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Tryndamere Build Guide by Ronnieho4

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ronnieho4

Right-arm PWNAGE Tryndamere **UPDATED**

Ronnieho4 Last updated on September 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Offense: 9

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Hey there!
I wanna introduce you all to my little friend. Tryndamere
The most overpowered Champion in the whole game of LoL, after my own opinion if played correctly!

I don't care about what haters of Tryndamere are telling me, when playing him.
Because People might be right about what they say, that.

"He is so damn Overpowered!"
"Only Noobs play Trynda!"

But think about it. If you win? How much does it really matters to you what they think?
Tryndamere is my favourite champion, and i began playing him just after i was epic pwned by another player who was playing Tryndamere, and i was like this my self...

And just thought to my self:
"Why don't i play him? i could win a lot of matches, and even piss people off the same way that player pissed me off?.... MUAHHAHA, I WILL MASTER THIS OVERPWNAGE CHAMP AND PWN U ALL.. ROFLMAO >:D"
But... As trying him out, i GAVE UP because he was so hard to master. And to time his ultimate perfect everytime is Legendary hard. But also Legendary Usefull. In 5v5, when people focus you in a teambattle with mages on their team. You will be so Hopeless. Unless You've got some epic reflaxes and hit your ulti before you die.
Because standing in front of Annie, is just another bad choice. But if you managed to hit the ultimate before death, your team will have i gap for them to do damage while they focus you, or you will have time to do damage in that gap before your ulti expires. But if you are that lucky not to get focused in a teambattle, (which are a huge mistake for the opposing team!) You can simply finish off their whole team by just picking out squizhy champions in the opposite Team, and destroying your way through their team.

That's why i love him, either he is the main target to be pwned while your team take out the enemy team from behind, with your ulti u are untouchable so they can focus you as much as they want, as long as your team can kill some from their team under 6 seconds. If not, its a fail teambattle. But you won't be blamed.
Or if the enemy team ain't focusing you. IT'S ON!!

I Play him in 3v3 as well as 5v5. But i use different builds!
This is my First Guide. So do not hate me just because im white'n'nerdy ;)

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12 July 2011

  • Guide Published, i will be updating this guide time by time, when new patches are released.
27 July 2011
  • UPDATE coming up on the remake of Tryndamere in the newest Patch Version

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Any Criticism & Praise, as well as Hints on how to Improve my guide is most welcome!

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Runes & Masteries


My masteries is a bit special, and you might be thinking "omg what are you doin man? FULL OFFENSE AND BAM, U CAN KILL ALL"
- You still can. Nontheless your crit is so devastating that even a tank wont be a problem with
  • - Last Whisper
  • - The Black Cleaver
- Well, With just one of these two items you can still take down a - Rammus on your own.
That is why my Masteries goes on a:

9/21/0 - Defense is 1st Priority

- BECAUSE (here it comes!) In a 5v5 for example, you WILL be focused, and let me tell you this straight out.


Unless you've got a kill! But untill you are at lvl 6 and gotten your
The Most important thing for you is to stay alive and not feed your opponents on your lane, and lasthit minions to get some gold if you can!

There is where it helps having a 4% decreased damage of any kind to you inclusive all the other bonus Defense you get through the defensive mastery tree.
- But Tryndamere is of course an insane DPS champion, That is why i've taken the last 9 point on the offense mastery tree. To help his offense just a tiny bit.


- The runes explaines it self.. oh it does'nt? i will show you the math!
- Gives +1.86% Critical Chance - 1.86 * 3 = 5.58% Critical Chance
- Gives + 0.56% Critical Chance - 0.56 * 9 = 5.04% Critical Chance
- Gives + 0.42% Critical Chance - 0.42 * 9 = 3.78% Critical Chance

Offense mastery tree critical chance output = 2%

5.58 + 5.04 + 3.78 + 2 = 16.4% Critical Chance

- Start item critical chance output = 8% Critical Chance

16.4 + 8 = 24.4% Critical Chance Will be your final crit chance when you are beginning the game! More than enough!....... No? u don't think so? I will show you why!

- Bloodlust has now been changed from his old champion passive, to a spell passive, your new BUFF. Fury, have made survivability early-game a lot more easier. With a single rune group on attack damage, your will be able to stack your fury much faster, as well as faster reaching 100 fury, will help you survive do to this spells healing. its active.

And look at this:
- Gives 35% bonus crit for 100 fury !

24,4 + 35 = 59,4% Crit chance!

Guide Top


My Items is a bit changing.
But i will display my favourite build as well as the main core build!

My main Core build goes like this!

My favourite Build!

Situational Items!


  • - Best 1v1 Dps counter item i have found for trynd, no doubt



Always change with =

Guide Top

Skill Sequence

My skill Priority Goes like this!

- Is your bread and butter, without this spell you are hopeless, it is your key to survival and Damage output!

- Is your way to beat any DPS champion 1v1, and gain a damage advantage at teambattles, and hunting maggots who tries to escape you >:D

- This is your key of total survival! Try cutting corners and spin trough a wall and it will safe your life!... like totally!

- This is the main reason for you to be worth ANYTHING. You can survive anything in a few seconds, and it's in those few seconds that will seperate you from being a Bad Tryndemere player to a good Tryndemere Player! Master this spell, and become an unstoppable carry!

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Summoner Spells

This is an Interesting part of my guide.
Why would i take:

As my primary choice?
BECAUSE - Flash combined with - Spinning Slash will save you from anything and hunt down anything as well. Will just make your hunting easier. As well as slowing down a hunting enemy champion! But useless in teamfights! So i do have some secondary choices:
  • - Increased hunt/escape speed
  • - Facing another Tryndamere? Use this. It is his worst enemy in the early and mid-game, and a good choice for getting early kills.
  • - Excellent spell for Tryndamere, But in my own opinion, i mean that flash does the trick. you can survive a stun anyway with and then - Flash away and - Spinning Slash even further away.

And what you should never take!

  • - This is for supporters or a mage. NOT DPS!
  • - HAHA the enemy might think i have no mana end when they rush me, i suddently do! (epic) - so i can use my undying rage to their surprise HAHAHAHA..... (omfg)
  • - Useless..

Guide Top

Pros / Cons


  • Highest Damage output Ever
  • One of the best endgame carries
  • Powerfull AoE spell for Teambattles/Hunts (AD Reduction/Slow)
  • A Game effecting Ultimate
  • Hardcore escaper


  • Squizhy Early game
  • A skillbased champion on how well you use your abilities. Especially the Ultimate!
  • Item Dependant
  • Vulnerable To blinds/Stuns/slows etc.

Guide Top

Early Game - Mid Game - Late Game & Teambattles

In a Team. You will be their secret weapon = late game carry, and valuated on how well you live up to that burden.

Early Game Progress

In the Early game progress, you will have a hard time. But in these moments it is your 1st priority to Survive. The less you die early game, the less gold and experience you will have to regain throughout Mid-game. Gold is SO Important for you.
So you better begin practicing the Lasthitting on minions! As well for building up your - Battle Fury now defines how far you will get a kill early game. If you are able to build up your Fury bar early game. You can get a kill! I usually, when having a complete Fury bar, Spin into the enemy champions, if they get too close to the minion mass, and begin hitting them for a kill. If they happen to have got - Flash and - Ghost. you should draw back, do not pursue into towerdiving before level 6 without ultimate! In these kind of situations, i can only recommend - Ignite, Which you should cast on him as soon as you spin towards him.


This is the time where you need to be everywhere anytime. Because the most improtant thing for Tryndamere is get gold! At this moment i feed on minions and any kind of assists/kills available in teambattles comming up, and it can come up anywhere. So when your team Pings a Target, u should drop anything, quit hitting the last jungle minion. Because you will be in a hurry! they won't always wait for you.
But beside assists i eaither feed on minions in jungle, in lanes, or even at enemy champions. It all depends on how well you are targetted, and on how well the Early-game progress went for you.


This is where you are Dangerous, and the oppponents tries to escape from you if you are trying to catch them on 1v1. But if you do be sure that the rest of the enemy team IS NOT mia/ss! It is pure suicide then! And do not pursue the enemy too far, because if the rest of the enemy team knowns where you are, and alone? You better run before they get to you. Because you wont have a chance to escape even though you are pretty good at it if they have CC. But IF you get ganked, and just can manage to escape. Run into the jungle! And use and To your advantage And cut yourself through walls. And try to get your team in the jungle too, to trap the enemy team if the possibility shows up!


This is the hardest point of Tryndamere to master. You've got 2 choices when playing Tryndamere at these points!
1: If it happens that you've gotten a squizhy team. And no tank? You must tank, thanks to your Ultimate! You will open up the Teambattle and most likely die! But in this situation, save you're flash and spinning slash untill you're about to run out of time from your Ultimate. In the Meanwhile, when being damaged in the Teambattle you've just opened, in the case you are out of a CC Spell you should locate a squizhy enemy target and liquidate him! If they have a carry, you WILL be targetting HIM, no excuse! And remember to use your AoE spell Mocket Shout when your team jumps into the Teambattle!
2: You have a Tank? Great. In this case there is an A and a B situation depends on how strong in health your team are!
    A: If your team is STRONG on health!
    Simply wait a moment untill the enemy team have launched their bunch of spells onto your team and charge out, targetting the most important enemies first! Carries! And destroy your way through the team.

    B: If your Team is WEAK on health!
    You should charge into the Teambattle as soon as your tank charges! And take some of the spell damage, so the most of your team can survive the charge.

Guide Top

Best Friends & Worst Enemies

Best Friends

I will simply just show you some of the best friends Tryndamere has in LoL on duo lane.


- His and damage together with yours, just ensures you a free firstblood!


- His Rocket grab combined with Power Fist combined with your damage, only got one solution = Kill/Assist!


- Who does'nt love this overgrown savour. He can save your life with his and as well as his just serves you a kill.


- and - do i need to explain?


- Gives better Zone control than other champions. And her is your best friend!


- + + Great Zone control = YES THX!


- There is no spell from this guy that you cant use, an epic Team-up. Kill guaranteed.


- A well rushed stun, and timing of yours will determine if you will get a kill!


- Ryzenuke + Tryndacrit = Kill.... period.


- Bon appetite!


- Incridible slow, just for you.


- A well placed and the enemy would wish they had faced an Annie instead.

Worst Enemies

Here i will show you some of the Worst Enemies Tryndamere has in LoL.

Master Yi

- Can beat you early game easily, and you will not be able to take him out without or if he uses Meditate in a 1v1. And if u did'nt have your Ulti at all, he would beat you way to fast for you too see! Hate Him.


- A Lovely squizhy early game, but a deadly nuker late game. BAM, Annienuked! You will need some epic reflaxes to be able to hit your ulti before you hit 0 HP!


- Early game you will be thinking: "****ing piece of *********, DIE allready OMFG!!!", Late-game you will be thinking: "So Lucky" = Don't mess around with a fed Vayne!

Xin Zhao

- A Xin Zhao can beat you in a Late-game 1v1 as well as he can in a early-game 1v1.


- His will have some bad consequences late-game!

Dr. Mundo

- hahaha, you are going down bigboy. he uses his ultimate and will simply just lead you to his teammates while keep following and thinking "SO CLOSE FFS, JUST ONE MORE HIT... MAN COME ON OMFG..." = Gank = Dead Trynda


- DO NOT stay to long inside this guys range or is up, and you are just thinking, wtf happened to that life man.. OMFG I HAD IT SO UNDER CONTROL! ARRRGHGGHGHGH!!!!!


- Do not get too close if she is fed! spell-combo and BAM ur dead, no excuse.. There doesn't exist reflaxes for this.


- A skilled Olaf player will handpick you from start.


- At Lane phase you will frequently get harassed. As well as the hard hitting poison just is a stand-in for the terrible

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Username in LoL EU: Blazeray
Username in LoL US: Lazy Razor Baby
Any Invites/Team-ups Accepted