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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author divic

Rammus - With rambo-style

divic Last updated on December 15, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is Rammus - With Rambo-style-quide

Pros and Cons:
-you will stay alive in 1vs4 (late-game)
-awesome AoE-dmg
-easy to play but a lot tricks to learn
-Karthus is your only opponent what you really fear
-you need your 1st sunfire to get build working
-weak start-game
-low magic resist before getting Force of Nature

Doran's Shield is really nice starting item cause it gives health regen, (what you really need for long lane farming) health (nice boost, cause rammus has low base hp) and armor (gives dmg and helps in surviving).
Ninja Tabi is nearly a "must have item" for Rammus. I like the nimbleness-effect, which keeps you going even in a middle of a teamfight. Replace Ninja Tab with Mercury Treads just if opponent has at least 4 AP-champions.
Sunfire Cape's are the primary way how you deal the damage. With your ultimate you will have nice double-AoE. Sunfires are also your primary source of hp and armor. Your armor will be really nice after you get a couple of these.
Force of Nature is the only magic resist item in this corebuild so its really important part of it. Best magic resist item and gives also nice health regen.
Thornnail is awesome item, and it stacks with your shield. Result is nice. You have really good ability to keep going against champions like Teemo, Yi or Twitch.
Other items:
Banshees Veil is great, gives magic resist and you are pretty weak against cc:s so good also in that way.
Frozen Heart is okay on Rammus. You can take that if you want but its not usually the best item to choose on Rammus-build.
Aegis of Legion is also okay but Rammus is better as aggressive tank.
Rainduin's Omen isn't worth of its price on Rammus, in my opinion.

Summoner Spells:
Heal: pretty many of you might say that "why? why heal?". Heal is actually pretty nice for Rammus. Rammus has a lot of magic resist and armor so heal has maximal effectiness. Heal is awesome in tactical purposes and as lifesaver. Bait-style is nice. Still maybe 70% of opponents don't remember your summoner spells. At least in my Elo :D
Ghost: lifesaver, hunter, keeps you going in teamfights (with Nimbleness) against slows.
I didn't take:
Flash: well... its okay if you don't wanna use ghost but, ghost hasn't so long cd and can be used on many purposes. Defensive Ball Curl + Ghost = profit
Ignite: this is for dps, you are not a primary killer. You have an another job to do.

- you run with your shield as a bait. Then make full rhytm-change and attack him. With heal and ghost you are extremely difficult to kill. But remember, that you have just 2 lifes and Karthus can kill you easily.
- once when I played duo-queue with teemo-player happened pretty weird fight. Teemo did activate his movement speed-buff and ghost and did run straight against whole enemy-team. (5 enemies) Well I was pretty hurry on that moment and I had to come save him :D I did powerball against those enemies and taunted carry etc. result was that I got doublekill and Teemo got triplekill. Reason: I had sunfire-build and Teemo had pure damage-build without lifesteal. And well... yeah... maybe they were also little bit stupid and did panic when our average movement speed was about 800.

Short speech:
This is for solo-queue or duo-queue. Taking Defensive Ball Curl and Powerball instead of Puncturing Taunt will maximize your effectiness but your team-partners don't probably like it. you will be just farming in start-game, tanking golem-buff at lvl 11 and after that you will be probably the most effective champion in the game. Secure teammates with Powerball. In late games teamfight your job is also to taunt opponents primary carry.

You start the teamfight, or you are 2nd, just after 1st one. You will start the fight with Powerball. You have to get the enemy-team attack on you. You will be middle of their team, dealing AoE and taunting their carries.

Taunts rank order:
1. Soloer or fed carry
2. Support
3. AP-caster
4. AD-dps
5. Tank

fighting order:
Powerball, taunt, shield and ultimate. Use shield and taunt usually at same time cause then you will lose less health when enemy is attacking on you. Ultimate is 3rd part of combo. After this combo you have to improvise cause of your cd's are pretty long. Leave some mana for shield&heal-combo. When enemy tries to leave from fight you can Powerball and taunt him. After that your dps has usually finished him.

-use Powerball when you leave the fountain. Gives a bit faster way to move. (fountain will regen the mana)
-change the rhytm of your playing
-use heal just when you have extremely low health. you are nice little bait.
-use bushes. Sometimes you will get a good powerballing chance from bush.
-don't use much your skills in start game, try to care and stay alive with shield
-defensive lane-game, extremely-aggressive attacking

-After this everything has changed. Now I'll prefere buying Banshee's Veil, Guardian Angel, Aegis of Legion or Rainduin's Omen instead of 2nd Sunfire's Cape. The main idea still remains same but now you have just 5 certain items and 2 items are your match-picks depending the enemy. [15.12.2010]