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League of Legends Build Guide Author RunningHoe

Random Guide to Blue Ashe

RunningHoe Last updated on November 12, 2013
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This is a random guide that is my first and I have decided to start making guides to kill time/help people troll etc.

To get the maximum potential out of my guide, you will need to have great synergy with your support (hopefully, you get supports like nidalee)to poke them down for kill lane which will just help you get your items much faster. Or you can get a zyra for team comp (Just saying)

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Pros / Cons

Heavy damage output (I think?)
Good team fighting potential (W for slow in a cone, Ult for initiation)
Money each time you kill a creep
No mobility to trade efficiently compared to champions with mobility (vayne, graves etc)
Rather slow

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Max your W first for max damage output/kiting/poke potential. This gives you extra range, and it goes with your crits. CDR enables you to perma-slow them making you a chasing machine which pisses them off

Max your Q next but get a few points in your E first for extra gold and vision range as this is vital in your farming stage to prevent yourself from getting ganks. Getting your Q later on in the game is to ensure that you have enough mana to use it efficiently without being manaless

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Items for blue ashe is very standard. (If you ain't dumb/mentally unstable/******ed)

Starting: Long Sword health potions or Doran's Blade

Core Goals: Sword of the Occult -> you are an ADC, getting kills is one of your goals
Spirit of the Elder Lizard -> synergies well with your W and R. Gives you extra kiting potential
Manamune into Muramana -> Blue ashe requires you to spam. Getting this allows you to spam for longer periods without having to back.
Last Whisper -> This helps you poke efficiently and hey? who doesn't like penetration?
Statikk Shiv -> Ashe crits. With this and your passive, your first hit will make them **** in their pants.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity -> This gives you CDR. Combined with your elder lizard, you will make them pissed to the ends of the world. It also means more ultimate being used which means more team fights to win the game

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As a blue ashe, you will need mana and be required to roam to be a "team player" since you suck and can't aim your global ultimate properly. Hence, this mastery points will assure that everything is well taken care of.

Run 9/0/21.


9 in offense to give you attack speed, damage and armor penetration

0 in defense since your support is supposed to keep you alive. If not, your support sucks

21 in utility for mana regeneration, mana at level 18, runic affinity as you will be taking red buffs and blue occasionally, and always get pick pocket to ensure that you make every trade against the other AD carry a good trade because you get extra gold out of them!(This means even if you die from a fight you will still get some gold even if there is no assists SPOILER: 3-5 GOLD IS ALOT)

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**** Runes. Runes are for *******.

In any case, if you have extra IP and you have no clue what to buy since you are filthy rich and ******ed, you can get a full rune page of crit damage. This works very well with your passive which also gives you crits. With this, at level one skill W will make them **** in their pants as they can't take the insane damage that you have. Below is a video of Siv HD who went full crit damage runes as support ashe.

Since I'm a kind guy, I'll let you ******s in on how to play ashe (dummies you are indeed)


Greater Glyph of Critical Damage

Greater Mark of Critical Damage

Greater Quintessence of Critical Damage

Greater Seal of Critical Damage

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This is really up to you.
Sniping/Stacks collector/Global Ults ****: Flash Clairvoyance

Normal ADC: Flash Barrier/ Cleanse

Reasons for Flash: Universal OP spell. Used to last hit for kill/escape/outplays (unless you are ****ed in the head)

Reasons for Barrier: Keeps you alive to dish out last bit of damage. Keeps you alive from dying since your support is a socialpath who hates you and refuses to die for you/heal you etc

Reasons for Cleanse: Early game you can't afford a Quicksilver Sash since its bloody expensive and it gets you out of the support's/jungler's CC and prevents you from dying (blame your bad positioning)

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Team Work

Basically play a normal ADC role. But in this case, always poke before your team goes in. Let them be the frontline while you kill people one by one with your magical arrows. Poke first since you are building a poke champion, not normal ashe with **** tons of damage.

Never position yourself where you can get ****ed and scream like a little girl. Always let your suport die since you are an official *******. Stay in range for your W, try to hit as many of them at once. Use your Q when you are chasing an enemy down.


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