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Kindred Build Guide by YuzukiJG

Jungle RANK 1 Kindred NA kindred matchups in depth , account wont update

Jungle RANK 1 Kindred NA kindred matchups in depth , account wont update

Updated on April 13, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author YuzukiJG Build Guide By YuzukiJG 192 28 507,353 Views 13 Comments
192 28 507,353 Views 13 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author YuzukiJG Kindred Build Guide By YuzukiJG Updated on April 13, 2024
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Runes: SZN 14 RED PET (can go insp)

1 2
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Eyeball Collection
Sudden Impact

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Scorchclaw Smite

Scorchclaw Smite

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

RANK 1 Kindred NA kindred matchups in depth , account wont update

By YuzukiJG
Hello,I’m Yuzuki or YuzukiJG. I hit Challenger 1klp with a 57% winrate on Kindred and wanted to make this guide to help other Kindred players improve their pathing and climb to the elo they desire. I also reached Challenger on while streaming them two different accounts (one I played mostly evelynn and the other I played mostly kindred).
PASSIVE Kindred can mark targets to Hunt. successfully completing a Hunt permanently empowers Kindred’s basic abilities. Every 4 hunters completed also increases Kindred’s basic attack range

Q Lamb vaults, firing up to 3 arrows at nearby enemies, dealing 60/85/110/135/160 (+75% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage and gains 25% (+5% per Mark) bonus attack speed for 4 seconds.

Casting Wolf's Frenzy or vaulting inside of its effect reduces the cooldown of this spell to 4/3.5/3/2.5/2 seconds.

W Passive: As Kindred move and attack they build stacks of Hunter's Vigor, up to a maximum of 100. At full stacks Lamb's next basic attack restores up to 47 - 81 health based on how much health Kindred is missing.

Active: Wolf claims a territory, attacking nearby enemies inside it for 8.5 seconds. Lamb can redirect Wolf to new targets by attacking them. If Lamb leaves Wolf's territory he will cease attacking and join her.

Wolf's attacks deal magic damage equal to 25/30/35/40/45 (+20% bonus Attack Damage) plus 1.5% + 1% of enemy current health% per Mark of the target's current health.

E Cripple an enemy, slowing their movement speed by 50% for 1 second.

After Lamb attacks the target twice, her third attack instead directs Wolf to pounce on the enemy, dealing 80/100/120/140/160 (+80% bonus Attack Damage) plus 8% of the target's missing health as bonus physical damage.

Wolf's attack critically strikes targets for 50% increased damage if they are below 15% (+5%) health (Increased by Critical Strike Chance).

R Lamb blesses the ground underneath her for 4 seconds, creating an area in which no living things, ally or enemy, can die. Upon reaching 10% Health, units become immune to further damage or healing.

When the blessing ends all living things inside heal for 225/300/375.


Extended Team Fight Comp

vs Squishy

vs Tanky

Lane Kindred v1

Lane Kindred v2
Tips and Tricks
Jungle Tips
It’s always good to ask your mid laner to ward enemy raptors for enemy jungle tracking

After taking crab you want to go to the enemy gromp if you are topside or raptors if you are botside and drop a ward whichever side you are

Try to invade champions that like to full clear and double camp because if you kill them or take those camps that they are trying to remove they will be set really behind and you can snowball off of it.

First mark will always be on scuttle

Marks 1 - 3 will be on crab, gromp and raptors

Marks 4 - 7 will be on red buff, blue buff, krugs, wolves

Marks 8+ are herald, dragon, baron, and elder

Mark Tips/Tricks
Marks never spawn on dead camps that have been recently cleared

If enemy cleared botside and they took raptors then it’s a 50/50 chance of spawning on gromp and crab

Full clear = 100% scuttle spawn

This works for all marks 1 → ∞

Extreme Threats:

- The only reason xin is an extreme threat is because of his insane early skirmishing ability. If the player of this champion decides to fight you and not run, there's a high chance that he will win early. He can out sustain you and gap close/cc you into your death. He can use his q to knock you up before your ult expires and kill you with his combo. Either try to catch him off guard while he's low on health or don't fight him without your team until you outscale.

- This matchup is extremely hard if he goes assassin, and even harder if he gets prowler. He can out farm you heavily and out scale until he can completely one shot you. A good kayn would hold his R until you ult, if they use R on you before you ult, you can turn the tides and win. Punish him early and you can make the game really hard for him. Try to start on the same side as him and try to 3-4 camp invade if you have prio on the side you are pathing towards. Kayn is really weak early and exploiting.

Kha’Zix - A good kha'zix would try to catch you in the jg and kill you. If he catches you in a bush and autos you with his passive, you're dead. After 6, his ult gives him the advantage over you. I would genuinely advise going for the titanic build vs him or galeforce collector. You have the advantage if you're ahead and is not isolated. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE HIS DAMAGE EVEN IF HE IS BEHIND. If you see the player is fullclearing then you can possibly look for an invade (IF YOU HAVE PRIO). Stay away from the river until the Kha Zix is spotted.

- This champion's kit is made to counter kindred's completely. His Q is extremely annoying and makes him impossible to kite. After the recent patch, his W Cooldown reduced to 9 seconds from 28 so its hard to 1v1 him. His W cancels 95% of your damage and can be used to wait out until his q is back up. If he has ignite you will never 1v1 him at any point in the game, unless you're extremely ahead. If not, then try not to fight him early and stick to your teammates/minions.

Major Threats:

: Honestly, the only reason I've put Elise as a major threat is because most people don't respect her strong early game and damage. I would recommend going Witts End first item or Galeforce - Mercs against her, whilst trying your best to not fight her pre 6. Dodging her e will give you a huge advantage while fighting her.

: I would normally consider rengar a minor threat because after level 6 he should completely get stomped in this matchup. The reason he's major is that he wins every single fight around the bushes pre 6. He can fully heal twice and burst you with full stacks. Make sure to ward and not fight him even if you have to give a camp or two pre 6.

: The reason nocturne is a major threat is because of lethal tempo and his fear. If he catches you or flashes on top of you he can beat you easily. Try to catch him off guard and keep your distance. Flash his fear if you have to and do not under estimate his damage. Galeforce and Tabi are really good against him and can help you beat him after your ult expires.

: He's really a major threat if the player is good. The champion is strong early game and can stick on you with his Q and W. His ult can kick you out of your ult and give him the opportunity to hit you with a Q. Try to dodge his Q and kite him. You win early on if you dodge his Q. You lose fights with him if he's a little ahead early because of the synergy with his items. Other than that he shouldn't be a problem to deal with.

: After recent buffs pantheon pretty much counters you since his full clear is really fast at about 3:15 (with leash). And at most stages of the game you can’t really 1v1 or kill him so that makes the matchup really hard and also he can jump on you pretty easily. It’s probably worth banning in higher elos and is a much bigger threat than in lower elos.

Even Threats:

: Champion is incredibly strong with the new lethal tempo. If he has his E up your chances of you killing him are pretty low. Try to fight him if you're grouped up with your item, otherwise go for the DPS build and try to outscale him later into the game.

: Generally poppy is a very strong champion in high elo, but in lower elos she is a minor threat because they get outscaled and don't know how to use their kit or position properly. As long as you are clicking and spacing correctly you should win most fights and will be able to kite her.

: Taliyah is an even matchup because if the player is good and they know what they’re doing, they can space you perfectly and threaten to kill you. Her E hinders you from moving and using your Q, else you will get stunned and be cc chained. If you know her clear path, you can invade her and punish her as she is pretty weak before level 9; at level 3 it’s much easier since a lot of taliyah players put 2 points in Q.

Bel’Veth: Bel Veth beats you in most stages of the game until you get marks. Her early game is relatively strong and her 1v1 potential is also really strong. The only way to beat her is to keep your distance / range on her and burst her down with autos.This matchup is relatively dependent on having items / gold so make sure you are farming your camps the best way for you so that you can win teamfights and play for objectives. Don’t let her get a kill otherwise she becomes really strong because she gains permanent attack speed stacks after taking down large minions/monsters and champions. She also gains temporary bonus attack speed after using an ability from her passive.

Rek’sai: Rek’sai is moderately difficult as his kit works similarly to kindred. Rek’sai is very strong level 3 and can 100 to 0 you quickly, especially if he has hail of blades. When he gets prowler it’s going to be much harder to kill him as he will be guaranteed to do it before you can even damage him. Try to space him early on and flash instantly if he flashes you. You can invade him early on and kill him but make sure to watch the map, as if he is burrowed underground he could see you and ping his team to rotate.

: Used to be a major threat before the nerfs, but now he’s even. He can gap close the distance from you but that still doesn’t give him the advantage over you. Try to kite him back and don’t run if you’re caught, as you won’t be able to without flash. Avoid if he has a red buff advantage or if you’re both low because he can sustain more than you. His clear is slow and so there will be multiple instances where u can invade him and punish him.

: Volibear: His Q allows him to get on top of you especially since he maxes it first, this followed by the slow from his E and the burst of damage from pta allows him to beat you pretty easily. You should avoid him unless you feel like you can invade him in the jungle and kill him while he's clearing a camp. If you're ahead of him you can beat him in a 1v1 with no difficulty. For example if you’re 2-3 kills ahead you should be able to.

: Champion is really annoying to deal with. If you play against a good shaco the difficulty level increases significantly. you win If you catch him before he catches you. Most shaco players try to invade so keeping wards and pinks on jungle entrances will help you out a lot. Secret Tip : vs Shaco lvl 1 you can ask your team to come with u to invade his topside or whichever side you think hes starting on and walk over the boxes to smite them (your red smite will come faster and you get your smite chargeback no cost).

: Evelynn is in no way a threat pre level 6. Evelynns love to full clear, but their other option is reverse clearing so if you get a ward on her raptors early you can predict her pathing and match her with your lvl 3 invade (if you have prio). You can abuse her and predict her clear since most eve players farm for 6. After that she spikes and can beat you if they play it smart. Try to time your ult with her ult otherwise she will have the upper hand. Maw is really good against her and if you can survive her combo you can beat her afterwards.

: Even though he’s rarely picked, the champion is very strong in the jungle and has a very healthy and quick clear. His ult is a very big counter to your entire kit. You can kite him early on by dodging his Q and E and try to kill him but you can still lose to him after 6. He will build full tank items and make you feel like you are doing no damage while he one shots you, but you will outscale him after 3 items.

: Her clear is one of the fastest in the whole game which will give her a CS lead over you early on and make you feel like you’re behind. It’s a little tricky to beat her in a 1v1 as she can gap close, but if you side step her Q then you will be able to beat her by kiting her backwards. Your ult gives you the advantage over her, and early on you’ll have more damage to kill her.

: Dodge her spears and she's not a threat. Do not underestimate her damage as she is really strong early game. If the player is not a nidalee smurf then you can make them suffer. If they are, keep your guard up because they will invade you and make your life harder. If you dodge the spear you can kite them out of the oblivion.

: Hard to kill because of his fear and silence and slow. After 6 his impact on the game is much bigger than yours. His ult can also carry the game if he's good. Try to catch him off guard and ward his jungle. Fiddle players full clear into a gank so you can predict his clear. Also he does Gromp + Blue together / Red + Raptors which makes it easy for you to come and smite one of them.

: Olaf is similar to trundle in terms of strong early game. If you dodge his Q's you can win but if you get hit by one Q early he can kill you. Fight him near walls or just wait until 6 then you can beat him.

: Minor threat early game. The only champion that can snowball the entire game off of a good fight. There is no way you can beat him if he gets to 3/4 items. Keep your distance and make sure to not get stunned. Dodge his Q when he does his E Q combo and you should have time to escape or force his ults. I prefer going burst to one shot him when he goes in. Punish him early as much as you can and do not let him scale.

: Extreme threat late game if he can scale. He will two hit you and his W makes your life hell. Can be punished early if he doesn't have stacks on his E. You usually win 2v2's 90% of the time early game vs him. Personally he's my go to ban every game because of how strong he can become late game. He also makes the game really unfun and can tilt you

: If you fight this champion near walls, he's just the equivalent of a tiny threat. Otherwise he can beat you early game with his sustain and damage. The champion is not beatable with ignite and conq, and gets weaker when he swaps to predator. Try to stick with your team if you think you can't beat him or fight him near walls. Catch him in his jungle and you will win since he usually won't have his W up.

: Champion is really strong early game and can kill you if he hits you with his E Q. Dodge his E Q and put greater distance to kite him out of oblivion. Late game he falls off but he'll still have impacts on teamfights. You can win the game easily if you get picks because the champion is basically useless if he can't teamfight

: DO NOT fight udyr early game because you will either waste your time and he will run faster than sonic, or will kill you because the champion is disgusting. I would put it as a major threat but late game he'll go down. Galeforce usually is not helpful as if he wants to get on you he can do it with his insane movespeed. Get Kraken and Dominik's and you should be able to stomp him

: Viego is a really strong skirmisher late game, but is one of the weakest against kindred because of his skill shots. You can dodge his W and beat him, and dodge his Q by predicting when he will press it. Most of the times viego players auto you and then Q to auto attack cancel, so time your Q after his auto attack. If you're ahead you can one shot him just make sure to keep your distance.

: Most of the times Vi is minor threat since the players don't like to risk fighting you. If they do try to fight you dodge the Q and you win. Galeforce is insanely good against her and like other auto attack based champs, tabi is good. Try to fight her early game and do not be scared. She is an even threat because of the impact she can have early game.

: With lethal tempo trundle is one of the strongest early game champions. If he flashes on top of you he will kill you. Try not to fight him unless there's a good distance between you and you can kite him. Jump across his pillar to put greater distance and run if you think you cannot win. Late game you outscale and can fight him while keeping great distance.

: Talon is a major threat if the player is extremely good. Talon players mostly take ignite which makes it hard for you to fight them. But if you can dodge his W and kite him you can win. Try to play get kills around the map and get ahead of him before you fight him.

: Qiyana is only a threat if she's ahead. The champion snowballs really hard with kills and will become really annoying to deal with. Do not be afraid to fight her if she's not fed as 90% of the time you will have the upper hand. Invading and punishing her should be priority early game.

Minor Threats:

: This matchup is pretty straightforward as long as u kite and space properly u can auto him freely. You win 1v1 at almost every stage of the game as long as you space properly and if he fullclears you can start same side as him and invade if your lane prio permits.

: Nothing

: Try to dodge his abilities and kite him. He has a faster clear than you and can get ahead of you if you don't counter-gank/punish him early on. Executioners and Lord Dominik's will remove him from the game.

: You would think he counters you because he can pull you out of your ult but he doesn't. You can kite him out of oblivion and if you think he's good, QSS will just make him a punching bag. Try to remove his crystals every time you get a chance so you can know where he is on the map.

: Shyvana is a minor threat because you're stronger than her early game. And since 90% of the time they go for ap shyvana, try to stick on her and dodge her e. Make sure to keep drake warded to get those free kills on her.

: She clears faster than you and has better ganking potential. But you're the stronger champion so try to fight her early, dodge her Q, and run at her like you haven't ate food for a week, she'll regret picking this against you.

: Weak early and can be punished. His CC is annoying and Mercs is a really good item against him. Once you have Kraken and Dominiks he's not that big of an issue. Consider QSS if he only focuses you.

: It's the easier version of the Olaf matchup. You just dodge his cleavers and fight him head on. Similar to Zac, get Executioners and Lord Dominik's and he'll be out for good.

: The reason she's a minor threat and not a tiny one is because of her clear speed. She has a much faster clear speed and can get really annoying to deal with once she's ahead. You can punish her if you invade or counter gank and she'll become a tiny threat.

: You'll have to get used to his movement and the way he hits his Q. Once you do that, he should be fairly easy to deal with. Your ult counters his whole kit and most karthus players take exhuast; this means he CANNOT escape from his death.

Minor Threats: [/h]

: There's not much to say about this matchup. Not at any point of the game does this champion pose threat to you. Punish him hard in his jungle and get mercs/qss if needed.

: Try to fight him at any and every point of the game. Get serpents at one point and step on him.

: After the nerfs he's extremely weak and vulnerable early game. Making him one of the easiest targets to alt f4 from your punishment.

: Matchup is generally easy. Unless he's really ahead of you, there is no way for him to do anything to you.

: Matchup is generally easy. You can usually invade him anytime at any point of the game. You should win most 1v1s as long as you don't facecheck his e combo. You outscale gragas as well.

: A champion not made for the jungle. Should pose no threat to you at all. You can punish extremely hard if you want.

: XD

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League of Legends Build Guide Author YuzukiJG
YuzukiJG Kindred Guide
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RANK 1 Kindred NA kindred matchups in depth , account wont update

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