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Nunu & Willump Build Guide by Zomelock


By Zomelock | Updated on December 31, 2018
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Arcane Comet
Nullifying Orb

Cheap Shot
Relentless Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Win 54%
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Whole guide squeezed here

Who am I ?

Hello, my name is Zomelock, and I am a beginner in what means jungling, but, I have discovered the reworked Nunu today and had some heck out of fun of it. The first matches were total dissapointment but later on I catched on the tricks that I have found out and became better in terms of playing Nunu.

What is the thing with the reworked Nunu ?

So many of you as you know Nunu got a big rework. Both regarding his skills and abilities. Now the thing is some abilities changed. The W for example is a huge snowball and the E is an AK-47 with 9 or 10 snowballs shooting.



Also known as the Call of Frejilord this is reworked Nunu's passive and what it does is that the next attack given to an enemy champion, tower or large monster will give Willump (Nunu's yeti) bonus attack speed and movement speed (also to nunu obviously)

Nunu's Q

Meh.. this is not a new ability really. His Q consume bites an enemy champion or monster. The bite will gibe the enemy a specific amount of damage and also will heal you (kind of like warwick)

Nunu's W

OH MAN ! The cherry from the top of the pie is Nunu's W. It's like destroying your enemy's dreams of winning the game and obliging them to flame the heck out of the chat. Nunu's W is a small snowball that it gradually gets bigger as you go. You need to hold down W for the snowball to get bigger and also you can release it when you are done pressing down W. You can steer the snowball with your cursor. I recommend if possible to use it in early if you can get it to the maximum size of the snowball. WARNING ! You have a timer when it is done the snowball will automatically release from you. In the steering process I would recommend you to not take many curves along the way and also the snowball released hits anything that gets first in his way

Nunu's E

Well... The AK-47 aka Snowball Barrage releases 9-10 snowballs which are throwed in 3 times with a short delay. If the enemy is hit with 3 of them it will slow them down by 50% for 1 sec. You will see a circle around you if the champion is in your circle and you stop using your E it will stun them for a very short amount of time

Nunu's R

Old Nunu's R is nothing new. Nunu forms a circle of ice around them and upon releasing it will explode and damage enemies. The R gradually increases the damage in the 3 seconds period


There is no excuse when it comes to AP Nunu to not beat someone up. Try to go always first with the W since it deals a lot of damage when it is at its full size and with the remaining hp of the enemy you finish it with Q. You can also stun with E but most of the time the enemy might escape because your E has a short range so dont rely very much on it , In teamfights you can be very helpful if you are smart and place yourself in the center of the enemy so it does not escape. Like basically imagine hugging them then R.


Yeah, on this side I am kind of new but, from my research with nunu is that if you go on the blue sentinel part first you can easier reach level 3 and also make a quick gank on mid or bot. Don't forget the scutler to destroy it as it grants great vision and also some exp with some gold !!

Gank time

To gank or not to gank ? That is the question most new jungler players put yourselves when you want to gank a lane. Now for newbies to jungle as me I would recommend with Nunu to land some early ganks from level 3 with your snowball. The best way for example if you are in the blue sentinel part (bot), charge your W from the gromp part and make a small curve since there is one and don't stop until you are in the enemy (don't go into the turret). From what have I observed at least in Silver 5 was that my team was kind of *ahem* unskilled in what meant reaction time. Yes, in ranks that are lower than gold and maybe even there you will meet people which with full health will not go at all even if you announce in chat and give them the apocalypse of pings. The best course of action would be to retreat from the lane and gank it at a later time without flaming the chat and just announcing him that to be prepared when you give him the hell of pings.

When its the best time to gank ?

As I said above early. The early time its the best way to gank with nunu's W. Why ? Cause it deals a lot of damage when at the max size. For example I had a match where on top were jax and garen. Jax was an unskilled player when Garen knew what he was doing. In early I didn't ganked him so often as I did with bot and the outcome was that jax finished the match 1/15 and garen was more tanky than a Panzer (I still won the match though). So in conclusion, EARLY IS THE BEST TIME TO GANK ANYBODY THAT BECOMES TANKY IN LATE.

That's all folks. Thank you for reading and upvote or smth and also stay tuned for updates and new guides !

League of Legends Build Guide Author Zomelock
Zomelock Nunu & Willump Guide