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Rengar Build Guide by computerwiz160

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League of Legends Build Guide Author computerwiz160

Rengar: The Apex Predator

computerwiz160 Last updated on July 21, 2013
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Lets get started

Rengar is a relatively squishy champ early game so be careful. The flat magic resits glyphs should take care of those pesky caster minions but you still need to be careful. Sorry for the build taking up two slots instead of one. They need to make it so you can have more then 20 items in one slot thing.

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I use some weird rune comps with Rengar. I use the armor, because, well why not. The attack marks are somewhat tied together, penetration means more ad, ad means more ad, and attack speed means more ad, its a win win.

The magic resist is very clever on my part. The flat mr is good at the beginning because of how low his base mr is. The scaling will help him out later on. This is also a win win in my book.

The quints make it so you can go from base to lane a little quicker but while also pushing out some ad.

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Now these masteries are for the hybrid jungle and top lane. You can easily switch out ignite for smite and use my other build for jungle and these runes would do you good either way.

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Now I have some conflicted feeling about the items I chose. Yes they are a good fit but they can be better. You should always push some life-steal to keep him alive later in the game while also balancing ad too. Life-steal and ad go together like bread and butter people. Also build some armor pen to do some major damage, that's why the black cleaver comes into play. The only thing i don't like is how the stupid trinity force gives mana, rengar doesn't use mana.

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Ranked Play

Im not much of a ranked player, I prefer reg games, but what i have seen is that rengar is good in the teamfights with his w doing aoe damage and healing. Remember to use his e to slow fleeing champions.

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Pros / Cons

Apex Predator in the jungle. If you bait someone in there you have basically killed them. Unlike most people, I like to play with my prey before i kill them. I will purposely get low with ferocity just to see if they will chase me. When I'm being chased I will heal with my w freaking them out. I then presume to make them follow closer to then use my ult and stealth, making them frantic. I then presume to ponce and go ham. After that I take their head as a trophy.

Very squishy early game.

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Ah my favorite part about the build. When top laning with rengar always use the bushes to pounce on creeps and low enemies. It is an aa but looks cooler. Remember that after you aa use your q because it resets the attack timer so its basically 3 attacks in the time of 2.

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Team Work

Always use your r to scope out an area, remember, it revels enemy location, so if you are wondering if they are taking Barron, use r and check. Not sure if they are baiting into a bush? Use r. R is the most overpowered skill he has.

In team fights always initiate from the bush with full ferocity, they will focus you but you can heal, this is when your team comes in a kicks ***. If you feel like you are loosing too much hp use your ult and gtfo.

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Refer to creeping

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