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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Rek'Sai Build Guide by WhatIsLegendary

AD Offtank Rek'Sai Jungle Guide - Low Elo Domination

AD Offtank Rek'Sai Jungle Guide - Low Elo Domination

Updated on February 19, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WhatIsLegendary Build Guide By WhatIsLegendary 26,636 Views 1 Comments
26,636 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author WhatIsLegendary Rek'Sai Build Guide By WhatIsLegendary Updated on February 19, 2015
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Rek'Sai is a mobile attack damage champion using a Fury resource, tunnels, and tremor sense to dominate her opponents. The tremor sense limits her field of vision in exchange for detecting moving enemies in the fog of war. The tunneling system allows Rek'Sai to navigate through the jungle which can pass through most walls.

This guide is still a work in progress
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Pros / Cons

+ Fast jungle clear speed
+ Strong counterjungler
+ Good sustain
+ True damage
+ Uses Fury instead of Mana
+ High mobility due to tunnels
+ Strong objective control
+ High burst damage
+ Enemy position knowledge (Tremor Sense)
+ AOE knockup

- Only 1 CC
- Ult is utility
- Hard to stick to enemies without Stalker's Blade smite
- Tunnels can be found and destroyed easily
- Can be kited easily
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Fury of the Xer'Sai:
Activating Burrow with Fury will grant Fury of the Xer'Sai for 5 seconds, consuming 20% of Rek'Sai's current Fury every second to restore health so long as she remains burrowed. Also, Rek'Sai's next source of Fury generation will grant 15 bonus Fury. The health restored is based on the amount of Fury expended, for a maximum of (25 × level) health over 5 seconds if she burrowed at 100 Fury. Fury of the Xer'Sai will not activate if Rek'Sai is at full health and her Fury will stop depleting if she reaches full health. Use this passive to heal every time you finish clearing a camp as it is great sustain.

Queen's Wrath (Q Unburrowed):
Rek'Sai's next 3 basic attacks will bonus deal AOE physical damage. This is your primary damage skill as well as an auto attack reset. It is great for wave clear and jungle clears. Bonus fury is generated when using Queen's Wrath.

Prey Seeker (Q Burrowed):
Rek'Sai fires a pulse of void-charged earth in a straight line skill shot which detonates on the first enemy struck, dealing magic damage and revealing all non-stealthed enemies within X-range of the detonation for 2.5 seconds. Prey Seeker is a great scouting took as well as a little extra damage to finish off your opponent. Since your vision is limited to tremor sense, prey seeker can be used to help aim her knockup.

Burrow (W Unburrowed):
Rek'Sai burrows into the ground, reducing her sight radius to 250 and disabling her basic attacks while gaining Tremor Sense, 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 flat movement speed, the ability to ignore unit collision and access to an alternate set of basic abilities.

Tremor Sense: Enemy champions and neutral monsters within 1300-units that move within the Fog of War have their position revealed for Rek'Sai and her allies. This does not grant sight. Tremor sense can be used to get an idea of where the enemies are. They are shown as circles and can only detect movement.

Unburrow (W Burrowed):
Rek'Sai will burst out of the ground: dealing physical damage and Airborne icon knocking up surrounding enemies for up to 1 second, based on their proximity to Rek'Sai. Enemies cannot be affected again by Unburrow for a few seconds. Using a basic attack will trigger Unburrow.

Tip: The range of Unburrow is indicated as the smaller circle around Rek'Sai. The knockup increases if the unit is closer to the center of the circle. Activating unburrow can catch enemies out of auto attack range.

Furious Bite (E Unburrowed):
Rek'Sai bites her target, dealing physical damage that is increased by 1% for every 1% of her current Fury. If Rek'Sai has full Fury, Furious Bite will deal true damage instead. Furious Bite should be used when they are almost out of range or at max fury.

Tunnel (E Burrowed):
Rek'Sai digs in the direction of the cursor, leaving behind two connected Tunnel.png tunnel entrances. Rek'Sai can interact with either entrances of a tunnel to traverse it. Rek'Sai cannot traverse the same tunnel again for a few seconds.
Rek'Sai's tunnels last for up to 10 minutes and can have up to 8 pairs of Tunnel.png tunnel entrances active on the map at the same time. Enemy champions can destroy a tunnel by standing on either entrance for 1.5 seconds.

Tip: Keep tunnels near main objectives and close to other lane. Tunnels in the enemy jungle are most likely to be destroyed so keep plenty in your own. Tunnels can also be used as bait to lure opponents while you wait on the other side.

Void Rush (R):
PASSIVE: Rek'Sai gains bonus attack speed.

ACTIVE: Rek'Sai targets one of her tunnel entrances and begins channeling. In addition to disabling effects, Void Rush's channel will be interrupted if Rek'Sai takes damage from champions or turrets. Interrupting Void Rush will put the ability on an 8 second cooldown.
If Rek'Sai successfully channels for 1.5 seconds, she will burrow into the ground and rapidly dash to the target tunnel, becoming untargetable until she reaches one of her Tunnel.png tunnel entrances. This will not put the target entrance on cooldown.
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Jungle Route

Blue Side
Start Q, smite, and kill krugs. Take W next as it will let you regenerate HP to kill red buff. After you kill the wovlves level up E,tunnel toward, and take blue buff. Now you can look for gankable lanes. Preferably you should gank top or mid since they are the closest lanes. If there isn't a lane to gank, you can kill gromp and wraiths.

Red Side
Start Q, smite, and kill gromp. Take W next as it will let you regenerate HP to kill blue buff. After you kill the wovlves level up E, tunnel toward, and take red buff. Now you can look for gankable lanes. Preferably you should gank top or mid since they are the closest lanes. If there isn't a lane to gank, you can kill krugs and wraiths.

  1. Regenerate HP using Burrow to keep up with sustain.
  2. Use preyseeker to get get in free damage on the buff.
  3. Auto attack and followed by Q because it resets the auto attack.
  4. You can knock up the camps twice. (knock up, rotation of Q, rotation of Q, knock up)
  5. Don't take wraiths because they do insane early damage.
  6. Take the rift scuttler. It gives Rek'Sai amazing sustain and a decent amount of gold.
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Rek'Sai can pull off amazing ganks if you position correctly. Since Rek'Sai only has 1 CC + smite, it is preferred that you move in behind the enemy. This is easiest when the enemy is pushed toward your side of the map. Start moving toward the enemy and sandwich them between you and your teammate(s). You should gapclose with Tunnel, gain vision using Prey Seeker, and Unburrow followed by Queen's Wrath and finish them off with a Furious Bite. The smite can be used if you couldn't finish them off or are running away. Remember to snipe them with your Prey Seeker if they escape with a sliver of health.
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Rek'Sai is a tanky followup initiator that can easily dive into the back lines and kill the enemy carries. Using Queen's Wrath combined with Ravenous Hydra makes for imm After someone has initiated the teamfight, you want to tunnel toward the enemies and knock them up. Try to get close to knock them up for a full 1 second. Follow up with Q and a full fury E to finish off the priority target. You will be tanky enough to soak strong ultimates and sustain throughout the fight with lifesteal. After, you should move back and help peel for your carries and let them clean up the fight.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WhatIsLegendary
WhatIsLegendary Rek'Sai Guide
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Rek'Sai Jungle Guide - Low Elo Domination

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