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League of Legends Build Guide Author Smulshy

Rammus the tank engine

Smulshy Last updated on January 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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My personal skill sequence in initiating a team fight:

Rammus was one of the first champions I ever played, at first I wasn't sure how to use him, and I feel alot of people still don't even at level 30

Rammus is a tank, his job is to initiate and soak damage. I find even at level 30 alot of people lack the understanding of what a tank really should be doing

1. Summoner spells explanation
2. Rune explanation
3. Item explanation
4. tips
5. In-game guide


    Long duration taunt which works great with defensive ball curl
    Damage recoil and massive armour and magic resist
    High movement speeds with powerball
    Considerably high damage for a tank
    Nice initiation with powerball
    King of assists


    Lacks the health of normal tanks early game
    His only disable in single target
    Low mana pool and regeneration

1. Summoner spells explanation


Flash is great on any champion but even more so on Rammus. It can be used to flash past mobs when in powerball to prevent the champion from getting away. Flash can also be used to get in range of a taunt, allowing nearby champions a chance to catch up and hopefully kill them.


Exhaust is also a great option for Rammus, it can be used to disable high damage physical carries or to prevent taunted enemies from doing damage. Also, Exhaust combos with taunt and powerball, and can prevent almost any champion from escaping if you have other champions nearby.

Other viable summoner spells


Ghost could be a good option, can be used for a nice escape although I find powerball is normally enough. It can also be used to power your way to a team fight if you really require it. I find Flash and Exhaust to be better options however, its up to personal preference.

2. Rune explanation

Armour penetration marks

Great for the extra early stage damage you require, no particular reason behind the choice. They can be replaced with magic resist and it seems to give a nice boost regardless of them being secondary runes

Armour seals

Great for Rammus to get even more early damage and increased armour. Can be replaced with mana regeneration/level if you find mana is more of a problem than damage early game

Magic resist glyphs

No other good option for Rammus, can also help as your first item will more than likely be thornmail. Gives a nice early resist until you get force of nature

Health quintessences

Great as early game you will be lacking the health you need. Great option as you will be getting warmogs quite late into the game and need a nice health boost beforehand.

3. Item explanation

Boots of speed

Gives you a nice movement boost at the beginning, and allows you to get three health potions which you will require as you need to get last hits and lack any ranged ability.

Mercury threads

You will either be getting these of ninja tabi's, it all depends on what your enemies are, if they have alot of physical dps, you will want ninja tabi's, if they have alot of nukers, you will be better off with mercury threads. I tend to get mercury threads when the teams are even as they seem to be more useful all round.


Great first item, instantly gives you a massive armour boost, as well as increased damage and damage recoil from its passive and your passive. You may decide to get Force of nature first, depending again on there team

Force of nature

These again are cheap and offer a nice amount of magic resist, along with nice health regeneration and increased movement speed. You can replace Force of nature if the enemy team has alot of high damage nuke spells (suck as Karthus' ult, Requiem)

Warmog's armour

Gives you the health boost your've been wanting for a long time, also gives you a massive health regeneration which stacks well with Force of nature. You can get this before either Thornmail or Force of nature if their team lacks either

Banshees viel

Gives you a nice boost in mana and health as well as more magic resist. The main reason for getting the item however is because of its passive. It will be late game by the time you get it and alot of enemy nukers spells will be dealing a considerably large amount of damage. Can be replaced with an armour item such as sunfire cape or even guardian angel if there team lacks nukers

Aegis of the legion

By the time you get to this point you will have around the best defence you can offer. So I tend to find it better to help out your teammates a bit as you won't always get focused. If you still have money after this buy potions.

4. Tips

    -Be careful how you use your mana, you will be lacking it especially early game
    -Late game don't be afraid to use Tremors to clear a big creep wave, you need the money and it has a short cooldown
    -Tremors is also great at taking out towers, just be careful there are no champions around as if it hits them the turret will focus you
    -Make sure you are in every team fight, not only are you the tank but you have solid dps and can rack up alot of assists and maybe even some kills
    -Try not to recall until at least level 4 and until you can afford mercury threads, this will allow you to get back using powerball extremely quickly
    -When using powerball to get back to a location, stay at the spawn belt until you are full mana again, you won't lose much distance and you need all the mana you can get

5. In-game guide

Early game

Early game can be a bad time for Rammus, he lacks the last hitting capability he requires and also has no range skill. Concentrate on last hitting as many minions as you can but try not to use mana doing so as he has a very small mana pool and should only be used against champions. Don't be afraid to recall but try and wait until level 4 and you can afford your boots, this will allow you to powerball back very fast

Middle and late game

Pretty much the same thing, just keep farming the minions and pushing towers, make sure you're at every time fight. Don't forget tremors has a short cool down so use it at the start of a team fight, to push towers and to farm large minion waves, just be careful not to use it on a turret when there are champions around as the turret will focus you if they take damage