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League of Legends Build Guide Author HailBookwyrm


HailBookwyrm Last updated on January 16, 2011
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Chapter 1

This build for Rammus, the Armordillo, features a complex,hard to get right build that is potentially way rewarding. It takes a while to gather the gold, but is guaranteed to be beast. I personally prefer this build for an off-tank, because that's how it will be early-mid game. Pairing this Rammus with a Dr. Mundo or Mordekaiser is a sure way to kick some trash.

Spiked Shell: Rammus' passive increases the damage he does with his physical attacks with each point of armor he gains. This is one of the cooler passives in my opinion, since with almost every item purchase, you will do more damage with your physical attacks.
Powerball: Rammus drops into a spinning ball, increasing movement speed. In addition, any enemies he impacts will be slowed and dealt some damage. This ability is great for either chasing down champions or escaping. It also can give your team that slow, helping sorta CC some champions.
Defensive Ball Curl: Rammus goes into a defensive stance, increasing his armor and magic resistance as well as reflecting some damage back to enemies. This ability is great all around, and since it reflects damage can deal a bit itself. I have also gotten kills with it (Reflection of Lux's pew pew laser).
Puncturing Taunt: This ability is sorta Rammus' bread and butter. It will force enemies to attack you, lowering their armor and not allowing them to use abilities for a short time. This is going to get you a lot of assists, maybe even a decent amount of kills. Most players are afraid of Rammus, and for good reason. This taunt can allow you to kite effectively and can halt enemies with Ghost, allowing you to get the kill on the escapee.
Tremors: Rammus' ultimate ability. Causes earthquakes that deals a good amount of damage to enemies around Rammus. Also, this ability hurts buildings, making Rammus somewhat of an effective backdoor character if necessary. I wouldn't recommend it though, because if you need a Rammus to backdoor, the outlook is bleak. It also has a relatively short cooldown, so it's worth using, even against one opponent, since it can guarantee you a kill in most cases.

Flash: By golly is this a must have for Rammus. A good tactic is entering Powerball, and using Flash to 'port directly on top of them. You can then Taunt, Defense Curl, and Tremors. This will allow you to get a hellish amount of damage on your chosen target. Also, you can use Flash for the normal escapes, chases, etc.
Ignite: Pretty much self-explanatory, used for getting those kills on running champs, etc.

Clarity: Rammus gets mana-starved pretty easily, especially if you love harrasing and or just love rolling around and causing earthquakes.
Heal: Rammus has lower health than most other tanks, and lower stats if he's not in his Defense Curl.
Exhaust: Slows and blinds your target. Another self explanatory spell, usable to get a kill or slow down that pesky champion who's chasing you.

MASTERIES: I prefer a 0-14-16 mastery build. In Utility, I chose all the best points to get to the Flash mastery. In Defense, choose things that help Rammus, ie. Dodge, Physical damage resist, and so on.

RUNES: I choose runes that are beneficial to most any character, but this rune build is especially good on Rammus. It gives a great deal of dodge chance along with some mana, mana regen, health, etc. (note: If you find some other runes that would be beneficial to this build, please let me know in the comments.)

MAIN ITEM BUILD (at end game):
Ninja Tabi: Gives speed and dodge chance, good compliment with the dodge masteries and/or runes.
Thornmail: Gives a good amount of armor and some damage reflection. All around good item for Rammus.
Sunfire Cape: Does magic damage in a circle centering on Rammus, as well as giving you health and armor. Helps your AOE damage total (from Tremors, Defence Curl, Thornmail, and Sunfire Cape)
Aegis of the Legion: EXTREMELY BENIFICIAL!!!! Not only gives you armor, health, and magic resist, but also has an aura.
Guardian Angel: Armor, Magic Resist, and a revive upon death every once in a while. Who wouldn't want that??
Force of Nature: Health Regen and some Magic Resist.

As always, feel free to change the purchase order around, or substitute an item. My favorite substitute is theBanshee's Veil.

Thanks for reading, and please take the time to offer some constructive criticism (this is my first build after all) and PLEASE do not rate down without telling me why.