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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShadowOfLight

Quinn Guide for Top and ADC

ShadowOfLight Last updated on November 19, 2014
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Who Is Quinn?

You may ask, who is Quinn? What is her skills? How is she worth buying? And you would also be one of the many people who don't actually know the limit of Quinn's potential as a carry. Most people who try to play Quinn, would tell you she sucks. Her ult just gives her bonus movement speed, and her range is shorter then other ADCs. Well that's definitely a disadvantage... If you can't play Quinn. Unlike some ADCs, you can't just pick it up in a few games, get a build off the internet, and dominate. (Don't deny it, we know you've done that before) Quinn, much like Yasuo requires finesse, timing, patience, and practice. And in this guide, i'll show you everything you need to know to be an amazing Quinn player!

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Quinn's Abilities

First of all you should know that not many people know Quinn's abilities. This is a major advantage. Rengar's invisibility? Oh well that doesn't work. Hide in a bush? Nope that doesn't work either. Quinn WILL find you, and you will die when she does. How? How can Quinn see someone in a bush without getting within range of a melee counterattack and dying??? Well the answer is simple. It's called Heightened Senses (Her W). Exactly. Quinn's W sends Valor into the air, scouting out a small area in a circle around Quinn. Of course to make it fair, you can only see enemies in bushes for roughly a second, but it's enough to wreck some havoc, because if you are close enough, simply use Vault, and vault to them, targeting them, and they can't hide in the bush so long as they are target-able. Or if your W fades, simply toss a Q, Blinding Assault which sends Valor out in a straight line blinding enemies it hits. You can then maul them at your pleasure. Finally Quinn's R, although some may say it's way under-powered. Well it's not okay? In fact I find it's perfectly suited to my needs. Obviously some of you may have your own needs, in which case if you want a massive damage dealing ult, don't play Quinn, you're wasting your time, and probably costing everyone the game. Go play Xin Xhao, with him you merely smash your face against the keyboard and get a pentakill. Anyway, Quinn's ult, Tag Team, sends Valor in to replace Quinn, giving you crazy movement speed, as well as being able to ult again while in bird form to go back as Quinn, and send a hail of arrows down upon an area around you, which as I have found works wonders if you have teammates stealing kills. So let's review shall we?

Quinns Q: Sends Valor in a straight line, stopping at the first enemy it hits blinding and dealing damage. You can also blind all enemies in a teamfight in they are close enough together.
Quinns E: Quinn jumps to her target, bouncing off to max range (useful for running), slowing, and Valor swoops in to mark your target, so you may deal extra damage as well with your next auto attack.
Quinns W: The secret weapon in chasing, Valor reveals the surrounding area for a few seconds, and revealing enemies in bushes within that range for about a second.
Quinns R: Turns into Valor, for a crazy movement speed bonus turning all attacks into melee attacks as well as having insane attack speed. Ends in a shower of arrows, dealing damage to all enemies within range.
Quinn's Passive: Harrier is very useful for poking making Quinn, in my opinion, one of the best pokers in League Of Legends. Valor swoops in and marks the target, allowing Quinn to deal massive damage on her next auto attack. We'll talk more about this in the combo section.
Valors Q: It is now a close range attack, sending a ring around in a circle dealing ALL enemies around Valor.
Valors E: Jumps to the target, slowing, but not bouncing away. Does not mark the target.
Valors W: Same thing as Quinns W, just increased range.
Valors R: As you have found out by now you return to Quinn manually sending the usual rain of arrows down massacring enemies.

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Starting off, Abilities, and Combos

To start, as usual buy a Doran's Blade, a Health Potion, and a Sight Ward. Quinn can be played virtually anywhere in a carry position, although I would advise not playing her mid, (even though she is a decent mid) as it takes alot of experience. It is extremely difficult, because most of the characters who counter Quinn, are mid characters. Therefore you do NOT want to play mid unless you are certain it will be against someone you can counter, or a noob. Anyway, for starters, I'd reccomend having a support such as Thresh or Blitzcrank, as i have found out that Blitzcrank works extremely well with Quinn, giving you first blood on a regular basis and winning lane. For abilities;

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
As you may have noticed, I'm not ranking Q up first. Mainly because I only use Q for it's blind, and then I Vault in and slow them, taking little to no damage, since I'm in and out within the blind period. Obviously you can rank up Blinding Assault first, as it is up to your unique play style, but I find Vault is more useful to me ranked first. So to start, rank your Q once. Then proceed to throw it at enemies blinding them, or taking the siege minions with it. Once level 2, rank up Vault regardless whether or not you want to rank Q up first. It is an extremely useful ability, and does a ton of damage if used correctly. Once you are level 2, you can start pushing slightly for the kill. Communication during this point is crucial. Target the squishiest enemy, letting your support know you want the kill. Providing they are paying attention, they will either wait for you, or go in on their own. If it's someone with a grab ability, or a stun, they should go in first, grabbing or stunning the enemy you targeted. If not, wait until Harrier activates, and hit them with an auto attack. Harrier is a vital part of your arsenal, and I cannot express how important it is that you use it, otherwise it makes your E virtually worthless. It dishes out nearly a quarter of the enemies health at level one. And that is at level one. At level 18, with my personal build, I've dished out half of the enemies health onto them, before using my E (which takes down another quarter), slowing their escape, and dealing another auto attack for the kill. I've seen so many people play Quinn who didn't know how, simply using E as a poke, but never using Harrier. Needless to say it annoys me greatly. Harrier is a vast amount of damage you must learn to control if you are properly going to play Quinn. I'm not going to claim to be ranked, in fact I am still level 24, but I have watched ranked Quinns make mistakes I got over several weeks ago. Saying I am not ranked, I learned from my good friend, who happened to be Silver, and I learned on his account. (It was Varus, but it sort of mutilated and passed on to Quinn) After you get 1550 gold, you want to head back to base after your lane is clear for such an action. You then buy a B.F. Sword, building it into a The Bloodthirsterregardless whether you are winning lane, or losing. This is Quinn's main item, and if you are winning lane when you get it, at least by two levels, then you will be unstoppable. This adds to Quinn's already impressive amount of damage, as well as giving the 20% life steal bonus. This is ALWAYS your first item. From there, you go to Beserker Greaves, with a Homeguard Enchantment, or Infinity Edge, whichever you think you need more. I personally build Quinn 100% offense, but it is up to you. I'll cover both builds later on in more detail, as well as the full build for top lane. (For top lane against a tank, rush Blade of the Ruined King first, and then The Bloodthirster.

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We'll start with the build for Top Lane. Start the same, (Note: you can also buy boots first and several more health potions if you would rather) a Dorans Blade, a Health Potion and a trinket ward. Then begin poking. After that, rush Blade of the Ruined King followed by The Bloodthirster for securing the kill, and to avoid ganks by staying at maximum health. No matter where you are, always keep a ward in the river bush, top or bottom. This is essential as Quinn, like most ADCs, is somewhat squishy. If you believe a gank is coming, stand in a position where you can run easily, and use your W. If you are pushing lane, and your enemies back up more then usual, W. If you destroy a tower and want to keep pushing, W. W keeps you alive. Always use it. After The Bloodthirster, go for Berserker Greaves, or if your teammates are losing lane and you are fed, Boots of Mobility will give you better map coverage. After that, build damage, and/or defensive items, such as Guardian Angel or Frozen Mallet. This will give you better endurance, and help you survive more easily. For bottom lane,
Start, Dorans Blade, Health Potion, and a ward. Then go for The Bloodthirster immediately. Get Beserker Greaves (Homeguard) if you are in no danger of falling behind, or if you simply want extra damage over speed, go Infinity Edge. That is where builds change between my personal 100% offense build, and the starter build I have constructed. If you are new at Quinn, go for Frozen Mallet, giving you slowing, securing more kills as well as giving you a ton of hp. Afterward, go for Runaans Hurricane and Last Whisper. My personal build instead goes for Essence Reaver instead of Frozen Mallet, giving me an extra 80 damage, as well as a good mana steal. Sadly Quinn's build is rather expensive, and I have never actually gotten through the entire build because my games end too quickly. Which is probably a good thing, because I ended up crushing the enemy lane every time, but still. I really want to finish my build. Anyway, this is definitely going to give you damage to spare, allowing you to eliminate your enemies with ease.

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Indepth Combo

As you know, engage with E, auto attack, Q in the back. But if they're pushed to your tower, you can easily get the kill. Like really easy. As usual, engage with E, stuff in as many autos as you can get, MAKING SURE TO USE HARRIER. Instead of Q as they get out of range, use your R instead. Now you can catch them EASILY because 90% of people cannot even get close to Valors speed. Obviously there are a few champions who can actually chase you while your ult is activated, and then it requires finesse, timing, skill, and a lot of swag which I will explain to you in the next chapter. You then autoattack, or if they are running hard, then use your E when it cools down to slow them by 70% for 2 seconds. They are most likely at half health now, if they were at full health when you engaged. Now you activate your Q. Valors Q has a short range burst in all directions, which does a ton of damage, so you need to be within melee range. Now you have two options. End their miserable existence with several auto attacks, or if you plan on staying in lane for a while simply end with another quick tap to R to bring down your hail of arrows and end their lives. This also works if you have a teammate with you and you want the kill.

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Using Swag For a Daring Escape

First of all, for abilities, I use Flash, and Ignite for chasing, as well as early game kills. Nearly anything else works. Heal, Dash, etc etc. If you are new at Quinn, or League, then simply take Heal and Dash or Flash, that works as well. If you get ganked, or if enemies are chasing you, you use Flash right? Well what if Flash is on cooldown because you just used it to catch up and kill an enemy? Well then you normally would die. But there is still a chance. Step one. Use Q to blind the enemies between you and the jungle, or if there are no enemies between you and the jungle, save it. Then rush towards the jungle (Unless you are near your tower then go for your tower. It requires less practice and swag.) If there is an enemy between you and the jungle, then simply rushing them and a Q will most likely cause them to hesitate for half a second, giving you enough time to get past them. (Unless of course they are REALLY confident) Try and get to the middle of a wall that takes several seconds to get around. Obviously you can't be picky, but the longer the wall the better. Now here is the tricky part. It's very tricky. In fact you have about a 50% chance at this. Your life depends on it. No pressure. Get as close to the wall (wall of trees if you don't know what i mean) turn around, your back touching the wall. Then when they get into melee range, use your E. Now the key to this is not panicking, and not rushing it. Taking a bit more damage is a lot better then dying. Now if they were close enough, hopefully you picked a relatively thin wall, you will be vaulted over the top landing on the other side with enough time to flick them off before you run to a nearby tower. Obviously this is always a last resort, since it's rate of survival is not always guaranteed. If you fail, don't worry about it! This is just one game, and you have learned an important lesson to help you do it better next time. If you want to practice, simply use a monster in the jungle in a custom game. Quinn has a lot of tricks up her sleeves. Some you may not even know about. (I covered all the ones I know but i'm sure there are more waiting to be found).

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Why play Quinn? Pros / Cons

Quinn is, I feel one of the better ADCs.

Quinn does massive damage with Harrier
Quinn isn't set to a specific time frame, she is an intimidating figure throughout the entire game
Her slow, and her ult, makes catching enemies easy,
Quinn's range is shorter then that of most other ADCs.
She is somewhat squishy.
Massive amounts of ownage drain your mana pool at the worst times

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Runes and Masteries

For runes i prefer;
Attack damage marks.
Armor seals.
Magic resist glyphs.
Attack damage quintessences.
For top lane,
Armor penetration marks
armor seals
magic resist glyphs
attack damage, or penetration, quintessences.
For masteries, focus attack damage, defense, and cooldown reduction as well as mana and health regeneration. It is up to you which masteries to pick.

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That is everything. Use this guide and you will be a Quinn player to make me proud. If you have any suggestions, or questions, simply add me on League Of Legends, VShadowOfLightVX, or pop them in the comments. I'll be happy to play with you guys anytime i'm on, unless of a prearranged engagement, but i'll still try and pull you into that as well. (: I'll also try and make a YouTube video of Quinn sometime this week and i'll post it on here as well. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! Also if you need any personal help with Quinn just throw me an invite, i'll be happy to personally teach you. (:


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