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Volibear Build Guide by bigbrown

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bigbrown

Rawr! I'm a bear

bigbrown Last updated on December 14, 2015
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The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Natural Talent
Bounty Hunter
Battering Blows
Piercing Thoughts

Ferocity: 6

Dangerous Game

Cunning: 6

Tough Skin
Runic Armor
Veteran's Scars
Legendary Guardian

Resolve: 18

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Pro and Cons

Every since patch 5.5 with the 50% CD reduction on Voli's when used on minions Voli has in my opinion become a god of the jungle. His W put's out massive dmg and now that you can bring it out twice as often it just makes sense to bring him out whenever you can.

- Amazing tank with the possibility of surviving any engage due to his passive
- Puts out a surprising amount of dmg cause of W and R
- Scales with HP (stupidly how the tankier you get the more dmg you do)
- Can 1v1 every popular jungler
- Great CC
- Is a talking bear O_o

- Can be kited fairly easy without the right items
- Will get destroyed if ignited
- Attack speed debuffs with crush you

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Ability Sequence
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Volibear's passive is essentially a get out of jail free card. Get caught? engage too far ahead of your team? for some reason you're being focused? doesn't matter cause as long as you haven't been ignited or hit by grievous wounds odds are, you can just walk away laughing as you heal a crazy amount.

This ability is what makes volibear so damn annoying and terrifying to carries. A move speed steroid combined with a backward flip is pretty much a confirmed kill if your team follows up on it. It's essentially trading places with you and a member of their team. They get to stand with your team and you get to stand with theirs :) odds are Voli is the one surviving that switch.

This ability is why this bear is so terrifying. First of a stackable passive that increases attack speed? Not bad. After three autos it allows you to LITERALLY bite the faces off of the enemy team and not only does it do decent base damage it scales of your max HEALTH AND their missing health. 1% per 1% is alot more than you think it is and makes it a perfect execution ability and it's scaling wiht your max HP is what allows Volibear to build so tanky yet put out good damage. Just don't use it too early the huge cooldown is not pleasent.

This mostly a jungling ability, fears minions and monsters try and use it right before a monster attacks to reduce damage taking in the jungle.Outside of the jung it does a bit of extra damage which is always nice, you can never have too much damage. And it has a decent slow at later levels.

Volibear's ult is essentially non-stop procs for 12 seconds, now if only they could crit too then I could die happy and very fed. There's not much to this ability in team fights push R to deal more damage...... and that's about it.

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Most of the important notes are above but i'll restate some of them

When the movespeed steroid on your Q isn't enough and you really want o mess someone's day up.

Great item if they have a carry that got a little to fed early and needs to be shut down.

The only item I have built on Voli in 100% of my games. It turns his passive from a nuisance that he won't die easily into an unkillable machine if they don't burn an ignite on you.

This item screams Voli increased move speed? check, bonus dmg on q? check, HP and AMROUR? check. You cannot go wrong with this item not only does it make Voli ganks so much easier it helps preventing bothersome Adcs from kiting.

Godly item on Voli messes up adc's with the attack speed slow and it allows you to become stickier than super glue when used before or after your E.

Another great item to become a sticky master I'd recommend only getting one of this or Randuin's.

Who needs to build Dmg when heavy Ad carries can just kill themselves?

MORE HP and MORE DMG and it's already worth but then factor in its passive and you've got yourself a very useful item for bears

O did you want to stop the bear with some CC? TOO BAD! Laugh while they try to stop you from getting to their carries and eating their faces off.

More HP = more bear and more dmg ....nuf said

Voli uses every part of this item to it's fullest with phage adding to your stickiness, sheen just increasing the dmg you're putting out, and adds a higher crit chance which is great with Voli's high attack speed not to mention it makes our lovable bear faster. What's scarier than a giant bear? A giant bear that runs faster than you.

I don't think I've ever actualy built this on Voli but its got all the things that make an item useful on Voli, more attack speed, survivability, and stickiness.

Not my fav item on Voli as it doesn't give any HP but I can't deny it's usefulness against full ad comps crippling their dmg.

Another situational item but this one can make an argument for being in any game as the shield is just oo useful when against a strong Ap carry. Shield + passive = dead carry. Not to mention the addition of armour pen in the preseason, just make it a much better item

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Voli can do well with any starting camp so i tend to go bot side every time as it tends to result in a better leash :D

Typical routes for my recommended starts

Blue side: Golem -> Red* -> Blue -> (gank a lane if they're being pushed against) or Gromp -> Wolves -> chickens if you have enough hp and don't feel like ganking right away)
* If you use a pot during red there is a good chance you won't be popping your passive

After you get that beautiful golem buff clearing camps will be a breeze due to our high attack speed,


Gromp -> Blue (good chance your passive will proc but that's fine) -> red -> Gank or clear jung before backing

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Solo Drag

Now the thing with Voli is that with his passive it opens up the door to gettin drag very early in games, he can even solo it starting at lvl 4. So if you've let your team know what you're planning have and had recent vision on their jungler JUST DO IT. Cause after all bear > dragon.

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Early Game

Get that CS and hopefully an early drag, if any lane is being pushed hard throw a gank in if they're being pushed against hard enough odds are you will burn a flash if not get a kill. Speaking of kills I tend to have a different opinion on them then most junglers. They will just go ham in the gank and whoever gets teh kill gets it, in fact most times they will "confirm" the kill even if it's a guaranteed death (i.e ignite literally about to kill them). What i try to do is ensure that if possible the laner gets the kill, will getting kills is nice and all for a jungler i mean you get faster clears and get to gank more, if the laner gets fed it will draw the enemy jung to that lane reducing their pressure on other lanes allowing you to start the force feeding process over again with the other two lanes without the fear of counter ganks.

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Mid game

Keep up objective pressure and try to get the other lanes pushing themselves before getting your team to group for one, and remember objectives > kills

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Late game/ Teamfights

Your job is to make life hell for the enemy carries, as you are probably the tankiest champ in the game be sure to soak up as much dmg as you can, every point of dmg done to you is one less done to your carries which will win you games. Be careful of engaging on tanks or CC heavy champs as that may open up a counter engage for the other team. Late game is Voli's time to shine you pretty much determine whether or not your team is gonna win a team fight.

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More to be added

I'm pretty new to this guide thing so it'll be added to and cleaned up as I get the hang of this most of the important information i added in the notes up above but I guess I'll reiterate it in corresponding sections soon. Feel free to comment on anything you disagree or you're own opinions I love constructive criticism.