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Graves Build Guide by ShuToro

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ShuToro

"Collateral DMG Gets Penta, I Ain't Even Mad" S5

ShuToro Last updated on March 31, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Graves with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ashe Ashe has the potential to spam and land a few volleys on you but that's only if you let her. Avoid that unneeded dmg and the lanes all yours, a Q pointblank is going to put ashe 100-0 real quick. Shes to squishy to let pass up a kill in lane on her
Quinn Shouldn't be seen much but simply avoid her blind and if she choices to try any form of enage you can out dmg her but be aware of his strange kiting abilities.
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I AM ShuToro

Welcome to my graves guide, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have has making it. I created this guide to show my knowledge on graves, and to offer a quick but detailed guide on graves. I currently have 30 games plus positive in rank and main adc, I've been playing and improving in the role of adc since mid season 3 and hope to offer you my insight on graves. I'm a active streamer on Twitch , come and stop by if you ever want to watch some Adc GamePlay. I am Currently Plat 1 working on Diamond, I hope to reach a higher lvl of gameplay as adc to join a professional team but for now I will rank, make guides, videos and help others raise as I have. I hope new players find this guide quick and easy to pick up to allow you to get to the fields of justice. This Guide has also been featured on LOLKings Top guides for graves.


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Here's my experience as Adc so far in Season 5

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Pros & Cons

  • Graves has a pretty smooth auto attack animation
  • Strong Burst (Don't Be Afraid to go ahead and blow up them squishy's)
  • LvL 6 is extremely strong (matched with a strong engage support such as Leo,Annie; You can pick up some kills)
  • Good farming under tower
  • Descent wave clear
  • E and W both very good when trying to avoid a gank ( a fog, slow, and a dash)
  • Strong lvl 2-3 (good early lane fights)
  • amazing passive to avoid dmg from poke in lane if you keep it stacked

  • Shorter Range (Vulnerable to being bullied by a longer range adc such as cait)
  • Shorter Range (Siege is a bit weaker then Caits,Jinx, etc.)
  • His Steroid Is also his escape
  • Spells require to be in a closer range of enemy
  • Minimal aim problems with ulti

When The Pros Strongly Out Weight The Cons Like This, Thats The Reason Graves Is A High Priority Pick

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Summoner Spells

Flash & Heal are going to be your go to summoner spells, Their is no need to replace Flash what so ever and Heal is amazing. Both these spells go hand and hand in finishing off a kill and gank escape potential

Their are those still who like to go back to early seasons and take Barrier but that comes down to your preference. The shield offer protection but not true health as Heal does and not to mention the movement speed as well.

Cleanse though is a amazing spell to be taken when the enemy team is just stacking up their CC. The enemy team has 2 roots, a snare , and a AoE Stun; This is when you go with Cleanse because as Adc your useless to your team if you die due to CC LockDowns.

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In Runes 3 Atk Spd Quints, Flat Ad Reds, Yellow Armor Seals, & Flat Magic Resist Glyths is going to be your bread & butter but you do have a little flexibility in selection of your Glyths.

Going with flat MR will offer you the best safety from those supports now wanting to go with a lot of AP but you do have the options to go with 3 or 4 Atk spd Glyths instead of Mr if you really want and like the extra atk spd. Lastly if your a big guy of always wanting to have your spells up a bit sooner you can go with 3 to 4 Mana regen per 5 seconds glyths as well, I use these from time to time.

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This is going to be your normal Graves Masteries page, although you do have the option to remove the point from Spell Weaving and put it as a second point in warlord. This comes down to your playstyle. I do when find an opening go for the Q-R Burst in which 2 points in Warlord will make you deal more dmg but I like to take the point in spell weaving because of mid-to-long fights in bot lane in which you will use your Q but you will be autoing right after. This allows you to now only get 2% extra damage from warlord but now you have 3% more dmg added for when you use Collateral Damage; in which if you only had to in Warlord in that fight you would only have an extra 3.5% of Damage added to your Ulti instead of 5%.

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Before anyone comments on my taking of W at level 3, I understand it has been the common to want the extra damage and take W at 4 but I find that Utility from W can and has been the difference between winning a fight in bot more often then not and not to mention extremely helpful in preventing a early gank from the enemy jungler. You can still choice to take a second point in Q at 3 if you like, I do in certain lane match-ups but that's because I know I will need that damage to secure the kill we will be going for soon.

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General Build
This is going to be your average build with graves
(Shiv can be changed for PD if that's your preference to go for the long game dmg rather then trying to end it early)

Starting Items
The go to start on all your AD Carrys, as of right now :P
- -

Core Build
You have two options to mainly go, it depends on whither or not the enemy builds armor

Enemy Doesn't Build Armor

- - - - - - -

Enemy Builds Armor

You can go Vamp first or after the Last Whisper but that comes down to if you believe you can farm/ doing well enough to get both before the mid-game fights

- - - - - - - -

The 1v1 Dueling Build :P

I enjoy doing this build quite often but this is truly my preference
when I'm well ahead or going to need to pick kills on my own

- - - - -

Once you have reached this point in the build same as the build above do you
want to break though their armor or better sustainability

Option 1 Finish Sustainability

Your choice over PD to be a crit god or GA for safety

- - - - - - - or

Option 1 Finish Sustainability

You truly want to rip that armor

- - - - - - - - or

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Early Game | Mid Game | Late Game

Early game Graves has dmg, so a lvl 2-3 all in is possible but mainly you want to play smart and go ahead and farm up that BF Sword. Graves has a very smooth Auto Animation so farming with graves can be fairly smooth. If the enemy tries to stop your farming though CS don't be afraid to auto the enemy carry once followed by a Q. Even if only one of the Q's hit, you still (80% of the time) will win that trade. If your looking to pick up the early kill go ahead and land some poke with a few autos, you want to keep your passive up and for it to have as many stacks as possible. Early on this passive can be the difference between surviving another 2 autos or dying. So in general farm, poke and Once your 6 look for the openning to do that good old Combo and pick up a kill. (If you have an engage support and they find a way to lock down the enemy carry you have to options to go for the kills normally. E-Q-R-W OR E-Q-W-R.

The mid game is where graves shines bright (although lately nearly shines in all phases if played right), with graves go ahead and keep your cs even, or above your lane opponent. Graves has amazing kill potential so look for all opening. If you are able to pick up a kill bot or even a double with a strong engage support, then call over your jungle and take that dragon. The 6% isn't crazy early game but denying them that 6% all game or for as long as possible is the smartest move as over time that 6% is the change in a teamfight.

You truly need to be finishing your build completely and making the choice of extra dmg or survive-ability as your last item. You can not afford to get caught but if given the chance blow someone up, Graves has the dmg. Kite in the fights, keep safe, land your spells on as many as possible and don't forget the strong little burst your ulti still offers into the late game. Lastly Don't forget to that that Collateral Dmg Penta :P

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Graves doesn't have the same versatility in Combos as other champions but these are his basic Combos

1) E + Q
This is your basic combo, when the opportunity strikes of possible out-trade, a gank, or a early lane hard trade; this is going to close that gap between you and the enemy to deal maximum dmg with your BuckShot.

2.) W + E + Q / E + Q + W / E + W + Q
This Combo is quite similar to the first one but the difference is the addition of Smoke Screen to allow you to further your trade or to assist in blocking vision and movement speed to allow a gank/support skillshot to be landed. This puts out some quick dmg.

3) W + E + Q + R
This is your bread and butter for an all in eneage or a follow up to your jungle gank, also this is going to be Combo to blow up those silly bush checkers :P. But remember just like Ezreal e you never want to E into danger.

Defensive Combo
If your being chased near death go ahead drop a W and use your E if it will confirm your escape if not just drop the W and save your E for any in coming spells or skillshots.

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Support Synergy

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Beginners Guide To CS

Before anyone comments about the length or the content, this Video is truly MEANT for those who don't understand what Csing is. I look forward to making videos on how to cs in lane, which will include such things as trading, and when to go for cs and when not to.

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Change Log

*3/29/2015 All Champion Match Ups Completed
*3/29/2015 Support Synergy Added
*3/29/2015 Graves Guide Got Featured :D
*3/31/2015 Major revision and changes to Runes, Masteries, Introduction, Items Descriptions/Notes