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Rammus Build Guide by Dudest3r

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dudest3r


Dudest3r Last updated on December 8, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The Start of Game

Hunters, 2 potions, ward trinket

Start red. Unless the enemy team has a blitz then you may have to start blue because you absolutely can not lose your blue it will cripple your level 3 ganks.

I like to get a leash on red and if possible do not use a potion. Smite the red when he is almost dead you really do not need any buffs at this point. It is better to have the extra potion.

Next go to wolves. Always start by spinning into the camp then wait until they attack you to activate the shield. I like to taunt the camp leader to lower their armor it will save you health. Pop your potions when you feel you need it I like to wait until wolves take me down low enough to where I know that I will stay at full health. Now you have two options HOPEFULLY you can get your blue. If a lane is getting owned though and u are close to it at least pop out and shake the enemy up a little keep them worried. Sometimes just a vision of you is all you need to balance the lane out.

HOPEFULLY your lanes aren't such garbage that they need you already. you will have your smite almost. I like to avoid using it because if you can avoid it you can smite the toad after blue. Spin into the camp shield once they attack you taunt the blue DEFINITELY TAUNT THE BLUE. Pop your second potion. YOU WILL NEED IT. The goal is to have as much health as possible at all times without wasting your potions in case of a counter jungle or need to gank. After blue you will be level 3. If you have your smite smite the toad as you are spinning at it hit it with spin
shield then taunt. The toad will hurt you a little you will be at about half health probably. BUT YOU HAVE TAUNT NOW sometimes you don't get it by the time u get your blue. If you have to skip blue to help a lane for some reason at least ward it so that you can keep an eye blue is crucial for staying in the jungle longer. Once you have taunt see if your lanes are not pushed. If the enemy is on your half of the map. Gank a lane asap. SPIN ping the enemy u are targeting as you are rolling in AND MAKE SURE your allies know that once u ping they need to attack that champion AT THAT VERY MOMENT. You are planning to spin at the lane FLASH at the champion landing on them or jumping over the minions to stun them. Your teammate should be already attacking the enemy champion hopefully. You will stun them and instantly pop your shield in the time you have them popped up u have time to SHIELD THEN TAUNT
you have to taunt them if you have to do this first do it first. Ward the bush they are going to run at to get away so that your teammate never loses focus. If successful you should have your health still and now you have the option to go for the support if in bottom lane or head to the next closest lane that has an enemy close to your tower. I have ganked all three lanes one after another and got a kill for each lane. IF YOU GET A KILL ITS OKAY. DO NOT RISK THEM GETTING AWAY FOR YOUR TEAM TO GET FED an assist is better than nothing for them. When you get good you can know whether or not they will get the kill and THEN AND ONLY THEN can you strategize in a way to get them the kill.


You getting a kill means more money faster building better ganking and better feeding for your teammates.


if your lanes are stupid and are pushed or just doing an outstanding job keep farming the jungle

Do not waste your time trying to gank a lane that is too close to the tower. The new towers own you. Even with armor it is not until late game or if you have flash that you can dive a tower now. And mostly you want to use your flash in early game to get in there for the gank.

NOTE THIS: stay near the bushes so that when u are super low
even if you are about to die if u back off keep your w ready and come back with a spin knowing that u wont get melted fast u can stun shield taunt and walk into a bush staying alive with very low health once you know RAMMUS' capabilities. BUSHES ARE AWESOME because they will stay taunted but not be able to hit you. IT IS AWESOME and stressed them out so much BAHA!

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machete 2 pots ward, first back boots and blue jungle upgrade and a potion. Second back as much armor as possible, third back cool down reduction health stone or finish thorns or your jungle item if you are bank rolling. After this build straight up max armor. BUT WHAT ABOUT THEIR AP. Know this. The only way to make Rammus OP is MAXIMUM ARMOR. There are items with health and armor that's the answer to your AP opponents. HEALTH. Randuins or sunfire I like the slow from randuins and the better stats. I do enough damage without sunfire. FROZEN HEART is a must for the mana and 100 armor. Screw any boots but the wings baby. You got tenacity in your masteries and those wings will save you save your team and help you get where you need to go. I even rush homeguards if I can because spin with homeguard is ungodly.



If your blues getting stolen for some reason rush the half of frozen with mana after the back where u maxed ur armor. I always get to 300 gold armor items or the chain half of thorns when I back for the second time. Third time you can either work on finishing juggernaut thorns or if you have to get that mana half of frozen heart.

So the wing boots thorns frozen blue juggernaut are your core items. after that you can kinda wing it I am good at escaping but when my team is there and I dip I always think I can get in there taunt stun and cc their adc apc and get my team a kill and still live. Usually I can but when I can't THANK YOU GUARDIAN ANGEL. So I do love this item but I mean if you want to get a Glove that extra damage and slow is pretty nice. I'd rather have the safe guard back up plan so I can take those risks that usually pay off for me.

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You are the jungler and this is the best role for being a field general. If your teams stubborn find new teammates learn how to lead. If you don't like to lead but still like Rammus its cool you do not have to. Just make sure they attack ur pinged enemy as u are spinning in before that flash hits them. This will pretty much guarantee a kill every time you have flash.

ARMOR ARMOR ARMOR sometimes a locket if you got like a fed syndra or akali orsome thing against you locket is great item. this would be WING BOOTS - JUGGERNAUT JUNGLE ITEM BLUE - THORNS - FROZEN - LOCKET - RANDUINS/WINGS Like I said forget sunfire there are better items.

AMRMOR IS YOUR DAMAGE FRICKIN ARMOR no visage no warmogs no abyssal well maybe an abyssal if you are way ahead and your team has a lot of ap and no abyssal but meh ARMORRRRR!!!!!!!!!! CDR AND ARMOR frozen gives u 20 cdr jungle item gives u 10 cdr CDR IS AWESOME. AND NEXT SECTION IS WHY.

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Once you get past the lane phase you have to protect your team but know this if no one is split pushing and your team can survive on their own PUSH A LANE Your spin ult and damage with thorns and ur w will clear fast and u get MAD GOLD pushing a lane once you learn to use your ult right and spin u will hit every minion for the money in every wave. Spin ahead of your minions get as much in the middle of all the group as you can by spinning around them so they follow you then shield ult if u have it ONCE YOU ARE CLOSE TO THE TOWER DO NOT ULT YOU NEEED IT FOR THE TOWER

If you know the teams coming ult that wave and dip out though.

pay attention this is why you rushed homeguards as soon as a lane is pushed to a tower get there fast with your ult and ur teammate u can drop a tower very quickly.

WHEN AT INHIBITOR TOWERS always get on other side of the tower between tower and inhibitor because at this point if you got this ramus thing down the enemy team IS SUPER AFRAID OF COMING EVEN CLOSE TO YOU. YOu taunt their adc's as they try to take out urs they cant do anything to your ddamage dealers because theyre always hitting u or stunned. So you being between them and the tower that you are ulting and ur team is attacking keeps them away so it will drop fast also when it falls ur ults already hitting the inhibitor. Ill even leave to spin at the enemy in their base even 3 of em I don't care most times Ill solo three of them alone take them to like 20% be at 20% myself then my team finishes them off and im still at 20% or I get low back off team comes in and as they think that I am leaving in fear they go for my adc or apc and oh snap spinning back at em NEAARLY DEAD they either RUN cuz they know you aint dead and wont die ORR GO AFTER YOU which is what u want cuz u can shield which is like having 50% health still when you are at 15% mind your shield time though because when its gone u don't want to be near the enemy that low. SO you come back spin at em stun as many as u can taunt the most deadly one of them and DIP just in taunt range u hit them and start getting the hell away again Your team drops them and u are out of the frey until your W is ready again
then get the hell back in there with another spin shield and taunt their next high damage champions.

READ TEH LAST SECTSSSSHIN!!!! yeah not a typo im just silly

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YOU DO DAMAGE. YOUR AUTO ATTACKS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT DAMAGE YOU WILL PUT OUT and you usually don't think this. WHEN U HAVE YOUR W AND U TAUNT AN ADC KEEP HITTING HIM. hit that taunted champ or if uu know hes gonna get melted before hes done being taunted start hitting the next ADC like say u taunted udyr hes hitting ur w and thorns dropping health and your akali is nuking him and they have a fed cait there too let akali finish udyr and hit cait now pay attention u can be hitting cait and be like nah udyrs not gonna die attack udyr because caits farther back from ur akali or ur apc adc and u can kill udyr fast and boom ur taunts ready again taunt cait attack her

USUALLY im in the mix with my team and im auto attacking champ after champ until they are all dead JUST KNOW WHO TO TAUNT AND STUN EVERYONE IF U CAN if u can spin cait or udyr morgana and fizz go for the three of em. and taunt cait or whoever u know is going to be first to hit your adc/apc because at the point of late game once you are good you will know exactly what the enemy team is going to do in what order. otherwise start paying attention. If you want more tips hit me up at youtube channel and lets plays soon to come.