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League of Legends Build Guide Author Torpere

Rammus, Ok.

Torpere Last updated on December 18, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Rammus is, by far, one of thee most fun tanks to play. Who doesn't like this Bowser inspired, back to the 80's, champion? Thee is nothing more satisfying than Power Balling into someone at Mach 2.3, Defense Ball, Taunt, and then hit Tremors. Then you get to sit back as everyone tries to scatter while your teammates mop up the remains.

Passive - Spike Shell - Converts 25% of your armor into damage! Amazing skill for a tank who stacks armor items anyways. Lets you dish our damage while being nearly impossible to kill!
Q - Powerball - Rammus' signature move. He rolls into a ball (Think Sonic the Hedgehog) and increases movement speed as he barrels towards enemies. When an enemy is hit it deals magic damage and slows their movement speed.
W - Defensive Ball Curl - For 6 seconds armor and magic resistance increases AND a percentage of the enemies damage is returned to them (Just like Thornmail armor).
E - Puncturing Taunt - Your enemies will despise this skill. Taunts enemies into attacking you for a set amount of time AND decreases their armor.
R - Tremors. Rammus' ultimate is awesome. For 8 seconds Rammus causes AOE damage to enemies and structures alike!

Summoner Spells:
I always go Flash/Teleport. Flash can serve offensively and defensively depending on the situation. Gets you into and out of fights easily enough. Teleport is always great to have to get to allies or towers a LOT sooner than running!

Early Game:
Grab your Doran's Shield and Health Potion and get to a lane. Play aggressive, especially if you have a healer. Power ball slow them and pound away. Flash out if needed.

Mid Game:
By now you should have your Sunfire complete and working on Force of Nature or Warmog's (Depends on the situation. If you face magic users, get the Force of Nature, if the enemy is already having trouble killing you, grab the Warmog's for even more survivability, or if faced against all melee grab a Thormail). Your tank-itude is really starting to shine now. You have your ultimate, Tremors and enemy champs scatter when they see that crazy spiky ball barreling down at them. Watch the enemy carefully and watch for a champ to overextend, Power Ball and initiate that poor sap who came one step too close to doom.

End Game:
The build should be complete at this stage, if not grab what you need to finish your Randuin's Omen or Guardian Angel and get to it! This is where Rammus is nearly indestructible. Power Ball, Defense Curl, Taunt, and Tremor and watch the kills accumulate.

Core Items:
  1. - Great beginning item due to the 120 Hit points, 8 health/per 5 seconds, and 8 AC (2 extra damage).
  2. - Speed and Armor, enough said.
  3. - More armor, more health, cooldown reduction, chance to slow your enemies down when they hit you. A huge debuff for when you Power Ball into the midst of their ranks. Amazing item for any tank.
  4. - Armor, magic resist, and brings you back to life every 5 minutes!

Situational Items:
  • - If against magic users.
  • - If the opposing team can't seem to kill you. Will give you more survivability and keep you out fighting longer due to the health regen.
  • - If faced with an all melee, or mostly melee team. Will devastate anyone that stacks attack speed!

Disclaimer - If this is an exact build of someone else, I apologize. This is my first build and I looked through about 20 other Rammus builds and didn't see anything exact. Just let me know!