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Corki General Guide by BananaClip

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BananaClip

Ranked play corki

BananaClip Last updated on September 18, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 3

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 6

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Corki is currently the top ad's in the game right now along side ezreal and graves. Corki high mobility Valkyrie burst Phosphorus Bomb, poke Missile Barrage,Shreds threw tanks armor Gatling Gun, and auto attacks hit hard early levels thanks to his passive Hextech Shrapnel Shells.

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At the most you should only get 2 Doran's Blade.Get 1-2 depending on if the match up is giving me trouble and im lacking gold. If your not needing the extra health/damage/lifesteal skip Doran's Blade all together and start working on your core items.

On all builds; if i have enough for a phage on first back ill get it. The health and extra damage with a slow proc is almost broken. Even if you decide to go Infinity Edge path keep this item until you item cap then sell it for your last item.

Get this item first if your even in kills and cs or above kills and cs with the other ad. This should always be your first or second item and you want it by early/mid game. However, when i am item capped ill sell the Trinity Force for a Phantom Dancer because late game you relay on your auto attacks more then your burst. Trinity Force will replace the Phantom Dancer always.

I get this item first if im falling behind.(the other ad is out csing me or has a couple kills on me, if this is the case Trinity Force will not be an item for you this game) Infinity Edge is also a safer way to go if you dont know what to build first item. If you went Trinity Force for first item and start getting fed and haven't yet bought your second core item; you may want to consider Infinity Edge as a second core item.

A fully stacked The Bloodthirster is one of the most cost efficient items in the game, Bringing in a free 1,600 gold!! I'll buy this item as a first core item if im playing with a passive lane(like with a soraka or a sona) or laning phase is going to drag on to attain stacks. If i build a Trinity Force first, i tend to go for The Bloodthirster after because of how much cheaper it is then an Infinity Edge and offers a bit of more burst damage.

synergizes well with Infinity Edge.
always buy as a second core item if you went Infinity Edge path.

I buy this whenever the enemy has 3 or more people with more then 100+ armor.
Until then you can skip this item.

Defensive items You should only build one defense item. I make this buy till i have trouble in team fights or before i know ill have trouble in team fights because their will be someone on the other team focusing me down. If you/or your team is behind make sure you buy this as a 3rd item; buy it as a later core item if your TEAM is ahead.

Whenever the enemy team has a type of CC that's gonna be focused on you. If not sure which defense item to get Quicksilver Sash is a pretty safe pick.

If the enemy team has no CC for me, Guardian Angel is just broken. If your team all together is doing well and you dont need anymore damage i get this as a second core item after Trinity Force . to help snowball the lead.

Get this item if they have a fed one shot ap. Such as a LeBlanc or a Gragas.

Lately ive been liking Trinity Force, The Bloodthirster, and then Infinity Edge before Last Whisper and my defensive item. However always build your boots and first 2 core items then see if you need a Last Whisper because 3 or more have 100+ armor or defensive item when your being focused down.

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Always buy the boots and the first 2 core items of the build minimally; If the game is going in your favor, your item focus should be on Trinity Force, The Bloodthirster, and Infinity Edge. The Last Whisper and your defensive item should come in when necessary. (see items chapter!!!!@#@!)

/or /or
This is the build if everything is going as planned. Buy the first 2 core items; Trinity Force then The Bloodthirster then the rest depend on how the games going.(check items chapter). Best built with an aggressive burst lane( Leona or Taric)

/or /or
This is standard AD build and cheaper. This build offers the most damage output late game(item capped)i get this when im behind OR if have really good peel so i can focus more on damage.
This build is also best built with a support Nunu

/or /or
This is when your side of the lane is going to play passive, has no killing pressure, more focused on farming, laning phase will drag on longer. The Trinity Force can be replaced by a Phantom Dancer if the early/mid game is quickly turning into a late game. Best built with a Soraka or Sona.

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Trinity force vs Infinity edge vs bloodthirster

why first?
amazing utility
Higher burst
better early/mid game
Snowballs if your ahead
Falls off late game
stronger dueling

why first?
More damage output with auto attacks
Better late game
synergies better with other items
standard AD
safe first item

why first?
Laning phase is going to drag on for you to get full stacks
better raw damage
Better sustain
taking down towers faster.
stays consistent through out the game
Very cost efficient.

Trinity Force, The Bloodthirster, and Infinity Edge should be one of your first core item build. If you went Trinity Force you want to have all Trinity Force, The Bloodthirster, and Infinity Edge for your complete build. Usually when i item cap and i have the money i sell the trinity force Trinity Force for a phantom dancer Phantom Dancer because late game you become more of an auto attacker for damage then burst damage.

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skill sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Maxing Phosphorus Bomb first tomax burst damage.
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Getting level 4 in Phosphorus Bomb to help clear the minon wave(see tips chapter) and your building an Infinity Edge. Meaning yourfocusing more on your auto attacks for damage.

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This is a must. Flash will help you re position if you get caught. This with Valkyrie will make you uncatchable.

Heal is good if your playing with a passive lane and they have no CC focused at you or your going to get a Quicksilver Sash because they have a suppression.

Cleanse is good if your playing with a passive lane and if your not planning on getting a Quicksilver Sash because they have no suppression's.

i take ignite Ignite almost always. If their is any type of killing pressure in your lane take Ignite

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standard in the offensive tree

i take 3 in Resistance to help vs some of the ap damage in the lane.( Tristana , Ezreal) I change it frequently with Hardiness depending if the enemy ad has more physical damage abilities.( Graves , Caitlyn )

In the utility i reduce the cd on flash with Summoner's Insight ; along with mana per level Expanded Mind and mana regen Meditation for the abilities spam.

Standard offensives tree for ad's

I use the tanky masteries instead of the utility masteries when im with a Soraka to give me mana and have better outcomes in trades.
Again i frequently change Resistance and Hardiness depending on the match up

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
armor yellows is a must! this will help you trade better in lane. If you notice the enemy ad does not have armor runes BE AGGRESSIVE!
Physical damage reds help you cs , bump your early game damage in trades and help last hit at tower. If you notice they dont have a lot of ad damage push to tower!
same goes for physical damage Quints and helps with your damage early and last hitting at tower.
Magic resistance blues help with trades as well. Maybe their are some match ups when the MR runes dont help but its nothing game changing

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lane match up/supports

Passive lanes(farm lanes)

just farm, harass, and trade. very little kill pressure in this lane.

farm, harass, poke. the kill pressure comes in when you both hit level 6 for some huge burst.

kill lanes

Ali needs level 2 for his combo. Try to get level 2 before the enemy does then turn on the pressure.(doing mini golems, pushing the lane alittle.)

wait until he pulls someone then kill the target.

Every time she shields you go in for harass damage. past level 4 you should be able to fight and kill them.

everytime taric stuns someone prelevel 6 just put good harass damage on, when you both hit 6 start going in for the kill.

Against other ad's

Your a bit weaker then him early and mid game, but much stronger late. In lane make sure to dodge his W, if it hits you back off right away because of the attack speed debuff.

Take note of his passive stacks, don't force trades when hes a 10 stacks. You also out damage him mid and late game.

You out range her early game. out damage her mid game BIG time. take advantage of her weak mid game. Counter dodge her Rocket Jump with your Valkyrie.

Caitlyn can be annoying to lane against because of her range. Your damage output is much higher then hers throughout the game. if you want to fight her make sure you stay close to her. In lane you must buy sustain if you dont have a support to do it for you( Doran's Bladex2 Boots of Speed Vampiric Scepter)

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Jungle pressure

At no time you should ask for your jungler for a gank. With the support always warding its almost impossible. Your jungler focus should be on top and mid lane for ganks.The only time i call for a jungler is when hes in the area and there dive able, your 100% sure they're no wards the way he is ganking(threw lane bushes,tri bush, or threw river. Once your team can do dragon thats when you should ask for a gank to rack up the kills down bot and secure dragon.

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Falling behind in lane?

Falling behind in CS and in kills?
Building a trinity force will only put you further behind. Your goal at this point is to stop trying to harass and to focus on cs and prepare for late game. Your build should be to go yours boots, Berserker's Greaves, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer,your defense item, Quicksilver Sash, Guardian Angel or Banshee's Veil, Last Whisper, and then The Bloodthirster

Again your jungler should ONLY gank if you know your team can pick up the kill.

Stay in lane and try to take their tower when they back out of lane.

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When going in for harass damage land one auto attack and quickly follow it up with a Q then quickly back away to avoid minon damage and retaliation damage.

Never w into a team fight.

At level 7; with 4 points into Phosphorus Bomb and a point into Missile Barrage, clear the magic minons in the wave for when you need to push the lane or your at tower and need a fast clear

When you want to back make sure you push the lane to the enemy tower; this will make them lose exp and cs and make the lane start pushing towards you.

When do you take their tower?
There are a lot of questions about this I'm sure so I will try to explain it. The tower is there to protect you from ganks so that you can extend and farm freely without the lane pushing very far. With both towers still up, there is just a small window for ganks to happen, therefore it is beneficial as an AD carry to keep the towers up as long as you need to farm. I do not like the mentality of letting your tower fall early so that you can "freeze" the lane and farm, for many reasons. First, you are very susceptible to ganks. Secondly, the other bot lane will just roam and cause havoc among your team if you are still farming bot lane. 3rd, you lose a lot of dragon control. 4th, you can never truly "freeze" a lane as even last hitting will still push the lane eventually.
That being said, the best time to take a tower is when you have finished your core items. At this time, you will have enough damage to be useful in team fights and objectives. If you are ahead of their bot lane, by a lot though, you can finish off the tower just so that you are free to take more important objectives like more towers, dragons, and barons.

The longer you stay alive, the more damage you do.Positioning is paramount for an AD carry. The best place to be is behind your tanks and next to your support.

You want to have about 120 cs at around 15 mins. As long as your beating the enemy ad in cs your doing fine.

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more to come

Keep telling me what more to be done to make it better
Ask any question
as long as you learned something from the build; the build is a success


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