and he is good at poke with his Mystic Shot.

Graves : 10/10

Don't think about the take Quinn if you are against to Graves !! Graves can disgrace your Harrier and Vault. Tag Team cannot help the escape from his ult. Blinding Assault will not help if he would use his E.

Jinx : 3/10

Blinding Assault can block his Switcheroo!! Jinx and Quinn has same range but Vault can help you to catch him but be careful it cannot help you to escape from his Flame Chompers! or whatever. :) Play passive but not too passive if she's decided to attack you make your combo!

Kog'Maw : 7/10

Kog'Maw has a big range with his W. Kog'Maw can block the speed of your Tag Team. But Tag Team can help the escape from his ult , Q and his passive.

Lucian : 2/10

Lucian has a short range after the patch 4.12 . And it's make this easier to Quinn. And Lucian's Recentless Whatever won't delete the slowing debuffs anymore after the patch 4.13 .
So Enjoy the game with the Quinn :)

Miss Fortune : 2/10

Miss Fortune can catch with her passive. But you can block her ult with your Vault. Make It Rain enough for Miss Fortune to catch you up. But Blinding Assault can block his Double Up and Impure Shots.

Sivir : 6/10

Sivir has a just one skill that isn't like a normal strike and the others passive and normal strikes. And Quinn has a blinding skill but her shield can block your Blinding Assault and she can be comfort for a 10 seconds.

Tristana : 8/10

Tristana can escape from your Blinding Assault. And the Tag Team's speed will blocked when she uses her ult and run away with her W.

Twitch : 7/10

Twitch can hide. But your W cannot work for it but you have blinding skill so you can blind him. And he will be uncomfortable for a just 1.5 seconds.

Vayne : 1/10

When you see Vayne , Take Caitlyn or Quinn. Because the Vayne's hard counters are Quinn and Caitlyn. If Quinn will blind Vayne , Vayne will be punished because her Tumble,Silver Arrow,Condemn and Last Hour is normal attack and you can block her passive with you Vault.

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Blitzcrank is good choice

because his Rocket Hand will destroy the enemy . Quinn has a short range but when Blitzcrank
pulls someone , Quinn can close that short range and make the combo. I will teach you the combos later.

Braum can be good or bad at the time

because Quinn's Heightened Senses's passive gives Attack Speed. And it can be good when Braum uses his passive but Braum can block Quinn when she is striking with his Stand Behind Me.

Alistar is really good choice

because Alistar and Quinn has a really good combos. But Alistar must play good. Because if Alistar will push the enemy and use Knocked Airbone combo it can be best. But if Alistar is not playing good and accidently pushed him into his turret. **** :)

Janna is good choice

because Janna is slowing and Knocked Airbone skill and can give Attack Damage and Quinn actually needs Attack Damage and probably Attack Speed so Janna is really good choice.

Leona is good choice

because Leona has a lot of stun skill. Leona's stuns can be close the range of Quinn's short range and gives a lot of damage to enemy.

Lulu was super choice but after the patch 4.12

Lulu's Q slowing effect is reduced. Well not reduced but it was increased by Ability Power but now it's not. But still Lulu is not bad choice Lulu has shield skills so it's good.

Morgana is good choice

because Morgana's Q can paralyze the enemy 3 seconds. And can give a lot of damage and with her ult , she can stun the 3 enemies. So what are you waiting of there ?? ENJOY !

Karma is good choice

because slowing skill is 1 second.But Karma can give speed to you but when you ganked she can help you.

Annie is really bad choice

When Annie's passive is ready , fine when a lot of people is attacking you , you can run when she is using her ult with her passive but you have not a area skill so it is not good.

Nami is best choice

Nami can give extra damage and slowing basic attack to you. And she has stun skill . BEST COMBO!

Nidalee is not good choice

Nidalee has no stun and slowing skill but she has life restoring skill and can give extra Attack Speed. It can be good but she's W is not working for Quinn. Because her W just reducing Magic Resistance. Quinn has not magic damaging skill.

Sona is good choice

Sona can give extra damaging skill after the patch 4.13. And Sona can give shield and extra movement speed she can stun the enemies 1.5 seconds . AMAZING!

Soraka is bad choice

Soraka restores life and mana and she can give extra armor. But Soraka cannot poke the enemies so easily and no stun skill. And Starcall reduces the Magic Resistance so it cannot work.

Thresh is really good choice

Thresh can use his lantern to pull you to himself. And he can close the range of your attack range with his Death Sentence. Fray can make the eaiser to Harrier.

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Quinn's Combos

Quinn is tactical champion.

If you are close the enemy Harrier will point him. Deals extra damage and use Vault to catch him after . Vault will give Harrier too and after that use your Blinding Assault and you are gonna give 2 Harrier damage + Blinding Assault and Vault damage in 1 second.

Tag Team gives speed. Use Vault when you are Valor. After that use Blinding Assault . Deal one strike and finish the enemy with the Sky Strike. If you are lucky enemy has a low health deals to one kill to you.

Heightened Senses will help you to see the hiding enemies. When Hided enemies realized wherever he was Harrier will pointed to that enemy. Try to catch him and attack to double damage with Vault and use Tag Team to catch if he is flashed. Tag Team will help to catch and makes tons of damage. If he is started to attack you and you have both low damage. Use Sky Strike when you are Quinn again Harrier will mark the enemy immediately. And You got kill. :)

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Summoner Spells


Flash will help anybody to catch the enemies and escape from the enemies. Quinn is the one of that ANYBODY ! :) Even you have a movement speed you still need th1o Flash to catch enemies immediately.


Quinn can steal Life a lot when you took the Bloodthirster , with your passive lots of so you need to Barrier . Heal doesn't changes the anything.


Ignite ... Take that when you are playing SOLO QUINN. Well , actually you not need that one because you have already movement speed to catch but still it can be work.


to Solo Counters , you should take that against to solo Synergies take the Ignite.

Don't take the other ones. It's not working. I tried.

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Solo Counters



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