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Renekton Build Guide by EventHorizon610

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EventHorizon610

Renekton- Butcher of Dominion

EventHorizon610 Last updated on September 26, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Honor Guard

Defense: 21

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This is an extensive guide on a champion that I tend to play in Dominion that works incredibly well, Renekton. I cannot claim that this build will win you every game, or that it is the best way to do things, but I have won some games one way or another and this guide will allow for a fun game, win or lose.

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Dominion and how it works

Recently, Riot Games released a gameplay style in the form of another field of justice to play on known as The Crystal Scar. This format is a lot like territories format from the Halo franchise. There are 5 set points; The Drill, The Boneyard, The Quarry, The Refinery, and The Windmill. These five points are spread out in a start like formation with surrounding terrain in the center of the map and a border connecting all five points.

The Object of Dominion

  • Capture points to aid in depletion of enemy nexus
  • Defend points captured to solidify a lead
  • Participate in team fights and win as many as possible

There is also a point system which helps to determine which players contributed more to winning the game rather than just stealing all of the kills from everyone. You obtain more points from capturing points rather than killing champions. Helpful hint. Focus on winning the game.

The Point System
40 Neutralize point
40 Capture point
40 Martyr (dying at turret)
20 Assisting in capture/neutralize (being close by without channeling)
5 Channel interrupt
5 Defending a turret (in every 10 sec)
3 Picking the Storm Shield (in the center)
2 Minion kill
2 Picking health pack
1 Assisting an ally (speed buff, heal, etc)

Capturing Points

Capturing a point is pretty easy as far as the process of capture. Walk up to a point and right click on the center of the point. This will initiate a channel much like a spell would and begin the neutralization, and capture of a point.


Throughout the match, you will receive quests in the form of listed objectives to accomplish. These quests provide you with gold upon completion and it varies somewhat but it can be in amounts like 100 gold. These quests are helpful in keeping the teams focus on winning the game rather than just pummeling the enemy champions.

The Nature of Turrets

Turrets in Dominion work differently than the turrets on any other map. The turret belonging to an enemy will only fire shots at you or a friendly champion if an enemy champion is in the immediate vicinity. Factor this concept into capturing points and whether your attempt will avail anything or just get you killed. If you tend to turret dive into these turrets while enemies are indeed present, then picking Garrison as one of your summoner spells may be a nifty idea. The main focus of this section is to get one point across: Turrets are not dangerous until the enemy shows up.

Buffs, Shrines and Relics

Speed Shrines: These are small areas located within the center enclosure and provide a 30% speed increase on your champion over a few seconds. These can provide the edge needed to capture a fleeing enemy, especially if paired with Ghost or Exhaust.

Mark of the Conqueror: This buff can be acquired by completing a quest during game play. This buff will grant all who possess it 10% increased attack damage.

Health Shrines: Sometimes called health packs, provide your champion with some extra healing to stay present in the lane for longer. Lane presence can be intimidating and makes a difference in the decisions of the enemy team.

Greater Relics(Storm Shield): This item increases the size of your champion and grants a health shield that can absorb physical damage. This is located at the center of the map and is acquired just as a turret would be captured: right click and channel until shield is acquired.

Helpful Hints
  • Focus on capturing points
  • Never go into an enemy territory alone, ganks will ensue
  • Do not get discouraged, dying is not losing, just another part of winning
  • Pay attention to who is in first place on the enemy team, be looking for them on the map
  • Avoid solo ninja missions to take a turret unless it is close to your base

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Renekton's Masteries



As imaged above, choosing your masteries in a 9-21-0 format is going to be for the best over the course of dominion games for Renekton. The way that I run my Renekton is heavy armor penetration chance and damage through armor penetration. So, the most important aspects of your offense Mastery Tree are as follows:

: This increases the probability of the items, quintessences, and other mastery points that provide armor penetration damage. It is very unsuspected and helps Renekton power through late game champions, where normally he tuckers out.


As far as the defensive mastery points go, this is what you do. Moving down the tree, your points should be headed to areas that increase your overall health, making you more tanky and durable for the rough game ahead of you. These points are as follows:

: Increases your health per level and provides you with a bit of an edge over the squishy champions you will be trying to focus down.

: A very important mastery point because the extra 30 health makes a world of difference all things considered. Whether you take bottom alone and try to defend your turret, or if you are sent top to duke it out with enemy champions, you will have an advantage by having more health.

: Reduces overall damage dealt to you by 1.5% if full three points are in it, it is amazing.

: Upon reaching 3k health this provides you with an additional 90 health. Like in many other cases, every little bit helps.

Not gonna bore you with a huge wall of text because not even I like reading all that much. So, the shorthand of the mastery trees for Renekton can be summed up just like the rest of the sections pertaining to him, armor penetration and tanky survivability for incredible early, mid, and late game damage.

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Renekton's Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Due to playing Renekton countless times, I have learned that his most important damaging abilities should be maximized first and foremost followed by his armor decreasing ability and followed in the final levels by his heal and of course leveling up his ultimate at 6, 11, and 16 correspondingly. Also making good use of his passive is very important. Keeping fury up in case of an emergency, or just before a gank of your own, can be the game changer. Be careful whenever your fury is low, you are more vulnerable without proper fury count.

: An interesting passive ability by far, considering only a few champions possess abilities based on fury. Keeping a sharp eye on your fury count can be the difference in living or dying, make sure you are well versed in your abilities and your limits based on having fury and what happens if you have no fury at all. Fury: don't leave home without it.

: This heal talks a big game, but sometimes you cannot trust it very much. The percentages it is based on can hinder you from really making a difference using this ability. I recommend taking an early point in this ability for the diversity and utility, and maxing it last to make more time for your W and E abilities.

: This is your most important ability when taking down enemy champions and defending yourself from powerful ganks. This ability can deal a ton of damage on its own, if it is empowered by consuming 50 fury, don't get me started. It is incredibly overpowered IMO. Make good use of it. There is also a stun attached to this ability that already lasts a second or two, and lasts longer if 50 fury is consumed to use it. Take points as they come up in the cheat sheet above and I always max it first to be quite feared on the fields of justice.

: Very fun ability and makes Renekton a "spin to win" champion by definition. Can be used to escape an enemy gank or close the distance on a fleeing enemy champion. If you messed up and used Ruthless Predator too soon and it did not consume fury for additional stun and damage, no worries. When using Slice and Dice and consuming fury, you shred the armor up to a certain percentage and only make your items, runes, and masteries more powerful and just down right dirty.

: This ability is the anti-gank king. Providing AOE damage as well as continuous fury production makes it possible to fight off enemy champions or initiate a group of 2 maybe 3 champions if they are not all at full health. Some advice on this ability would be timing is everything. chasing down one enemy champion does not justify using your ultimate unless it is the difference in living or dying. Make sure you do not waste this incredible ability, but utilize it carefully and effectively.

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Renekton's Rune Build


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Renekton is a tanky, bruiser classification of champion that packs a big punch early game and can be constructed to punch harder as the game goes on. What makes his early game so great is the rune set. Not all rune sets will make him stronger as a champion. The rune set provided gives him some defense as well as some damage output to really give him the strength to topple your foes.

: Provides you with some powerful damage that can really bust through an enemy's health when coupled with your marks.

: Gives a strong addition to your base set of armor to withstand enemy basic attacks and provides sustainability in the lane

: Because there are attack damage based champions and there are Ability power based champions, having both armor and magic resist is important for any rune set if their is room for it, and honestly there should always be some room for it.

Greater Mark of Desolation: Continuing in the theme of Armor Penetration, these marks allow even more damage to go through with your armor penetration. This gives a great advantage both early and late game over most champions.

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Renekton's Item Procession

A common misconception and often the downfall of your average player in dominion games is trying your hardest to build outrageously expensive items A.S.A.P because they are incredibly over-powered. I believe in a different approach. The way this item sequence is very simple. Allow me to explain.

Starting the game with a grand total of 1375 gold, you purchase Boots of Speed and Prospector's Blade. This wont leave you with much gold, but save it cause you are gonna need it. Your team will usually have you going top lane because of your heavy damaging stun that league of legends designers so graciously gave you attached to your Ruthless Predator. Once your almost planned scuffle at the windmill located at the top of the map is completed, did you win or lose?

I WON!!!
Great job! time to capture the windmill point for your team and pop on back to base and continue your building of awesome items.

I lost. :(
Its all good, winning the first team fight in dominion doesn't hold as much weight as in summoner's rift. carry on soldier and try to manage the gold you produced from existing in that fight to build into better items.

Win or lose it is important to return home to attempt to purchase your full boots so your maneuverability on the map will be more optimal. This will be your first hard or permanent item.

You should now have Boots of Swiftness and Prospector's Blade at least. Assuming you won the fight, you probably had enough gold to purchase your pieces to your next item, or maybe even the entire item.

This item is important in fights because of the slow it provides you with. Renekton is scary enough due to his stun, this item gives you a dirty slow to terrorize the enemies even more.

OK. You are pretty annoying to the enemy by this point and they are going to be looking for you to show up anywhere. The best thing you can do for your team is be out in the open. You are so scary and have no reason to hide. Your goal is to push a lane to a turret and try to take the point. Try to advance with power, but cautiously assuming the other team is planning to gank you. Map awareness is vital to your survival as Renekton as well as your effectiveness on the team. Return to base after some progress in the lane to gain your next item.


The Answer to the above icons is as easy as answering one question. Who are you up against? The enemy team has a person who is in first on their team, figure out who is dominating your team and figure out how you can shut him down the fastest. I have set some suggestions below.

Is their DPS(damage per second) kicking your butt?=

Is their Mage kicking your butt?=

Is their Bruiser tank thing kicking your butt?=

These items are very different but all of them provide you with something you need, attack damage. The other functions of the items are to keep you in the lane longer so you can be more of an asset. The games do not last the same length as a game on summoner's rift, so smaller items that provide you with some great effects are more helpful than 2 big items that cost a lot only for you to get your tail kicked.


What am I supposed to do about a champ such as Wukong who can go invisible. I don't want to buy oracle's extract! Or how about if I get behind and their Teemo is hosing me down every team fight with DPS, what is a poor croc to do?

Is the rude champ a champ that can go stealth?=

Is the rude champ a champ that hoses you with DPS?=

You cannot curl up and be sad when there are games to be won. Pay attention in early game and check out who is who and who has the most potential to topple your defenses and adjust. This build will not go the same every time. Based on my play style and the champs I tend to face in game, this was the best I came up with.

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Renekton's Summoner Spells

: Taking this summoner spell allows for quick mobility boost when you need it most, whether you are chasing down a champion to kill or fleeing an enemy champion. Very powerful if used when most optimal based on the progression of the game.

: This spell equally has multiple uses in that it can pin an enemy champion under a turret so you can clean up for the kill, or to slow an enemy champion to make your great escape by using Slice and Dice to make some distance between you and your pursuer.

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This is the first of many guides I will provide for champions that I use on Dominion. I hope this guide was helpful in understanding the concept of Dominion as a whole as well as providing a great guide for an excellent champion to impress all of your friends on the fields of justice.