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Renekton General Guide by D4rkV0rtes

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League of Legends Build Guide Author D4rkV0rtes

#Renekton[The Solo Top Prince]#

D4rkV0rtes Last updated on June 18, 2013
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Renekton-The Merciless Bruiser

Hello everyone I am Kingnotin from the west server(18.2.2013 transferred to Turkey server) and this is my first guide and it will be about Renekton
First of all the reason that I created this guide is that my build completely satisfied all the needs of Renekton and the other guides miss some important points.
This is my way of playing Renekton and it works pretty good in ranked games.Before i start PLEASE don't vote down until you read ALL of this guide. Please bother to read every single sentence,they are worth every single second. I've spent way too much effor and time creating this guide. Every item,rune,skill,enemy is deeply explained. You can't know sometings good or bad until you learn and try it. Feel free to comment and please be constructive. Don't forget to voteup if you have benefited from it.

The Pros and Cons

+ // If played well can dominate
top lane
+ // Incredible burst damage
+ // Too damn high sustain
+ // Overfarm every opponent easily
+ // Can jump over walls and easily
from ganks with Slice and Dice
+ // All skills are NO COST

- // Not that effective in late game
- // Item dependant
- // Sometimes can missuse Ruthless Predator
- // CC can hurt
- // Needs some CDR


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