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Renekton Build Guide by Herb

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Herb

Renekton; The forgotten beast

Herb Last updated on August 10, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everybody!

I am Hérb, from EU West, and I would like to bring this guide (Which is my first one, actually) to you.
Renekton has been always one of my favourite champs, and he was the first champion I bought runes for (I followed some build I found around here, some time ago). Back then when I started to play Renekton I wasn't that experienced as I am now a days, I was a fresh 30 player. Renekton is really underplayed, and to be honest, I can't understand why, he fits perfectly in the current meta since he is a bruiser that can sustain himself during the game, and deals decent amount of damage (especially early game).

The last weeks I have been testing Renekton out a lot. Normal games were the place where I mostly kept on testing different items and builds, and see which works better for me, and this is why I wrote this guide, because it seems I found a good one. It worked pretty good for me at least.

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Runes & Masteries

For runes I rush the ones I use for my junglers.

Greater Mark of Desolation
This will help you to deal the damage you need early game, together with your quints.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Same as above, this will help you to deal your huge early game damage, and it will help later on.

Greater Seal of Armor
Flat armor. You need survival to bruise successfully.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
These are my choice for the glyphs. Some people use the CDR glyphs, they can work as well, but my personal choice are these, you can replace these with the CDR glyphs if you prefer them.

For masteries I go 12/18, getting point to improve ignite and exhaust, since you will be using one or another, it always depends on your enemy team. If you only play normal, then use either Ignite or Exhaust, both work well anyway.

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This will be your damage and sustain during early game. Maximize this first.

Decent stun, with awesome damage if you use it with fury. It can be used to save allies in many occasions.

This will help you to have your mobility, initiating and/or escaping.

It's just like Nasus ultimate. It makes you big and scary, dealing constant AoE damage. Use this in team fights to gain fury faster and deal more damage. It can save your in some situations you see you could die.

This is was made Renekton unique before they implemented it on Tryndamere as well. Learn to use this, and you will become godlike. It could take some time to get used to this mechanism.

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Early game

You want go solo top, since you need your farm to be useful later on. It's an 1vs1 situation in most of the times(In ranked, in normal games there are games that you are alone against 2, but you can handle it).

Start with Doran's Shield or Doran's Blade and go to your lane. Cover your jungler's wraiths if necessary. Start to last hit as much as you can, remember not to use your abilities too much on minions because you will push the lane. Keep on last hitting until you get enough fury to harass. You will use Cull the Meek on your lane opponent every time you can. Your damage early game is HUGE, so use it!

You will try to get a kill the first 4-6 levels, because you can, and it helps you and your team. At level two you put a point into Slice and Dice, and your harassing will grow by a lot. Last hit every time you can, and every time you reach 50 fury, you want to Slice and Dice in and Cull the Meek to damage. Do this twice, or three times and you will see how he/she will be afraid of you.

At level 3 put a point into Ruthless Predator, and if you still didn't score a kill yet (or have him tower-hugging already), it's time to do so now. Do what you have been doing until now; last hit as much as you can, and gain fury. Save your fury until you fill the whole bar up. Now, Slice and Dice in, use Ruthless Predator on him to see how his HP goes down, and if you still have 50 fury left, use Cull the Meek. Now you can auto-attack and ignite him, and by then he will be probably dead.
If your lane opponent is hugging the turret, you can just farm and keep him zoned. Remember to ward you lane as soon as possible, if you overextend too much you can get ganked.

NOTE: Your early game decides your mid/late game. You will deal tons of damage early game, so I recommend you to use it, try to get as many kills as you can early game. If you can't get any, just zone and deny your opponents farm, it will help a lot anyway.

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Gank prevention

Renekton can dodge ganks really easy, he has high mobility and escaping abilities. If you have warded your lane (And I hope you do so), you will see the ganker coming. You will be able to dodge his ganks most of the times with Slice and Dice.

As soon as he runs to you, you hide in the brushes, when he gets near to them Slice and Dice THROUGH the ganker, so you can use it again to dash into the other brush, and then run towards your turret safely. Do this every time the ganker attempts to kill you, most of the time you won't have the need to use any summoner spell.

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Mid/late game

By now, you should have Warmog's Armor already done, or about to finish it. After you destroyed your lane's turret you will need to help the other lanes. Gank, push, let your jungler hold your lane if necessary, but you need to help your mates at the same time you get some assists/kills.
Keep on pushing lanes and farming whenever you are not in a team fight, and get your Atma's Impaler as soon as possible, it will help your survivability and damage at the same time. After you are done with your core build, you can get some situational items depending on their team composition.

Just remember; Ionian Boots of Lucidity, The Brutalizer, Warmog's Armor and Atma's Impalerare your core items. From then, just adapt to the needs.

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Other useful items

Banshee's Veil/ Mercury's Treads
Buy this if you are facing heavy AP/CC teams.

Thornmail/ Frozen Heart
Get one of these if you are facing a lot of auto-attackers.

Last Whisper
Replace The Brutalizer with this item if your enemies are stacking armor.

Wit's End
This is quite useful as well. It increases your attack speed, which will make you gain fury faster. Besides of that, it gives you some decent amount of magic resistance at full stacks.

Quicksilver Sash
Underrated and underused item that will save your life when facing champs like Malzahar, Warwick or Mordekaiser. It will cancel their ultimate, which means the supression from Malzahar or Warwick will get cancelled. Mordekaisers ultimate will also cancel, if you die for some reason, Mordekaiser won't have your ghost.

Frozen Mallet
You can get this if you are doing really well, it will prevent some squishies from escaping, and your chasing will be a lot better. Works well together with Atma's Imapler

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Last words

Yes, this is my guide. I hope you enjoyed reading it. I will be adding/changing stuff if I see it's needed.
Feel free to comment/criticize any point of my guide. I will read any single comment and will improve the guide to make it even better for you guys.

It's my first guide, so I know it won't be perfect, let me know if you think it can be improved by any way!