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League of Legends Build Guide Author SilentMupp

Rammus the fun Turtle

SilentMupp Last updated on February 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

This build i cant promise to work for everyone. But for me who has been browsing this site for lot of build checking by their score and all. It makes wonders with 25/5/32 in stats and such. Well here it is enjoy.

Im still changing around a little with the build so check back and see my progress for my version of the best Rammus build.

I mostly start with the boots and potions to get of a good start with kills and some assists, then when i get 500 more g i buy ninja tabi for the extra armor and nice little % of extra dodge.

Second i start to build my first Sunfire Cape to get more health and armor, and also a nice boost in minions kills. (after this you get real deadly in team fights)

There after i start with the guardian angel to get Magic resistance against spells and nice passive revive. ( This will help you alot as you go in with defensive ball and ulti and taunt the most annoying one from you friends you are bound to get every single attack the can manage on you so its good that after 3-4 of them have died you come back with 700 hp and slaughter the last one)

And after that Warmog to get lots of hp. ( Now you basicaly have so much hp and together with your magic resistance and defensive ball you take almost no dmg from anything even turrets fall for you as you tank and your freinds weak bodys does dmg to help you.)

After that if you havent won the match yet or lost it i get my force of nature to survive lots of spell with my defensive curl, it is now when you get as the say Immortal almost as you do awesome dmg with your ulti at things around you damaging structures and everything around you.

And Last i make an Thornmail if the match last that long This helps with aditional armor and a nice passive boost. ( with this item i solo a lvl 18 Yi with 20/1/13 in stats as he drained his own hp out by slashing on me.) ^^

Force of nature and Thornmail can change place depending on how the game goes and what enemies you face.

Tactics: LVL 1-6 Go for many assist useing your PowerBall and taunt to help your enemies get many kills in the begining. But be careful you can still die easy at these lvls. Your not fully developed health and defence makes you an easy target if you dont have a freind or turret to assist you. this is were Ignite help alot on fleeing enemies.

LVL 7-11 This is where your ulti is doing low dmg but still awesome work with your enemies as you get some kills and many assists. Try getting down a turret or two with your ulti at this stage but remember to not be too cocky as when the enemies show up you are the first one to get stuned and tower &%()# as you say.

LVL 12-18 This is where you go around Killing stuff helping tower pushing and surviving lots of dmg thanks to your high magic resistance and armor. Remember this build work if you get low with assists and kills, but you will die in team fights if you dont get your hp and magic resistance up quick. ( Rammus best things to get is Armor and magic resistance.)

The Skill sequence in this build isnt exactly what i use as i tend to change all the time depending on the situation, if we get 2 melee chars at out on our lane i tend to go with Taunt, as my second instead of Ball curl, and more dmging casters i go defensive and take ball curl. IT also tends change later into the game too depending on how it goes in the match. Ulit is always picked at first lvl its avaible and power balls is always first skill when match starts.

Rammus can be one of the Hardest of the tanks to kill but also the easiest it depends how you play and how you build him, this is my version that i made after playing some matches with diffrent builds on this site.

This build has a great combination with almost every other char you can have with you on your site, your worse Enemie would be silencing chars as you charge in with powerball they silence and you wont be able to use defensive ball curl which is the outmost best surviving ability you have.

I have played this char together and against almost every character this game has, not together with cassiopeia yet but against her. My best combinatio is powerball, Taunt, Ball curl, then ulti if you have it ready or if it is needed.

As rammus at lvl 18 you can easily tank whole team fights with your defensive ball and taunt dangerous enemies attempting to do some ultis or sneaking past you to take out a more weaker ally.

This build has been done by me the Silentmupp on the europe server, im currently lvl 20 but the items are what im useing atm and what runes and masteries i want at lvl 30.
I made this mostly to remind my self about what im aiming for and to help other players who likes to play Rammus but hasnt really gotten the hang of the other builds.
Fun to make your own thing.
This Build is also a thing that i have linked to many friends asking for it and 90% of them have said that it has been awesome for them and thanking me 100 times over for it. And i always answer with: Hey just you dont steal my Turtle when we play together okay?

One of my closer friends managed a really awesome feat i never though would be done in the low amount of time he has been playing. He did the remarkable thing fo managing 36/0/43. And that beats my top record so hey this build do really work.

Give feedback if you have any thing you think i should change.