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Renekton Humor Guide by masteryoloswag

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League of Legends Build Guide Author masteryoloswag

[renekto-swagger] one swag to rule them

masteryoloswag Last updated on May 31, 2014
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Guide Top

intro to my man renekton, the lizard of wizards (tfw no qt renekton gf)

im gonna tell you how to swag it up in here, make sure you're the best of the bestest besters.

you see that pimped up swagger my boy got goin on up there? yeah man that beast of a beast could be you. look at that scaly foot smashing those scrubs into the ground, even dyrus wont even know what even hit him if you even know what im even saying dog.

to be a master of swagg requires many things. you gotta be a master of swagg first of all and after that it should just come to you. if you're not a master of swagg dont even worry bout it baby im gonna teach you how. you might be asking yourself here "am i a master of swagg????" if youre doing this than lemme tell you baby boy you aint no master of swagg. a master of swagg always knows if he got swag comin out his ears, he dont even have to ponder it

yeah so thats the intro lets do this

Guide Top

why renekton is the original gangsta


+ master of mana
+ lizrd wizrd
+ dominates all lanes
+ e to win + push

+ no known cons
+ no known cons
+ no known cons
+ no known cons

Guide Top

how to play this beast of a beast



ok so by now you've probably noticed that my jungle map differs from that of others, you see the other people who go jungle are all whiny sissies and can't handle goin into enemy territory to score some extra kills and exp and gold and money and women. another thing is they don't go mid during this time because they be little amumu's all scared of the opposing brats ap carry. another another thing is that you might notice i dont have a repeatable layout where you can go through with it over and over. you see the thing is you only do this once and then you win the game as evident of you going into the enemy's spawn and reckin up the competition causing the entire enemy team to report you due to them being so scared of your swagged up skills they no longer want to believe you exist. they want your swag gone, it's too much for them. you see one time i was going 1v5 against dyrus, hotshot, snoopeh, tupac, and snoop dogg and i recieved a 2 month ban for how much i dominated, i'm not even allowed to go pro because i'd just win all the money and women. now you can too.

(that should say victoruy)

on another subject do not gank, ever. if you're going to act like a killstealing little girl or if your teammates are it is simply not worth the swag. whenever your teammate begs your almighty holy swagginess to enact revenge on the opposing hero in their lane simply deny the posers request by using witty insults to demoralize them, causing them to see the greatness inside of you and how you don't have time for such petty mundane matters. what you do as mister renekton man is you go 1v3, 1v4, or 1v5. don't even worry bout it baby this is how the pros play and how great my build will make you. i mean you shouldn't only just follow this build for renekton, you should follow this build and playstyle for every character currently existing and those that are to exist in the coming days. i personally believe it just works best for the beast known as renekto-swagger.

Guide Top

skills and how the swag adds up

yo man ok time to talk to about them skills and how only your E is the most important swag streaker. i mean you dont even NEED the other skills like hoLY GOD(YOU) they are not even IMPORTANT

Cull the Meek man this skill doesn't even make any SENSE. i mean bein a lizard wizard to the swag max why would you even give him a physical ATTACK. man just wait until you're like level last to even look at this garbage, it's unswagged to the pathetic maximum unswag if you even know what im even saying here bro

Ruthless Predator dont even worry bout this one, it can be sorta helpful ingame if you wanna give em the ole ultraviolence one two roundhouse kick, i got that from a movie, but other than that it aint swaqggy enough for yo standards so you know just dont use it too often to increase maximumity swaggity

Slice and Dice this is what i've been waitin for baby boy, dont even worry bout it. this right here is what puts the s-w-a-g in r-e-swa-n-e-k-g-t-o-n if you even comprehend what im even trying to even say here bro. this is the ultimate push and rush tool you dont even need to ever recall with this bad boy nor should one even go backwards with this tool of maximum destruction. not even bush could find this badboy in a stack of needles with some hay in it that's how amazing you are. what you do is once you pushin up mid you just e to win and push into all types of group fights and tower sprawls

Dominus enemy players don't understand the pain train of swag has entered the domination station? let them no wit a good ole dominus 3400 painkiller painadder maxxterswaggination domination skill. every enemy will cower before you allowing you to sit on your glorious throne of fun.

Guide Top

runes and why only losers use them

runes are for *******, if you were truly a master of swagg you wouldnt need them
you see when you're goin in there all swagged up with your mana abiltiies you dont want the other unswagged team cryin like little girls about how you won because your runes gave you an unswaggy advantage. its not cool bro and were here to play a like a pro, not have our hand held by sissy little girls who cant even go ghost if you even know what im even saying here bro

Guide Top

herr der beute

ok so Hund einen Haufen von diesen wie kleine Jungs gehen auf dieser mystischen und magischen Suche zu gehen werfen einen Ring in dieser Grube des Feuers durch dieses riesige Auge Ding, Laser oder etwas schießt auf jeden, der kreuzt und es ist wie oben auf dieser riesigen bewachten Berg und es ist alles ganz menancing und dann Renekton tritt und er geht nicht einmal darum kümmern, damit sie auf diese Höhle Orte zu gehen und diese kleine graue Kerl ist alles wie "yo mein Homie mir den Ring, wenn Sie wissen auch, was im auch hier sagen bro "so Renekton ist alles" Hölle nein, ich weiß, was ich will "und bringt seine Mana Schwert auf der grauen Jungs kleinen Kopf, ihn zu töten. Er läuft dann den Berg hinauf in Windeseile, erschlägt den menancing suchen Auge in ein Hit, tötet alles, und schließlich Dumps der Ring in die Lava endet das ganze Universum und Gott wird er seine eigene neue. Dieses Ereignis wird als renektonation bekannt und ist heute ein hoch gefeiertes Ereignis zu unserem Gott Swag Renekton für die Erstellung von Renekton Welt anzubeten

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summoner spell thing

welcome to the spell section, not really important but whatever

Ghost sometimes you just gotta go ghost if you even know what im even saying here bro. it may be a bit old but yo enemys wont even see you comin thats how ghost you be goin.

Clarity only use this if you need to regain some swag

this was a waste of text, just continue

Guide Top

masteries and why utility is important for maximum swagger


aight now we be moving onto masteries

Resistance this is a pretty important feature of swag, you see if the enemy team is even TRYING to swag it up they're gonna be focusing on this build too. so what you do here is you get some magic resistance up to counter the enemy swag if you even know what im even saying here bro

Good Hands this is just something to rely on if you screw up your swagger (which if yer readin this guyde im pretty sure yer a srubc) if your swagmaster streak gets recked than you can just come back into the fight even quicker than before. it's like you dont even have to worry bout it bro

Expanded Mind you need this for extra mana swag, yall know what im sayin

Improved Recall unfortunately i had to throw this thing in here for some extra points and openings, if you ever need to recall you're not playing my build right you scrub

Swiftness yo sometimes we need a little speed for our swag so we can push harder and faster. you need to never relent, just keep goin and goin you know what im saying bro do you even know what im even sayin here bro you just gotta push and push and push and push

Meditation yo after a long day of hard swaggery sometimes you just gotta lay low and chill it up a bit. just gotta relax with all those lady friends you acquired while swagging it up in mid you know what im sayin bro

Greed seriously bro if you EVEN WANT to acquire yoself some ladies you need to be rollin in the C@$h m0N3Y, i mean chicks might dig you kd swag but damn bro if you got that cash they be all over yo scaly self (this is why we need swiftness and meditation)))))))

Transmutation yo man this is something else you might need if you just startin off yo swagg, sometimes you be runnin low on all that swag masteries and you just need to steal some of the swagg from the opposing mid player. when you swipe the swag from their lower area you will have violated their already small manhood, causing you to gain ultimate swaggery

Wealth mo money mo *****es you know what im even sayin here dawg (correlates wit the GREED))))))

Strength of Spirit man the mo swag you got the mo buff n tuff you get yo, i love this swaggstery because of it. its just amazin once you got all that swag on yo hands and it just gives and gives back to you ya know what im even sayin here

Intelligence with great swag comes with great responsibilities swaggeries, i think i got that from a book or somethin. anyways if you a real G you gotta play it smart yo. sometimes you cant just go in an push (edit: always push never relent) and you gotta play it smart yo. we gotta get some intelligence and wisery up in yo self

Mastermind this is the title given to you when you reach the ultimate swag after depriving the manhood of your enemies, at this point just lookin at the enemy will do this resulting in even more ultimate swaggerness fo yo swaggy self

Guide Top

tools of swag

aight so here im gonna teach you bout the items, this is the essential part to rule with tyrannic swaggery. the enemy team will bow down before you begging your swagginess to rule over them with the force of your mana. they will cry and weep like a little sissy amumu runnin away at every turn they see you, essentially letting you dominate all 3 lanes.

Sapphire Crystal you know when i first introduced the concept of focusing on mana early game it was met with controversy and hate. where did this come from one might inquire? scrubs. all. scrubs. you see if you want some early game swaggery the casual player will scream out boots of speed but we dont even need to worry about this because of our one point in swiftness. we'll be so swift and fast that we can just go 1v4 midlane at levels 2-4 with our e ability. you see the more mana the more swag the more power the more brute force the more kills the more assist (just kidding you kill everything) the more swag.

Meki Pendant this is a pretty crucial bit to our swagscopes here because without this we're gonna have some trouble regaining our swag after a long day of mid. with this baby here we can go long and hard all day without even letting up on the enemy team.

Mana Manipulator you know at this point you'll probably be at least a level 16 due to your ongoing killstreak so it's nice to give back to the poorer community (e.g. your team) who were never able to even see a glimpse of swag before. with this you can hand out swag to your lowlife teammates sitting in their cheap apartments abusing welfare and food stamps so that they can see the opportunities of america

Tear of the Goddess this is just building off our ongoing swaggery we started off with (sapphire crystal) and turning it into a 350 mana +7 mana regeneration. yer guaranteed to ruin everyone in the jungle now (i love you axles rose)

Archangel's Staff since you'll be using your e all the time to push up mid this is incredibly important, the more times you use it the more swag you get back given to you. this also boosts our swag recovery granting us a ton of swag every few seconds

Mana Potion you dont even need these i just felt like putting something here

Blackfire Torch as if you weren't burning the enemy team enough with your witty comebacks and insults on all chat you're now doing it to them virtually physically if you even know what im even sayin here dog it's just a sick fire here there and everywhere all up in heres

Guide Top

the end

yeah so basically now you are a god of swag

have fun you scrubs



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