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Riven Build Guide by Hobbock

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hobbock

Riven - Redeemed in the Jungle

Hobbock Last updated on September 27, 2011
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This is my first build & guide ever and it's not very detailed, if you have any pointers feel free to leave a comment!

This build is based on Saintvicious' jungle Riven video.
Credit to Saintviscious for playing a great jungle Riven!
(Video is not mine, I suck, duh)
I'm not quite sure what Masteries or Runes Saintvicious is using so those are just some I picked arbitarily.

Up until the Atma's Impaler It's a copy of Saintvicious' build.
The rest of the build is is what I would get next.


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Not quite sure what runes to get but I think Armor Penetration runes and CDR runes to improve on Rivens strengths are nice, so I'll just go with those.

Armor penetration is pretty nice as 100% of Rivens damage is AD and stacking armor against Riven will make her pretty useless as well as force you to get more armor penetration items.

Lastly I took some defensive runes because Riven is pretty squishy if you get caught with your pants down (cooldown on most or all of your abilities). Definately get MR runes if you like running with Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Why build CDR?
With topped of CDR you can have Rivens ultimate Blade of the Exile up and running with a 12 second cooldown! This gives you an almost constant +20% AD, increased range on all abilities and an awesome (especially since the hotfix) AoE finisher on a 27 second cooldown.

Oh and since riven has no cost on her abilities the only limit to how often you can rape faces with your combos is your CDR.

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I won't be doing any super detailed analysis on the item order since frankly, I don't have enough experience with Riven or LoL to say what items will give the best result.

I think Saintvicious' build with 3x Doran's Blade is a great start for riven as it gives her both some much needed survivability as well as lifesteal and of course her by far most beneficial stat AD. As anyone who plays Riven has probably noticed, her base stats and survivability are pretty low, especially for a fighter.

So what do you get from Doran's Blade? You make one of her biggest weaknesses less prominent, as well as get a lot better sustain with lifesteal coupled with Valor to shield/avoid burst damage and skillshots. You also build on her biggest strength, her high AD ratios on her abilities. What more could you ask for?

Now Saintvicious went with Warmog's Armor next, this further aleviates the problem with her low survivability but doesn't really do much for damage, except add some staying power in battles. Not that staying power is bad in anyway.

Now some people will say this Warmog's Armor + Atma's Impaler isn't so good for Riven since her base health isn't that high. But with 3x Doran's Blade and fully stacked Warmog's you have an additional 1670 health, so by the time you get your Atma's you will have at least 3000 Health. That's an additional 60 AD, 45 Armor and 18% Crit for 2355g. The crit however isn't all that useful since none of her abilities can crit (not 100% sure about this) but is still beneficial for Riven's passive which stands for a large chunk of her damage.

Now that we've copied Saintviciouses build to perfection I'm not exactly sure what you should build next!

In my experience It'd be one of the following:
The Bloodthirster - If your team is doing very well this might be the item to go with for the nice stacking bonus. The Lifesteal isn't bad either since you'll start selling your Doran's Blades at this stage.
Youmuu's Ghostblade - 30 AD, 15% CDR, some more crit to go with your Atma's and a very useful active ability.
Frozen Mallet - All around nice item for Riven, especially with Atma's. The slow also makes you very dangerous, especially in ganking situations since Riven is quite hard to escape from even without a slow.

Now to the boots!
Ionian Boots of Lucidity or Mercury's Treads?
Like I explained earlier CDR is a really nice stat for Riven but the extra survivability from Mercury's Treads is also really useful.
I'd definately go Ionian Boots against a AD heavy team or a team with little CC, but otherwise Mercury's Treads since what use is extra CDR if you can't even land your combo once in the first place?

Situational items!
Wriggle's Lantern you say?! The only upside I can see to getting wriggles over 3x Doran's Blade is the Active ability and the magic damage proc. You will have a pretty hard time doing Blue first with only a Cloth Armor or a Vampiric Scepter since Riven is pretty weak at level 1.
A quick comparison would show that for 175g less (that's 2x Sight ward or 5x Health Potion) you get 7 extra AD and 300 extra health, which are very useful stats for Riven. On the other hand if you get Wriggle's Lantern for an additional 175g gold you get an aditional 30 armor, 6 extra Lifesteal as well as the passive damage proc against minions.
I think the benefit of wriggles comes a bit later in the game when you have free sight wards every 3 minutes, but the hardest part of jungling Riven is her very early game. So I think the Doran's Blade give the more important boost in the long run due to better jungling in general.
Try both and see what fits your style the best!

Holy **** I just die instantly!
If you find your self getting focused a lot in team fights, for some reason, I think either Randuin's Omen and Banshee's Veil are very nice picks against AD heavy and AP heavy teams respectively.

Armor is so OP, nerf plz
Go with a Last Whisper as with every other AD only character if your opponents are building a lot of armor or just generally have high armor value builds. Show them the error of their ways!

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Skill Sequence

First of all get Broken Wings since it's worth 3 stacks of Riven's passive.
Next you'd want to get Ki Burst for the damage and at level 3 you get Valor

It's important that you get all your abilities by level 3 as they add to your passive.
Afterwards I prioritize by this order:
> > >

A short explaination of Riven's skills:
Runic Blade Every ability you use gives you a stack of Runic Blade which is why it's important you get all of your skills at level 3. This passive adds quite a bit of damage to your Auto Attacks and you should always try to land an auto attack between using your abilities.

Broken Wings is Riven's Q and it has quite a lot of uses.
The most obvious use is the damage portion, it does AoE damage and scales quite well with your AD (0.7 AD). It also gives you 3 stacks of Runic Blade!
It is also useful as a gap closer or for escaping (The distance Riven jumps is not affected by slows).
The third attack of Broken Wings has a knockback effect which can be used to interrupt the enemy and/or knock them away from their escape route to allow one or two extra Auto Attacks.

Ki Burst A melee range ability with AoE damage that stuns everyone it touches.
The best part about this ability is how diruptive it is, you might think a 0.5 second stun is laughable but couple that with the fact that it's an AoE stun and on a very low cooldown and you might think again. Also lets not forget that it does quite a lot of damage and scales with a 1:1 ratio to your AD!

Valor A short dash and shield, might seem useless at first and one of the only dash moves in the game which can't clip through any terrain, so be careful when trying to chase someone by dashing around a corner, you might just slow your self down.
The best thing about Valor is that you can use it for just about anything requiring mobility; chasing, escaping and dodging or blocking skillshots. Did I mention it also shields you for quite a lot and is on a short cooldown?

Blade of the Exile Rivens ulti, the tooltip says it all. Use it anytime you're going to engage or get engaged by an enemy, the cooldown at level 3 is only 45 seconds without any CDR! The second use of Blade of the Exile is a finisher that deals its maximum damage on enemies at 25% health or lower so unless you have to retreat early from a group fight you'd do best to not fire it too fast.

A commonly used combo is R just before entering the fight then Q->Auto Attack(AA)->Q->AA->W->AA->Q->AA->R (if enemy is low)

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Creeping / Jungling

The only thing I have to say here is that positioning and Broken Wings aim is pretty important when jungling as Riven. Missing even a single enemy with your Broken Wings or Ki Burst could cost you a lot of time and health...

Oh, and I've seen people say you should avoid stacking your passive, but I'm not so sure about that (at least when jungling) since I can't test anything right now while I'm at work. The thing I need tested is how the cooldown on her Q works. Does it start the cooldown count after your first Q attack or does it start the cooldown when all 3 Q attacks have been done? If anyone could be so kind and do some experiments and post the results here it'd be a real help to all the Riven players out ther! :)

Ok, I've checked how the cooldown resets and it starts the countdown on the first use of Q, so there is absolutely no point in stacking your passive!

As for routes, I'm no pro jungler and there are so many good jungling guides on Mobafire so I'll just write down Saintvicious' jungle order:
Strong pull on Blue -> Wolves -> Recall -> Golem -> Wraith -> Idle time (gank/counter jungle/lane) -> Wolves -> Wraith -> Golem -> Recall -> Red