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Tristana Build Guide by XLC Lec

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XLC Lec

Ready, Aim, FIRE! A Tristana Guide by XLC Lec

XLC Lec Last updated on March 7, 2013
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My name is Ben, and summoner name XLC Lec. Tristana is definitely my favorite AD Carry to date, I got my first penta kill with her! :D Anyway, I lost the username and password to my ranked account, and I think it got deleted, but I play on a level 21 account that is now my main one. YES, I'M NOT IN RANKED RIGHT NOW OH MY GOD I'M SUCH A NOOB! No. I'm not a noob. Well, I hope you enjoy the rest of the guide, I spent a lot of time on it! Feel free to PM me about any concerns, how I could make my guide better, and overall how I could become a better LoL player. See ya guys (and gals)!

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For Runes, I take standard AD Carry runes.

Red: Flat Ad

Why? Because Tristana is an AD Carry, she needs plenty of AD

Yellow: Armor

Why? Because there is not a lot of armor that Tristana Buys, these will help her be less squishy.
Blue: Magic Resist per Level

Why? To help Tristana scale in the late game and become less squishy, but not have to waste too much money on MR

Quints: Flat Health

Why? To make the dumb ***** less squishy!

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This section is going to be short and sweet. Run 21/0/9 Masteries, taking...

All Standard AD Masteries in Offence

The extra AD, damage, crit, and attack speed will help you quite a lot. Also, when your jungler gives you the red buff, its active for longer if you get neutral buff duration.

Mana Regeneration and neutral buff duration in Utility

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Summoner Spells

Take a very standard pair of summoner spells : Ignite and Flash

Ignite: That little bit of true damage can really help. For example, rocket jump in, fire a basic attack, ignite, and fire an Explosive Shot. When the enemy champion or turret collapses on you, flash plus rocket jump (now with a refreshed cooldown) can get you out of harms way in an instant.

Flash: get out of sticky situations when rocket jump is on cooldown. This is such a good choice for a summoner spell that really helps Tristana.

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Your focus is damage with a little bit of sustain and durability. But not that much. Tristana is a squishy champion. She ain't no Allistar, dont just charge into their team. However, these are what helps you out a little during the game:

Start Boots and three health pots. This is such a classic choice on most champions, and with tristana's low movement speed, dodging skill shots and avoiding the other AD carry targeting you will be improved with boots.

Next, but two Doran's blades for the added survivability and small bit of lifesteal. This will immensely help you both in being able to take more damage and regaining that lost health.

After, buy Beserker's Greaves. The attack speed will help out more during mid-late game and also when you are trying to push the lane.

If you are really getting fed, on the next trip back buy both a Phage and a Vampiric Scepter. The lifesteal as well as the slow will greatly help you, as you don't have any skills that slow your enemies from A DISTANCE.

Your next big buy should be a Frozen Mallet. This will improve your health as well as giving you plenty of CC. This item is invaluable on Tristana because otherwise her enemies would always escape her.

Buy a BF sword and a zeal next. The Bf Sword will really help with damage so you don't have to spend time poking and chasing your enemies, you can get it all done much quicker. The attack speed will aid you during team fights and when fighting 1v1.

If you can, next trip home buy another BF Sword and a Bloodthirster if you can. The added lifesteal and damage will make you so much better in the Fields of Justice.

Phantom Dancer will be your next big big buy. The small movement speed boost is critical, as well as the crit chance and incredible attack speed. This item, when combined with your Q, makes your attack speeds so much higher than anyone else's.

Mercurial Scimitar, Infinty Edge, and Guardian Angel will round out your build. Be sure to get the Guardian Angel much quicker if you find the enemy team is getting you too low during fights, poking you too much, or any of the above.

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Skill Sequence

Although your passive cannot be leveled, it is what makes Tristana so good. She can poke from farther and farther away each level, which means she takes less and less damage (why i take a guardian angel towards the end of the game).

Max out your E first. The added damage when you kill enemies helps you poke at enemy champions without having to target them, and from a farther range than they have too. Also, the DoT effect will make your enemies think that they are winning at low level skirmishes, until they see their health quickly drop and drop until they die. Another good reason to max out the E first is that it is not a very mana dependent skill, and its possible to use it just to harass.

Next, max the W. Your rocket jump is imperitive to escape and to catch up to enemies, which is why a point goes there at level 2. The reason it is maxed out over the Q is because the cooldown needs to be short so that you can use it to escape more than once. When chasing, this low cooldown is not needed because the coooldown resets on champion kill or assist. Therefore, max it second.

Next, max your Q. The addad attack speed only helps 1v1 or when taking down dragon, so take a point early but leave it there. The rank 1 30% attack boost is plenty to win you fights or take global objectives and turrets.

Your ultimate should be ranked whenever it can. The massive damage as well as the knockback is crucial to saving a team mate or locking someone up in your team's grasp is essential for team fights and surviving.

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In conclusion, Tristana is a very good choice for an AD Carry. She can harass, catch up, and hurl enemies away from her. Also, this is my first guide on Mobafire, if you can't tell. Which you should be able to. I really love playing Trist, she's the best AD Carry in my opinion, although I haven't played them all. Definitely send me a PM if you think this guide is incomplete or if you think that I need to add anything, or if you just have questions!

Keep on plyaing LoL guys,
and keep on being awesome.

Ben, or XLC Lec