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League of Legends Build Guide Author Infectious Lepar

RAPID Dominion game-play

Infectious Lepar Last updated on September 24, 2011
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Intro: What on earth was i thinking???

I understand that this looks like a rather rag-tag team of champions, but each one has a few rather useful talents that earn them a spot in a dominion field of play. So instead of raging right when u see the champions, read through the build and understand each champions roll to play.

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Dominion game-play

When dominion was announced, it was said to be a "fast-paced game"... I feel that they should have repeated that a few more times because as soon as the game starts; communication, battle plans, and planned item builds seem to be non-existent.

In case some of you are just starting your dominion gaming and are looking for builds and advice first, here is some of the differences.
-more gold to start
-lowered re-spawn times
-faster exp and gold generation

If any of you have ever played a game of "domination" in CoD, you can get a quick grasp of how this game works. Teams that run around like chickens with their heads cut off will always lose to the team that holds positions well and only become aggressive when the coast is clear.

Numbers matter more in this game mode than in any other. Loosing just 1 person will give the other team a green light to run you into the ground and in no time at all you will find yourself blindly running from turret to turret.

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Champion Selection and roles to fill

In Dominion there are some "RAPID" roles that need to be filled:
-Rapid Response
Very regularly positions of focus will change throughout the game and it will be important to respond to their movements quickly. Fast and defensively strong champions will fill this role well.
-Aggressive Capture
This role is for the powerful 1v1/1v2 champions. your job is to travel in a small group and aggressively take a turret that is being guarded by enemy defender(s)
-Position control
This role is guarding and controlling already captured turrets and maintaining their control.
-"Intra-medious" Capture
A very risky role designed to draw opponent back to a middle turret and away from turrets that you are losing or away from turrets you are about to attack, thus creating an uneven match-up that your team can win.
(A role that is very much based on champion selection) Any champion that can force the capture time of enemies to restart, preferably more than 1 champion at a time. The longer you can keep them from capturing, the more time your team should be gaining points.

Just because there are 5 roles listed doesnt mean you need 1 champion to match each of these roles, it just means that you need to make sure that each of these roles are covered. If 1 Champ can do all of this, that's great.

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Examples of champions and what RAPID Roles they excel in

Let's start with the original 5 I selected:

R-with power-ball and some boots of swiftness his movement speed is ridiculous, allowing him to cover 2 turrets with ease.
A-his ability to distract enemies guarding a turret will allow teammates to kill off the defense and take the turret.
P-Rammus has the defense to be able to take multiple champions on at once, with a thorn-mail, sun-fire cape, and his Ultimate he can easily defend a turret from capture.
I-He might get the jump on enemies with his amazing speed, but in the end he is better served as a defender.
D-3 seconds of taunt and a punishing ultimate, if that cant keep people off of a turret for a while, i don't know what will...

The build i suggested for him makes him a very well rounded player for a team, capable of all parts of "RAPID" game-play but preferably as a defender or aggressive capture leader.

Blitz has the speed to be anywhere you need him, and the power to control the flow of game-play. however i find that he is best suited for stoping enemies from capturing your turrets. The passive form of his r move assure that the capture counter of near-by champions is always resetting. Blitz is also very capable of defeating 2 champions in turret range.

I know a lot of you saw him in the champion selection and thought. "no way! he is so squishy and would practically be a waste of a champion..." However, with a bit of cool down reduction his r move is a global game changer; stopping enemies from capturing turrets and changing the flow of fights. Not only does his ultimate keep enemies at bay, his "W" and "E" moves can hold off enemies from even attempting to take a turret, and even if by chance his dies, for 5 seconds after his death, you can easily keep enemies from trying to take a turret. His passive also ensures that he is in play more often than any other champion.

This champion i selected for a fairly specific purpose. A new role is now appearing based almost solely on movement speed. By stacking phantom dancers you are able to max out a champ's movements speed giving him a huge advantage when capturing enemies turrets. I picked jax for a few reasons.
-This speed build is based on phantom dancers and i wanted a champion that could take advantage of a critical change/attack speed build.(so AP is out of the question)
-Most other speed build champions focus on speed or stealth, such as Master Yi or Twitch, but realistically any champion is going to reach a high speed. Jax however also has the ability to survive a mid-run encounter with his extremely high dodge chance combined with a stun allow him to escape any melee champion; and his Ultimate will help you to survive a run in with an AP based champ.

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Please leave me comments on what you want to see. If you want more reasons for champions, runes, masteries, and such. tell me what you need. This tiny little bit took me a while and I will gladly make additions as dominion comes out. This is my first guide/build posted. Don't hate me bro!