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League of Legends Build Guide Author MilkGoodBody

Rammus -The Situation-

MilkGoodBody Last updated on January 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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-Rammus, The Armadillo-

Disclaimer: this guide has nothing to do with Jersey Shore.

Please if you downvote this build tell me why! Thank You!

Rammus is the king of the battlefield, crowd controlling the enemy team to death. Rammus can turn the tide of any battle with just the right taunt. While they try to kill you they will hurt themselves. He's an armadillo. With the right items you can make the enemy team run from the sight of you Powerballing in. You can run into them and make them scramble as your team picks them off one by one. As a tank you are the backbone of your team, you are Rammus. He is a versatile tank, it all depends on what you buy for him. Easily counter an enemy gank with just the right Powerball and a taunt. Tear apart auto attackers by just taunting them and Defense Ball Curling. Initiating with a flash and taunt can catch the enemy team by surprise, or if your caught by surprise then just Powerball away. If played correctly you can Turn a losing game back into a win.

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Greater Mark of Warding: These runes are good for the beginning because Rammus starts out with no magic resistance.

Greater Seal of Defense: These runes are good because Rammus starts off with a decent amount of armor, so having these scale with your level will provide some additional solid defense.

Greater Glyph of Warding: These will give you additional magic resistance in the beginning to help you tank early game.

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude: These quints are good in general. They provide some extra life early game yo help you tank.

Greater Quintessence of Swiftness: these are great on Rammus. if you feel you do not need the extra HP then go for these because Rammus is all about speed.

Rammus is very squishy early game so I like to build runes that make Rammus more tanky in the beginning. I like my items to boost me mid to late game not my runes.

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Going 0/24/6 provides the best defense and laning capability.
Resistance: Provides Magic Resistance.
Hardiness: Provides Armor.
Strength of Spirit: Provides HP regen so you can lane longer.
Evasion: Allows you to live longer.
Defense Mastery: Allows you to power ball around creeps without taking to much damage from the creeps. Having a whole lane of them attacking you can kill you at a low level. Also lets you lane longer.
Nimbleness: Gives you speed, and as Rammus you are all about speed.
Harden Skin: Allows you to tank better.
Veterans Scars: Gives you health.
Tenacity: Gives you even more tanking ability.
Haste: Lets you go even faster and farther.
Perseverance: Lets you lane longer.
Awareness: Exp is a very important factor in any game.

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-Summoner Abilities-

This is a good ability but I personally don't use it. If your team is lacking crowd control then this is good to taunt one and exhaust the other. Do this to get two people stuck in Tremor.

This is excellent with Powerball. Just think about the benefits of going across the map on summoner's rift in less then 10 secs. Plus if you get boots of mobility then you will get their faster then you can move your screen. With this combination the enemy at top will never suspect you coming from the bottom of the map.

Do not use it. There are better choices.

This goes really well with ghost and powerball. You should try this at least once just for the LOLs. You die because you tanked then you pop revive powerball and ghost combined with the speed buff will make you insanely fast. They wont suspect you coming in that fast, just hope your teammates didn't die in that short period of time.

Only use smite if you plan on jungling. I don't like to jungle because I personally feel that if I'm tanking then I should be with someone in a lane. But its all preference. (If your looking for a jungling guide this is not one)

This is useless for Rammus. You have powerball. Nuf Said.

I never pick this. People tend to crowd control the squishies for an easy tank. being a Rammus you will only be squishy in the beginning. If the other team has a lot of crowd control abilities then get a mercury's treads. If you are doing ranked then you might want to get this.

I get this sometimes. Its very fun to Fortify then flash and taunt, go into Powerball and bring them under the turret. Hit them with the Powerball and you should get 1-3 turret hits on them.

Do not get. Learn to conserve your mana, get a catalyst, or blue buff.

I do not use this but it is good. If you really want it then get it.

Just do not do it.

Try it if you want, but as a tank you should be ready for anything and learn to not over extend.

This is my favorite ability on Rammus. Flash and taunt is the scariest thing especially near a tower. If your Powerballing and creeps get in the way you can flash over them. Flash can mean the difference between a kill or a failed gank.

Summoner Abilities are always a preference so just go with what you like best. I'm just providing my insight.

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-Skill Sequence-

Spike Shell - Rammus gains additional damage as his shell becomes reinforced, converting 25% of his armor into damage. This is bad when facing an all magic team or a team with the majority as magic. Never stack armor because of the passive. This does go in handy when the enemy team is all physical.

Powerball - Rammus accelerates in a ball towards his enemies, dealing damage and slowing targets affected by the impact.
Rammus accelerates in a ball towards his enemies, dealing 100/150/200/250/300 (+1) magic damage and causing 28/36/44/52/60% reduced movement speed to nearby enemies on impact.
Cost 80/90/100/110/120-Mana Range-300

Powerball also pushes enemies back when you hit them. Try to go around walls to trap them in while your team mates come from the other side. This will always ensure a kill. DO IT OFTEN. Powerball can also be used to end the ultimates of Katarina, Nunu, and Galio.

Rammus goes into a defensive formation, vastly increasing his armor and magic resistance, while returning damage to attacks.
Rammus goes into a defensive formation for 6 seconds, increasing his armor and magic resistance by 50/75/100/125/150 and returning 22/28/34/40/46 (+ (10% of Armor)) magic damage to attackers.
50/50/50/50/50-Mana Range-300

This always cost 50 mana at every level! If you have Omen Defense Curl first. This will grant you an extra second with just defense curl not counting any of the defenses from your items. One second may sound like a small amount of time but its really takes just a couple of seconds to kill someone during a gank. Also that extra second can really help out a lot in a team fight. make sure you position yourself to get the fast attacking enemies and squishies in the radius though.

Rammus taunts an enemy unit into a reckless assault against Rammus' hard shell, reducing armor temporarily.
Rammus taunts the unit into a reckless assault, reducing their armor by 10/15/20/25/30 and forcing them to attack Rammus for 1/1.5/2/2.5/3 second(s).
50/60/70/80/90-Mana Range-325

Taunt is your friend if your Rammus. Always taunt the biggest threat for your team to ensure victory. Tauting the fast attackers is also a good strategy, forcing them to attack you and getting hurt from your Defense curl and Thornmail. Or if the enemy team has a Sona tount her so she cant Crescendo your team and make you lose. This will also make it so she cant heal her team. Taunting people near a tower is also good. Taunt them bring them back then Powerball to ensure you get 1-3 turret hits on them. I level taunt up first because it is the best skill Rammus has.

Rammus creates waves of destruction pulsing through the ground, causing damage to units and structures near him.
Rammus creates tremors beneath him, dealing 65/130/195 (+0.3) magic damage per second to nearby units and structures.
Lasts 8 seconds.
120/120/120-Mana Range-300

Injecting yourself into the center of the enemy team taunting and using your Omen will hurt them a lot. Rammus can also Powerball into a group of them to slaw them making them take the hits of Tremors.

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There is no set build for Rammus. It all depends on the "Situation".

Always start out with boots and two hp pots and a mana pot if the team you are facing is a mix of physical and ability power. If you prefer Doran's shield then get it. I sometimes get Doran's Shield because it is good for the armor and life if the other team has a lot of physical damage. If the team is mainly ability power get a Null-Magic Mantle first then build up to Mercury's treads. If the other team has a lot of CC then it will be wise to get Mercury's Treads and a banshees veil.

If the enemy team is made up of All physical dps the your items should go something like this.

This would give you 293 armor and then when Defense curl is level 5 your would have 443 armor. Plus having the banshees veil would help out a lot from abilities. if you wanted you could switch out the banshees and get a Frozen Heart if the other team had a lot of auto attackers. That would give you 392 armor and 542 while defense curled. I have played well over 300 games as Rammus and maybe only like fifteen of my games have had an enemy team composed of all physical.

If the enemy team is all Ability power heroes then you should get:

This would be 258 magic resistance, and being a greater 408 when in Defense curl. plus the banshee's veil would increase survivability ten fold. Surprisingly I have faced teams like this when soloing and when I'm playing with my friends. The force of nature will benefit off of the Spirit visage's 20% increased healing and regeneration effects. also you mastery that increases life regen will be boosted. This build will give you a lot of survivability facing a magic team and give you the ability to lane effectively for a long time.

If the enemy team has lets say two physical dps then get at least a sunfire and an Omen. If just one of those physical dps are ones that attack fast such as Yi and Ashe then get a Thornmail. The Thornmail combined with your Defense curl will destroy them alone. If someone gets a Last Whisper then get an Omen ASAP, you will need to have them attack very slow so they don't rip you apart. Even getting a frozen heart would help.

If the team has only one physical dps then just get Omen. It will help you overall with cool down reduction and you can use it to slow the other squishier down so you team can kill them. build the rest with magic resistance items such as Banshees and Force of nature. I always rush Banshees because it is such a good item.

The build I use most would be:

If you are doing fairly well it would be wise to get a Heart of Gold in the beginning just so you can get the extra gold. I was facing an Amumu, Kassidin, Singed, Ezreal, and a Warwick. I got the Thornmail just for the WW and EZ never stood a chance when I power balled him and used my Omen. It was hard for me to get nuked by ez b/c I was so fast and I had my Banshees veil. The mummy was having a hard time ulting me becuase I was always so close I could taunt him, plus i had my veil on. Singed could not hurt me because I had so much magic resistance and if he came close i would just taunt.

Getting a Sunfire early is very OP. If you are laning against two physicals then rush a Chainmail. Then hurry up and get your Belt, finish off with the Sunfire. this will help you farm money and kill the enemy early on.

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-Items To Look Out For-






Look out for the following items on enemy players!!!1!

The holders of these items are always your main target! Do whatever you can to taunt them and kill them. They will shred through your armor. If you die then your team dies.

Some easy ways to counter these items include:

1.Get a Banshees veil. This will make its so one ability will not affect you greatly increasing your survivability. Get this when facing someone with void staff.

2. Get an Omen if someone has a Last Whisper. If they are hitting you very slow then their dps will not be high. This increases your survivability. You could even get a Frozen Heart to slow their attacks down even more.

3. When facing someone who gets a Madreds get scared. You will need to get your Omen and or Frozen Heart fast! Also get a force of nature. you will need magic resistance to counteract the magic damage from the Madreds. Most of the time the Madreds does more damage then the actual attack so watch out!

Save yourself some trouble, look at the enemy team. If one of them looks like they would get a Madreds then farm fast, gank that person to hinder them from getting it.

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-Game Play-

Early Game

Play very defensively, Powerball and taunt them if you know you will get a kill or an assist. Last hit creeps and pop potions when you need to. Hide in bushes or just go in them so you can not be targeted. Powerball large clusters of minions to damage them all. (Just go in the center and Powerball). Remember some people get greedy so just taunt them under your tower. Start thinking about the items you will be wants to get for tanking.

Mid Game

By now you should have your upgraded boots. go help gank mid or whatever. Just make sure your ready for anything. Stay in the woods and be sneaky to keep them guessing to where you could be. Powerball behind people and trap them. Do not be the Rammus that just wants kills, even if you get the assist your team has got the kill making that person that much stronger. Creep in between ganks just for the gold. Go and jungle sometimes also, you will be needing you tanking gear and even though you get the assist on kills its sometimes only around 50g. Watch the enemy team to make sure no one got any of the mentioned items. Also if you see someone pushing a lane by themselves then go in. Look at your map to verify that they are by themselves. If you think you can handle it Powerball in with ghost on. Catch them by surprise to make sure you get the kill. If you do not think you can do it and your team is to far away wait until they are near the tower then Powerball in from behind to push them into the tower radius. Make sure you taunt them so they die.

Late Game

You will be tanking team battles. Remember to have the right position in the battle to get at least two in your omens and in Tremors. Make sure you Defense curl when you do Omen. Make sure you know who your going to taunt and make sure you do it fast. Get as many taunts as you can out in the fight. When not in Defense Curl make sure you are Powerballing them so they are slowed if they are not taunted. Push lanes and even back door with Defense curl and Tremors. Keep up the good work and you will win!

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Never have a set in stone build in your head when playing Rammus. Tailor you items against the other team to ensure victory. Play around with taunt and Powerball, and always use this combo when they are pushing against your tower. Watch out for Madreds, Last Whisper, and Void Staff. SET PRIORITIES! Catch people by surprise, that is why you have Powerball. Trap enemies in between you and your teammates. Do not waste mana or you will become useless. If an enemy is running away Powerball around the creeps (use flash is you need to) hit them and taunt. If an enemy is trying to get by and go into the base TAUNT THEM. Never let a chance go by where you could have scored a kill for your team. In team fights always use your initial taunt on the champion that will do the most damage or will crowd control your team. Taunt the champion that could make you lose the fight. When you are using your ult in a team fight make sure you get more then two enemies in Tremors. For most team fights you will be able to taunt three times is done correctly. Another cool trick is to Powerball them after your taunt wears off. The more you play the better you will become. Over the games I have played I have noticed something. Yes a good tank can turn a game around but you will also need DPS that can do their If they aren't doing damage then your tanking for nothing meaning you will die. This also works vise versa. If the tank isn't doing their job then most likely you will end up dieing. job. If there are any questions please leave them below. my in game name is MilkGoodBody is you have an questions. if you downrate please tell me why! This is my first guide so if you have a suggestion please just let me know!

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-Screen Shots-

Here is my scores of Rammus from today. Just ignore the practice games. This is just from the week and I have done a lot better from following these tips.

This is when I built items to counter the other team. I got Banshees veil becuase of Blitz's arm grab, and Mundo's cleavers and Zilean's bombs. Then I got Thornmail to counter Xin, Udyr and Irelia. As you can see a good tank is the back bone of your team. With out me tanking and feeding my team by picking them off one by one they wouldn't have surrounded.

This is a good example of when I tailored my gear to counter the enemy team. I got a Dorans shield first because a lot of the enemies hit hard in the beginning. Then I got a Heart of gold to quickly get gold and eventually get an Omen. Then I gt a sunfire to help do damage, farm and give health and armor. I also got a Banshees veil to help tank some of the enemies abilities such as Malphs ability that steals movement speed and Zileans bombs. Also it helped protect from Caitlyn's ult, the pirates gun and Panths stun. I got Mercury's Treads to reduce the crowd controlling effects of the other team. Omen helped with the reduced cooldown and ability that slows champions movement and attack speeds when they hit me. Also a lot of them never stood a chance when I used it on them in team fights.