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Anivia Build Guide by AweQes

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AweQes


AweQes Last updated on November 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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haven't updated this guide in a while but it should still work.

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wtf why two mana items? Catalyst the Protector is a very good early game item and it will build into a later. is because it gives lotz of mana, it will also build into an later into the game.
Blue buff is not enough, you will not always have it.
I once played without tear and with tear it's just so much easier.
After your mana items get , then . You will need the AP with the mana items you just bought. After that if they stack mr, else Archangel.
Upgrade catalyst into banshee's and finish Void staff/Archangel, then buy zhonya(the game will probably already be ended).

Second build is more defensive with the early ROA. Hextech revolver because life steal is awesome and negatron so you have a bit MR, BV after so you don't get one-shot by their AP carry.

My opinion on
You should never get this item, with Tear and Catalyst you just don't have the gold enough to buy it. It's also very risky to buy, and you can easily lose stacks.
If you play normal feel free to not get Tear and buy Mejai instead, but in ranked. Don't.
Snowballing in ranked is just not good, way too risky and will slow your build.

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wtf why 1 ? Well, with 1 MPen quint and 9 you will get 10 Mpen. That means you'll have 30 MPen if you get sorcs boots, just enough to penetrate all MR early game.
I chose AP/lvl because you want AP, not survival. If you get caught you will probably die anyway, so gogo AP!
If you know you'll face a hard lane, feel free to go health quint and MR blue.
You shouldn't need to tho, just play defensive. I usually only lose to Annie, because that ***** is ****ing annoying (and will kill you at lvl 6).

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I chose to go 9/0/21. Standard caster masteries.
9 in offensive to get that 15% MPen.
21 in Utility for the longer blue buff & shorter cd's (3% movement speed too!)
Some players go 3/3 into , you shouldn't. The regeneration scales very bad.
can save your inhibitor, 10% is alot, don't underestimate it. At level 18 your respawn time will be around 70 seconds, those 7 secs can save your precious tower/inhib/nexus.

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Start with Flash Frost at lvl 1, it's the most useful spell at start, scaling at 1:1, wall won't be very useful and Frostbite only works good when used with chill effect (Flash Frost and Glacial Storm)

As always, max your ultimate first.
Frostbite after because it scales very well.
I like to have lvl 2 wall before lvl 5 flash frost, feel free to skip it tho.

R+E is outdated btw, use E+R instead.

When starting a teamfight, make sure to use your .
Proceed to cast your , try to hit as many as possible.
Use /, trying to hit as many as possible with Flash Frost.
After that use your spells whenever you can.

When near death, quickly put a wall between your enemy. This will force melee dps to go around the wall, it can sometimes save your life.

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Summoner Spells

I like to take / , ignite is very good early game and having a good early game is important.
I've tried / , but you shouldn't need ghost. You should always stay behind and you can easily get away with your stun, wall and slow.

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Ranked Play

Wall is the key to win ranked games. Master it and make your team love you, unless you fail your wall and kill them =(.
Anivia is very good in ranked because of her awesome skills.
A stun that can stun more than 1 person? yes please
Wall that can split enemy team up? yes please
It can be difficult to play her tho, if you know you won't be able to kill your enemy, just farm. If you see top/bottom getting pushed, or your jungler getting ganked, always try to help. It can win games.

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Pros / Cons

Wall is a great spell, use it wisely, it can win games.
Your abilities scale very well with AP, Frostbite 1:1 if chilled, Flash Frost 1:1 if you double hit. To double hit, detonate it right after you see the ball passing through your target.
Can farm very easily by using R
can bait your enemy into tower diving, thinking they will kill you. If they tower dive you tho, try to stun them in tower range and wall them in.

If you fail at using wall, you will probably kill your teammate/save your enemy.
Flash Frost can be hard to use.
If you get caught, you will probably die.
She is slow.
Item dependant.

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As Anivia, farming is extremely important. Tell your jungle that you want the second blue buff (that's the one after 1:55). With blue buff you can farm extremely well, just activate your glacial storm and watch the minions die. You will however, lose some creeps if you only use your glacial storm to farm at early levels, because the creeps will be at extremely low hp, allowing the minions to finish them off. Combo it with Flash Frost to make sure you get all creeps. Make sure not to lose all your mana though.
Pushing your creeps to enemy tower is good, it will make your enemy lose some creeps to the tower if he's bad at last hitting. Make sure not to push too much tho, I usually just press my ultimate and run back to my tower to avoid being ganked. This will push your lane and make sure you can't get ganked.

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Thanks for reading my guide, maybe you can be as awesum as me?

Feel free to comment/rate.