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Udyr Build Guide by LonelyObscenity

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LonelyObscenity


LonelyObscenity Last updated on April 13, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Udyr with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Darius One of the most vulnerable targets to gank. If you see him toplane, set up a tent and camp this guy so he doesn't get fed.
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I picked up Udyr a while ago, after being a jungle main since Season 4, and I have to say that he is one of the most versatile and destructive junglers I've used. He has become my favourite champion as of late and I want to teach you how to use him effectively. In this guide I will teach you how to get objectives and splitpush effectively. I have used him in a few of my ranked games this season, and won the majority of those games due to early-game objective domination (Such as Dragon) and late-game splitpushing.

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Champ select:

Make sure to be friendly with your team, and try to get your first-pick to lock in Udyr for you, so nobody on the enemy team gets him first. Try to ban LeBlanc as she is a slippery b*tch and will easily avoid your ganks. Clear any animosity between your team and attempt to keep them as non-hostile as is humanly possible.

When in the loading screen, attempt to check LoLNexus (A free website) and have a look at any enemies that are in their promo series. If there are, I have three words for you:
If somebody is in their promo series, they will tilt a LOT easier than the rest. While this seems like a scummy thing to do

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First clear + General tips:

Start W to keep your health up while taking your first camp. If you're getting Gromp, smite it to begin with. If you're getting Krugs, save your smite for Red Buff to keep your health topped up. Level your R second so you get some extra damage during your clears and keep switching between W and R to balance damage and keeping health. Always get first Blue, as this will let you clear more effectively and stack your Strength of the Ages quicker. Once you're Level 3, put a level in E so you can chase/run from an invader, better safe than sorry. Scan your lanes for ganking potential, even if it means burning their flash with no kill, as that will make it easier to gank them and potentially get a kill in the future. Avoid botlane unless they are are half-health or under, because you are squishy early-game and could possibly give them a kill if your laners are unprepared for a gank.

ALWAYS PING WHEN YOU'RE ABOUT TO GANK. A simple "OMW" ping will alert your laner of your intentions. Ganking without pinging is like switching lanes in a car without indicating, it's plain stupid and could possibly get you hurt or killed. If they give the "Back" ping, leave the lane. They don't want you there, they will not go in with you, you will most likely die or waste time.

Keep clearing jungle camps, scanning lanes for gank potential after each camp. Be sure to ward your jungle/lanes. You have lots of free wards; use them for god's sake.
Strength of the Ages will keep stacking and giving you free health, which is why it's such a good Keystone. It helps a lot early, before you've even had a chance to get any tank items.

Unless you are very low, stay farming in your jungle (If you invade, be sure to ward or you could get a spooky surprise from an unhappy enemy jungler and their midlaner), as Udyr's sustain is good enough to let you keep farming for a very long time. Once you have enough money for a Stalker's Blade: Runic Echoes, recall and buy it.

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Thus begins the game domination:

The moment you have Runic Echoes, you can solo Drake. After the Drake buffs, Udyr is one of the very few champions that can take it alone this early, so seize that opportunity. A lot of people don't realise just how powerful and important killing Drake is. Seriously, just look at the buffs if gives your entire team next time you kill it, there's a reason it's such a big objective.
Make sure your botlane/midlane lets you know if their opponent goes MIA so you don't get rudely interrupted while trying to take it. Ward the infamous Death-bush in D-River so you can see if anybody comes from that direction.
While in the fight with Drake, keep switching between W, R and Q to keep your passive stacks up and your health/damage high.

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Set up a tent:

Once you have your jungle Item and Tier 1 boots, camp either top or mid (Or both, if they're constantly pushed up), if the enemy laner complains about the camp, this means you're doing well. Whoever complains first is the person you should make sure to camp as they will tilt significantly from this, giving you an advantage in mid to late game because they will be mostly acting with emotion rather than strategy. Punish their mistakes.

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Once pressure falls off a lane and there's teamfighting somewhere, ask your team if they are able to handle the fight themselves and if so, run to whichever lane is furthest from the fight and push it hard. Make sure to ward the jungle near their tower and siege with Tiger Stance (Switching between Q and W to keep your passive stacking) and if you have a ZZ'Rot then drop it in the nearest bush to help destroy the tower. Keep your eyes on the map at all times so you can spot if somebody is coming for you. If you get caught out, that is your fault and nobody else's because you either didn't ward enough or paid no attention to the map during your push. Do not flame your team, do not tilt, just keep your cool and do better next time.

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Your job at this point is to keep your team safe (Peel for your squishies with E) and catch out any wandering enemies that just walked into the wrong neighbourhood. If their team is down by one, be sure to splitpush more (Provided your team is capable of defending the rest of them).
At this point, you may not even need minions to help you push effectively. If a non-nexus tower is at under half health, drop a Rot in a bush and siege that tower by switching between Q and W while your Rot minions do the rest of the damage.
At this stage, death-timers will be very high and the punishment for you getting caught out and dying can be dire. While you can run and kite extremely well, you are most definitely not un-killable, and must take care when alone in the enemy's side of the map.
If you have 2 or more players alive than the enemy team (Provided the rest of your team do decent amounts of damage) Then force a fight whenever possible and keep the enemy at bay. Once at least 3 of them are dead (Preferably including the jungler) but there's still lane towers left standing, then try to take Baron if possible. Once you've pushed them and taken an inhib, let your minions siege them and keep behind them make a final push for the tower (If there's no minions nearby, tank the tower damage for your team as long as it won't kill you), drop your Rot, Q+W spam, let your team do most of the damage and congratulations; you've won another ranked game.

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I hope this quide helped you to better understand the strategies required for climbing that ever-so taunting ELO ladder.

If you enjoyed/learned from this guide then please be sure to leave a rating and if you want me to make more guides for different champions then PM me to let me know.

Thank you,